#TeamAmazeballs: Who Are We?

Who are #TeamAmazeballs? Good question! The answer is anyone. Everyone! Any individual in the sex positive community can be part of Team Amazeballs. Perhaps even you? *queue Twilight Zone music*

Logo by the amazing Princess Previews.

On a more serious note Team Amazeballs was born out of a playful conversation between myself, Naughty Corner, The Brunette Reviews, and Crowned Jewels on 12 November 2016.

Literally the product of pure banter we decided to immortalize the moment with a hashtag.

It wasn’t until later that night when The Brunette Reviews approached me and asked if I’d be up for a collab that I then decided to make #TeamAmazeballs the official hashtag for anyone who wanted to do similar collaborative work in the sex positive community. So it really was a complete and utter group effort (sworn in by our beloved Crowned Jewels, of course).

Our crowning glory.
Our crowning glory.

This collective creation is really what Team Amazeballs is all about. It’s not just one person or one set of guidelines. At the moment it is still very much an organically expanding community—and, yes, you’re welcome to join.

Image by Virginia L., courtesy of Flickr.
Image by Virginia L., courtesy of Flickr.

However, if I were to say what Team Amazeballs is to me it would be as follows:

#TeamAmazeballs is a community-driven project where bloggers and like-minded individuals trade content to showcase on each other’s platforms. This can involve anything from a toy swap to an article trade, an interview, to a photography showcase. It doesn’t matter! What matters is that two people take the chance to boost each other’s content by providing a new platform and take the time to truly connect as a result.

So How Do I Become Part of Team Amazeballs?

If you’re asking this question then chances are you’re already in! Or, at least, I know that you’d be welcomed with open arms.

If you are truly interested then simply get in touch with myself, Naughty Corner, or The Brunette Reviews and we’ll be happy to organize something with you. For UK adult product reviewers this may be as simple as a toy swap. For those further afield I assure you we can sort something out.

Distance is not a barrier for Team Amazeballs, nor is the duration of your blog (or if you even have a blog). If you want in then we want in and we’ll work with you to come up with a mutually agreeable trade of skills/content.

Are There Any General Guidelines to Follow?

Again, I can only speak for how I personally plan on organizing my Team Amazeballs content but I see it going as follows:

*If you want to get involved in a Team Amazeballs project then contact me or one of the other members expressing an interest.

*It is then up to you and the person you’re collaborating with to decide how you want to go about things. At its purest form this involved deciding upon a trade of content that you’re both happy with.


“Let’s trade toys! I’ll write my review to be featured on your blog and you write a review to be featured on mine”

“I know you don’t write but I’d love to have some of your photography on my site. In turn I could write a post for your blog about why such images feel so empowering to me”

“I don’t have a toy I can give you but if you’re happy to give me one to review for your site then maybe I could interview you for my site? I’d love to do that!”

The important thing is to try and cater to each other’s individual needs and to find a trade that you’ve both happy and excited about.

*Personally I want this content to show the true character of the person I’m working with. Because of this when I make a request I actively make an effort to know the person’s content more and to ask for something that really works to their strengths (and can be a good bit of fun too).

This is a great opportunity to get to know each other more and have a chance to bond in addition to trading content so make the most of it!

*Once you have agreed upon terms then items need to be sent out, details need to be arranged, and dates mentioned (if needed). Make sure you’re both sure of what you’re going to provide and happy with the service you’re getting in kind.

*When the content is ready then send it to your Team Amazeballs trade buddy and they can post it up on their site (or do whatever else it is that you have agreed upon). It’s up to you if you both hold off to upload on the same day or if you post the content as-and-when. Find what works best for you!

*When you both post the content make sure it has the above section at the top:

This [insert content here] is brought to you by [insert individual here] and is part of the #TeamAmazeballs project: A sex positive community sharing project where anyone is welcome to exchange their skills. If you want to know more check out this post or venture in to the #TeamAmazeballs hashtag (if you dare!)

*Make sure to include the TeamAmazeballs logo too (designed by the amazing Princess Preview) and add this logo to your sidebar if you wish to as well.


*Once you’ve posted make sure that any social media shares are accompanied by #TeamAmazeballs. That way we can all find and read each other’s content and keep the good times rolling.

*And, finally, if you see some #TeamAmazeballs content pop up then engage. Comment on it! Retweet! Crack a joke. Do a little something to continue to foster that community spirit. It’s kind of our dealio after all.

Okay, So What Isn’t Team Amazeballs

Team Amazeballs is not, in any way, meant as a slight against any individuals in the sex positive community or the community as a whole. It is not about spreading negativity, nor trying to push an ulterior motive. What you see is what you get and what you’re getting is a support system of people who all want to make a connection. No ifs or buts.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

If something goes terribly wrong then do not hesitate to contact me right away. This is, first and foremost, a positive community project, so if you feel uncomfortable at any point then I see it as my duty to help you get out of that situation.

I’m a Company and I Want To Get Involved. How Do I Do So?

At this stage Team Amazeballs would love to hear from potential sponsors or facilitators to help expand our influence. Just send me an email over at emmelinepeaches@hotmail.com and we can arrange something together (Team Amazeballs-style).

And That’s All For Now!

If you have any questions about Team Amazeballs or want to get involved then don’t hesitate to reach out to me either via Twitter or the email address above.

For now I’m super excited about working with community members, old and new, to share our skills and showcase each other’s individual talents. Go team!