Toy Review: Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand

If I’m completely honest I could end this review with two words—Buy it!

The Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand is a fantastic wand, with enough power to satisfy almost everyone and, now that I’ve tried it, I wouldn’t be without it. However, this toy does have a few cons among its many pros, and so I’ll talk about those (instead of shouting ‘buy it’ again and again at the top of my lungs).

The Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand is a compact wand vibrator. At only 7.5 inches in length and 1.6 inches in diameter the Palm Power sits comfortably in your hand. The shaft of this toy is made out of ABS plastic and is silky smooth to the touch. The handle also has a gentle curve to it, which makes it even more pleasant to hold.

The head of this toy comes off for an easy clean and to allow for other attachments.

The head of this toy is a rounded silicone attachment that can be easily taken off and replaced with different attachments. As it stands there are two attachment packs available to buy—the Body Massager Heads and the Sensual Massager Heads. While I haven’t had the pleasure of trying these attachment packs, the standard silicone head is smooth and soft when stroked against the skin. But it does have some drag to it (as most silicone does).

This toy is mains powered (essentially a plug-and-play) and comes with a long chord (about 254cm/100”). Because the chord is so long, the Palm Power can be used comfortably, without having to restrict yourself too much. The Palm Power also comes with a selection of adaptors, making this toy completely travel-friendly. This really impressed me, as very few vibrators come with such consideration for the jet-setting sex toy user.

This toy comes with an impressive range of adapters.

However, this isn’t the most impressive thing about the Palm Power. That honour goes to this toy’s power which is, hands down, the most powerful wand I’ve had the pleasure to use.

I admit, I’ve yet to use two of the other contenders for most powerful wand (the Doxy Massager and the legendary Hitachi), but I did get a chance to demo both the Palm Power and the Doxy in store at Simply Pleasure (on my hands, of course!).  From the hand-test the Palm Power did seem stronger than the Doxy. However, since I’ve yet to thoroughly test both, consider this a cursory observation rather than a final verdict.

Even on its own merit the Palm Power is impressively strong. This wand is brought to us by BMS Factory (the same people who gave us the Leaf and Swan lines) and uses PowerBullet® technology. If you want to know more about this technology then check out their website here, but believe me when I say that it packs a punch.

The vibrations from this toy are rumbly and deep, even on the lowest settings.

When you crank this toy up it retains a delightful rumble and provides intense strength. The highest vibrations can get a bit buzzy, but no depth is lost because of this and, instead, you’re left with an intense power-trip that’s just…orgasmic!

Orgasmic is the right word for this toy. Not once has it failed to get me off. Not once have I had to place it aside in disappointment. When I pick up this toy I know that I mean business, and that it’s going to deliver.

This is a big thing for me. I’ve always considered myself to be a power queen. There have been times where I’ve had the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Vibrator on at full strength and I’ve still craved more power. However, with the Palm Power I don’t even have to use it at full strength! That’s a testament to just how powerful this toy is.

My partner also appreciated this toy. The Palm Power can be used to massage the testicles and the glans, and can make for a great external perineum massager. Be a bit careful when using this toy on the head of the penis, though, as its power can be intense and even a bit overwhelming for some people.

Thankfully the Palm Power comes with a button that allows you to adjust the strength to match your needs. This means that, instead of having to settle for a set of pre-determined settings, you get to decide exactly what level of power works for you.

All of this, combined with the compact size of the Palm Power means that it’s a fantastic, powerful, reliable toy that is great for both solo play and couples use.

There are a few downsides with this toy though.

This toy sacrifices being waterproof for its mains-powered strength.

Some of these negatives just come with the territory of having a mains-powered silicone toy but are still worth a mention, as they may influence whether or not this toy is for you.

Because this toy is silicone it can’t be used with silicone lube, which would damage the toy’s cap. Because it’s mains-powered you have a chord to navigate, which might be awkward or off-putting for some. Because this toy is so powerful it also makes a fair bit of noise. I wouldn’t say it was the loudest thing but, depending on the strength you set it at, the hum of this toy can get a bit noisy.

Additionally, this toy is not waterproof at all, so it can’t be used in the shower or bath, and is best cleaned with toy-cleaning spray or wipes.

On the topic of cleaning, the neck of this toy had the ridges that can be found on most wands. This means that, if you want to give this toy a thorough clean, it’s best to use a toothbrush to really clean the neck.

The ridges in the neck of this toy can make for a difficult cleaning session.

There is also a very rare chance that the Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand may break or arrive with a defect. Given my luck I did happen to receive a faulty toy. In my case the Palm Power’s head made a rattling noise when shaken (as if a screw was loose internally). This rattling was only aggravated when the toy was turned on.

Thankfully I had been given my Palm Power by Simply Pleasure in exchange for an honest review. When I inquired about the rattling noise my toy was making, Simply Pleasure happily offered me a replacement. I returned my defective Palm Power back to them (with a tear in my eye) and received a replacement as soon as they got my toy. Communicating with them was a breeze and I was impressed with their service all around.

While my toy was defective I should stress that this is a very rare occurrence, and is easily remedied if you buy from a reputable company, such as Simply Pleasure.

My biggest issues with this toy come from its shape and controls. While the Palm Power has a wonderful handle, it is rather top heavy. I’m sure there’s a reason for it, but when this toy is wedged between two bodies the thickness of the top part of the handle can be a bit of a deterrent, and makes it harder to keep a grip on the controls.

I say ‘controls’, I should probably say ‘control’. This toy only has one button in order to change the speed. You press it one to turn it down, and press and hold to increase the strength—letting go when you reach the optimal speed. Unfortunately if you press this button, hoping to increase the power a little bit, and let go too soon then you turn the toy off. If you put this toy on, or increase the speed, and accidentally set it too high for comfort you have to turn this toy off and start all over again. You get the picture.

This could be easily remedied with two buttons instead of one—a button to up the power and a button to decrease it.

If the Palm Power comes up with any future models I’d like to see the girth of the top of the handle decreased and a two-button system. However neither of these things stop me from grabbing for the Palm Power whenever I want a strong orgasm.

The Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand is an intensely powerful, impressively condensed wand vibrator which has a permanent place in my bed-side drawer. I recommend it for anyone who is thinking about buying a wand vibrator, as I’m pretty sure that this toy won’t disappoint.