Toy Review: Lelo Liv 2

I purchased the Lelo Liv 2 while I was browsing through the Simply Pleasure Winter Sales (telling myself I wouldn’t actually buy anything, all the time knowing that I would). As I snapped it up I was pretty excited to get a chance to finally try out a Lelo toy. Sadly the Liv 2 didn’t live up to my expectations.

The Lelo Liv 2 is a wonderfully elegant toy. It’s sophisticated, sleek, and the shaft is made of seam-free silicone. Sadly, even though the Liv 2 boasts 100% more power than its first incarnation the power of its vibrations leave much to the imagination. But, first, let’s look at the good points.

The package for the Liv 2 is perfect for storage.

Like all Lelo products, the Liv 2 screams sophistication. Even the packaging is stylish and is perfect for long-term storage. The Liv 2 also comes with its own carry bag, a guarantee card (that you can register with online), and a sample of Lelo’s lubricant.

When it gets to the actual toy, the Liv 2 lives up to this level of luxury, and it really is a delight to handle. The controls are well placed and intuitive to use, the charger port is clear to distinguish, and charging this toy is very easy. Two hours of charging will get you two hours of play. You’ll know when the Liv 2 is charged because the ring around its control pad will go from flashing on-and-off to staying on consistently. This is a great way to show when a charge is complete and I’m surprised more toys don’t do the same.

The controls and the charger ring make using this toy a breeze.

Moving on to look at material, the silicone shaft on the Liv 2 is outstanding. It’s so smooth that it’s almost unreal and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time stroking the silicone shaft of the Liv 2, admiring how smooth and silky it is. Seriously, I did this for so long that I think it freaked my partner out a little bit.

The lustrous texture of the Liv 2 follows through when in use, and it’s a pleasure to stroke this toy against your intimate parts. It does have some drag but this is easily remedied with lubricant, which perfectly complements the feel of this toy.

I also found the shape of the Liv 2 to be great. Its curvature and size makes it a nice, unassuming toy that actually fits my body really well, both externally and internally. It’s not perfect, and it can hit some uncomfortable angles, but it’s still pretty impressive.

Because of its material and shape the Liv 2 is also really easy to clean. It’s waterproof too, if that floats anybody’s boat.

The Liv 2 has eight vibration settings and is very quiet, so it’s safe to use for people who don’t live alone. The vibrations have a rumble to them, but they can still hit the buzzy mark on the higher settings, which is something to consider if you’re seeking one or the other exclusively.

Sadly the Liv 2’s vibrations are where the toy falls short for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the Liv 2’s vibrations feel fantastic. They’ve never failed to bring me to the brink of climax, but they’ve always failed to deliver. This has been the case whether I use the Liv 2 externally or internally and in the end I just find myself grabbing for another toy to finish the job. If the Lelo Liv 2 is 100% stronger than the Lelo Liv then I dread to think what the Liv must be like.

Even though I was greatly disappointed with the vibration strength of the Liv 2 I have to admit that it now has a permanent place in my bedside drawer. Why, you may ask? Well, the Liv 2 isn’t going to give me an orgasm, but it is great at building me up and is ideal for foreplay.

The toy also fits my body so well that, when my partner is on top, I can place this toy on my vagina and let it rumble away hands free—providing a delightful addition to sex. It’s a filler toy through-and-through and sometimes it’s nice to have something like that to hand.

Alas! I really can’t wholly endorse spending around £79.00 on a toy that isn’t even going to finish the job it started. As much as I do love the Liv 2 it did still disappoint me, and I’d hate anyone else to experience the same disappointment as I did.

Instead I’ll say this—if you like gentler vibrations, that are still rumbly in nature, or strongly crave a toy that can act as a buffer between climaxing and everything else then the Lelo Liv 2 fills both of these roles very well.

However, unless you really want one of these two things then I really don’t think this toy is justifiable for its price tag.