Article: How To Get The Most Out Of Post-Valentine’s Day Sales

Right guys, gals (and those in between). It’s here. It’s time.

Fuck like rabbits. Eat all the V-Day treats. Celebrate (Han) solo-style. Don’t celebrate at all.

Above all else, have a wonderful day.

Then start thinking about those adult product bargains.

Sex Toy Sales Are A’Coming

One of the best things for sex toy nerds and enthusiasts around the world is that there are sales coming out of every possible orifice in the adult industry (and intended to go back in to those orifices to hopefully great effect).

‘Sale? YaAAAay!’

Not only are there sales leading up to Valentine’s Day but there are also sales that run throughout (such as the Peepshowtoys sale) and then there are the discounts that come after.

Logically it makes sense – companies have a lot of stock prior to Valentine’s Day, some of it made specifically for the event, and anything that doesn’t sell before the holiday still needs to go after, so it’s sales time for us!

But how does one make the most of these sale periods? Well, enjoy the day, celebrate as you will and then get strapped in like it’s sex toy Boxing Day (or Cyber Monday now, apparently) because we’re about to get sex sale savvy together.

#1 Make A List Ahead of Time (and Check it Twice)

Sure, you’ll want to be getting the best deals come the sales but, let’s be real – we only have so much to spend on sex toys each month. Because of this quality trumps quantity and, much like food shopping, going in with a list will help you stay focused and make the most out of your investments.

Stick to what’s on that list, like you would when food shopping.

Prior to the sales write down a list of definite must-have products that you really want. Aim high and make this your ultimate sex toy bucket list. Then add a few toys you’re interested in and a few products that you’re unsure but curious about.

If a site had a built-in wishlist then add those products to the wishlist, if not then don’t sweat too much (especially given my next point). What matters is identifying what you really, truly want so that, come the sales hitting, you don’t find yourself getting too distracted by random odds and sods.

Once you have this list try to stick to it as much as possible.

If you see a few cheap bits that interest you on the sale day then that’s fine but don’t go OTT. In fact, if you want to be super diligent then allocate a certain budget for ‘quirky’ or ‘novelty’ purchases and then keep the main brunt of your money for the iconic purchases.

Remember: A discounted toy is not a bargain unless it is a solid investment in your sexual happiness. If you don’t feel truly confident that it can return the monetary value that you put in to it in some way then it’s just a distraction with a few dollars cut off for extra appeal.

#2 Shop Around

If you’re hitting clothes or tech sales then you wouldn’t check one retailer and leave it at that, so don’t do the same with adult products either!

Don’t just stay in a single aisle with your adult shopping spree.

A lot of shops are going to have sales post-Valentine’s Day, so don’t feel restricted to a similar online retailer. Don’t just go direct to the toy creators either. Some products may not be on sale through the toy company but may still be on offer through an adult retailer (or be offered at a lower price tag).

 Just be a bit cautious, as not all adult retailers are created equal. Try sticking to trusted retailers such as Lovehoney, SheVibe, Peepshowtoys, Bondara, etc.

If you’re a dedicated sex toy buyer then you’ll know your trusted ones, if not then try to go off of what others seem to be using rather than sites that are completely unknown to you.

Shop savvy and shop safe for the best deals.

#3 Go In-Store For Additional Deals

Online retailers aren’t the only ones that have stock to sell post-Valentine’s Day. Oh no, stores would have stocked up too and you can bet that some of them will have some swag in their bargain bins.

Some brick and mortar stores do store-wide post-Valentine’s offers, allowing you to get some really great deals and making a visit well worth your time.

Head in to a store for additional deals (and experiences).

What’s more, I think there’s just something really appealing about visiting and supporting adult stores in your area. Not only will you be supporting your community but there’s no real replacing the experience of walking in to a really good adult store. Sitting on your laptop clicking deals is great, but there’s no ambiance (or a very different one, to sound more reasonable).

Plus, as I said, the bargain bin is something that often exists in store and it’s not always filled with rubbish. I’ve found some Tenga and Lelo products in my local Simply Pleasure and Harmony Store bargain bins, and there’s always bound to be some fun (or funny) little gadgets to tick off of that novelty budget you allocated yourself.

In store is also one of the best ways to go if you want some roleplaying costumes and/or lingerie and like to try before you buy. In that case, it’s arguably even essential.

#4 Subscribe To Newsletters

I know, I know – these spammy little buggers hardly seem worth it at times – but make a designated email account for bargain watching if that bothers you.

Sit back and sip a (vegan) latte while your subscriptions filter out the best deals for you.

It’s just a hard fact that subscribing to a sex store’s newsletter means that you’ll get links to their latest bargains, usually before everyone else too.

And, okay, these deals might not always be the best, but sometimes they’re just great for flagging which stores will be doing sales, thus allowing you to shop around more efficiently. You usually also get a discount code just for signing up to a newsletter, which means the potential for an additional bargain too, so don’t miss this trick (even if you unsubscribe straight afterwards).

#5 Check Your Favorite Reviewers

Bloggers and reviewers are usually affiliates for many adult companies (myself included) and that means that we get told what sales are going to drop when (usually ahead of time too).

No need to feel alone and directionless. Use bloggers and reviewers have got your back.

Yes, we get a percentage of that sale, but that doesn’t impact things on your end (as in, it won’t cost you any extra) and I’d like to think we all want to help each other, so this is a great community way to go about Valentine’s Day shopping while also staying ahead of the curve.

What’s more, some bloggers will even be able to negotiate additional or exclusive deals with sites in order to get more money off for their readers, so having a roster of solid, trustworthy bloggers/reviewers and keeping an eye on them in the Post-Valentine’s haze is a great way to catch a good discount.

Follow your favorite bloggers on Twitter and perhaps even turn on notifications for the day of and after V-Day. Check their page and check their side bars or to see if they have a new menu selection specifically for deals. This isn’t guaranteed to get you a bargain but,hey, if anyone’s going to have your back in this crazy retailer rat race it’s us.

And That’s All For Now!

Whatever you get up to I hope that you have a great Valentine’s Day and that the Hallmark season treats you kindly.

And,who knows, save,plan, and shop effectively and you might just get a sex toy that treats you well long after the season of love comes to an end.

Until the next review!