“Emmeline is a smart talking, no nonsense adult product reviewer who can be trusted to provide an unbiased opinion on anything she does. Her reviews are top quality and since we asked her to review one of our products we have seen a positive jump in traffic.

We have seen her site grow over time and were one of the first to take advantage of her advertising opportunities and we’re very glad to have done so. We are getting targeted traffic from both her review and the adverts on her site that converts well.

Her social media posts about our products and services also help to raise awareness of our company and our core values. I am 100% happy with her service and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.”

@FuckMachineIan of FMachineFun

Review Clients

“Emmeline Peaches is a pleasure to work with and provides honest and credible reviews. At LELO we appreciate Emmeline’s professional, intelligent insights into our products and we find her comments and those of her audience incredibly valuable.”
—Kathryn Catney LELO’s Global PR Manager

“Emmeline Peaches is a sparkling sex expert and an authority in the field of online sexual education.

Emmeline knows how to hit an unique and engaging sex-positive tone of voice. We love reading her blog here at Kiiroo HQ. We feel she contributes immensely to the broadening of our horizons.

She is a true avant garde trend-spotter with a nose for the latest developments in sex, sexuality and sex tech. We have had the honor of having Emmeline guest blog for our magazine. She is a delight to work with. Her opinion pieces are well argumented and a favorite among our readership.”

—Rachid, Social Media Manager at Kiiroo.com

“I’ve been working with Emmeline since 2013 and since that first review, we’ve never looked back.

Emmeline always confirms receipt of a review item, her reviews are promptly written and she informs me when the review is live. Working with her adds a level of professionalism to the review process that always inspires confidence.

Her help and advice on social media has proven both insightful and invaluable. Her reviews are unfailingly honest, well balanced, informative, superbly written and are always enjoyable and fun to read.

I am completely happy with the work she has done for me and I would be delighted to recommend her to anyone considering working with her. She will not disappoint you.”

—The owner of Desires of the I.D.

“Emmeline Peaches was one of the first Hole Punch Toys reviewers to restore my faith in the endeavor after a series of empty promises, lost products and shoddy workmanship.

She is prompt and communicative and her reviewing solid. Her photography is clean and her content plainly written and inclusive, without the need for affect or shock value. Most importantly, she gets it done. No muss, no fuss. A quality I greatly admire. A true pleasure to work with.”

—The owner of Hole Punch Toys.