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Why Work With Me?

Over my many years in the adult industry I have become a leading authority in all things sex, sexuality, and relationship-based. I am a strong advocate for self-love and body & sex positivity and have worked with multiple industry leaders and nationally & internationally recognized media platforms.

My writing style is informative, approachable, and reflective of my professional status as a Doctorate and my social media following is prolific, growing every day.

I have spoken at multiple conferences, supported, and uplifted companies & creators (small and big alike) and put a strong emphasis on client support.

Above all else, integrity is core to my personal values so when you work with me you know you’ll be getting and extensive, comprehensive, and completely honest experience.

Hit me up at if you want any of the below services.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are what Emmeline Peaches Reviews is all about!

As you can imagine, these are the most in-demand service that I offer so it’s important to contact me to discuss slots and pricing, as opposed to just sending items or similar practices.

Reviews are done at a rate plus the cost of postage, packaging, and any fees incurred on the item. Each review comes with a lifetime do_follow link to the product and your site/company.

Reviews with new companies also come with a complimentary company review with the first review purchase.

All reviews are honest and comprehensive, meaning purchase of a review does not ensure a positive review: it ensures a thorough one. Please don’t contact me if all you’re interested in is an uncritical thumbs up for your product, that helps no one.

Prices and terms & conditions are provided upon inquiry. 

Advertising Space

250 x 250 pixel advertising banners are available to purchase at 6 or 12 month rates.

These adverts come with a do_follow link and comprehensive weekly social media support, in addition to access to competition hosting on my site (where scheduling allows).

These banners are in incredibly high demand so inquiries should be of a serious nature.

Prices and terms & conditions are provided upon inquiry. 

Sponsored Posts

Want me to talk about a particular topic or company interest?

I provide sponsored posts, hosted on my site, with a lifetime do_follow link and a site/product banner included as standard.

Topics can either be suggested upon purchase or you can opt to give me free reign to talk about whatever I wish, offering your support as patronage.

Sponsored posts start at 850-1250 words in length with the price increasing depending on word count and the research time required.

Prices and terms & conditions are provided upon inquiry. 

Social Media Support

Want me to share your content on social media but not interested in a banner on my site?

Weekly social media support can be provided upon request.

This does not include a banner, contest hosting, nor inclusion on my Sponsors page.

Prices and terms & conditions are provided upon inquiry. 

Articles & Editorial 

Want to hire me as a writer for your site?

As with my sponsored posts, I offer 850-1250 word articles as standard with potential for expansion.

My time in the industry also provides access to industry contacts which may otherwise inaccessible, so you’ll be getting a broad network of resources when you hire me (in addition to the authorial skills I already possess).

Want me as a regular content creator for your site? This is also possible but slots are highly limited.

Prices and terms & conditions are provided upon inquiry. 

Business Consultation

I’ve seen pretty much every adult site design and navigation option out there, in addition to having a doctorate in a visually-engaged subject, meaning I know my stuff when it comes to site optimization, aesthetics, and company ethos.

Work with me and we can increase site engagement in more ways than one.

Rates variable depending on the services required, to be discussed upon email consultation.

Personal & Sexual Coaching

Struggling with motivation? Worried about your relationship? Struggling with a sex/sexuality/body concern?

Feel free to contact me.

I am available for personal hire as a lifestyle coach for many different aspects of life including, but not limited to, sex, sexual relations, LGBTQ+ identity, kink and sexual exploration, struggles with extreme fetishes, health & nutrition ambitions, goal setting and achievement, or those moments where you just wand a good go-team talk every once in a while.

Want a taste of my style? Check out my articles section to get an idea of what I’m all about.

Rates vary depending on services required.


Oh yes, I write smut. And, if I can be bold for a moment, it’s pretty damned sexy.

Hire me to fulfill your deepest fantasies and to weave your desires into a poetic piece of wank-worthy literature.

Smut starts at 850-1250 word articles as standard with potential for expansion.


Go over to the Kinkly Superheores page 2017 and you’ll see I’m not too shabby with my illustration work either.

Prices vary wildly depending on what you want but I am available for any project (from small scale bio imagery to full illustrations).

I also love a chance to test out the old tablet pen wherever possible.

Something Else?

Want to hire me for something but don’t see it here? It never hurts to ask.

Please feel free to get in touch at and we can discuss things further.

The only thing I do not accept is other people’s content on my site.