Toy Review: The L’Amourose Prism V

Whelp, I’m late to the party!

Although can you blame me? With a toy such as the L’Amourose Prism V to keep me distracted it’s almost a miracle that I can part with it at all and get anything done.

That might be being a bit generous but that’s how the L’Amourose Prism V feels – generous – this is a vibrator that’s hoping to give something to its users, and this is inherent in every aspect of the design. Its no-nonsense execution makes it clear exactly what it’s for (primarily G-Spot use) and its signature L’Amourose aesthetics just help to accentuate how perfectly angular and precise this toy is.

I remember really liking the other L’Amourose bar one thing: Their incredibly chunky and thoroughly wand-blocking bases. I was not a fan of this and it made enjoying these toys a tad more difficult for me, which sucked because I actually really liked them at the time, bar that one glaring hindrance.

But now (and for quite some time) the Prism V is here and it’s streamlined for satisfaction.

I am fan.

The L’Amourose Prism V

The L’Amourose Prism V is a fucking excellent vibrator.

That is not me being generous.

Dangerous Lilly, a sex toy icon, has called it the best G-spot vibrator she now owns.

Erika Lynae has described it as their perfect vibrator.

And the now retired (but ever great) Marvelous Darling described this toy as having taken ‘everything I thought I knew about how I liked my vibrations and upended them completely‘.

All-in-all, a huge ‘fuck yes’ in favour of this toy.

But what about my experiences?

Well, before we answer that, let’s go through the usual specs.

Loved by all?

The Prism V is a firm silicone vibrator that measures in a total length of 7 inches, an insertible length 3.46 inches, an a diameter of about 1.25 inches at its widest point.

This is noticeably a tad slimmer and shorter than a lot of sex toys out there which might have some new toy users thinking ‘Can a toy really be good with such a shirt shaft and slim body?’ to which I must refer to the above linked reviews.

On a more serious and respectful note, though, we as a whole have been sold an idea of really long, really chunky toys being the internal ideal for sex toys. But that is, to be honest, a bit absurd.

Yes, some people might really like chunky, long toys (many do) but the G-spot is located just a few inches inside the vagina, so it doesn’t really need a huge amount of length to be hit. As long as you’re applying pressure and effective vibrations to the body then, chances are, it’s not going to be pining for extra measurements, and might even be better off for cutting out the extra (and the societal expectations that comes with the girthy & long standard).

You don’t need a long shaft for a short G-spotting journey.

The toy itself is very firm, with absolutely no wiggle at all in the shaft and no flexibility in the silicone surface. This is an absolute winning decision because it allows the shape of this toy, and its very linear design, to really be felt during use. What’s more, you can wiggle, thrust, or shove this toy as firmly on your G-Spot as you wish and it will meet you with its own firmness, creating the perfect harmony for a fantastic fuck.

Because this toy is silicone it’s also non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. This toy is waterproof, making it incredibly easy to clean, and has a very smooth matte surface which glides in to the body nicely and becomes very smooth and slick when combined with a high-quality water based lubricant.

This toy might be firm but I’ve never taken issue to applying it to my vulva and clit, unlike other firm vibrators. I think this comes back to the excellent design of this vibrator’s curve which, flipped either way, can effectively hug against the vulva, stroke the clit, and generally feel as if it’s made purely for this purpose. This is incredibly commendable for a toy more geared towards the G-Spot and I think the incredible dual-effectiveness of this product means that you get a lot of value out of this toy’s $99 price tag.

Even more so due to how nice the vibrations of this toy feel.

All the design features of this toy really come together.

Even the very first setting of the Prism V has a visible strength to it – as it rumbles and judders from side-to-side in a display only just perceptible to the eye when turned on. As you ramp up this toy and work your way through its 12 vibrating speeds and 5 different patterns, the Prism V only gets stronger and never compromises its deep and highly resonant sensations.

I wouldn’t these vibrations are the kind of raw, unrefined rumble or some wands that I know and love, but they’re still very prolific.

I almost visualize them as the echoing chatter of bats in a cave (only without the guano). If you were to walk in such an environment without disturbing it then you might be captured first by the very perceptible chatter of the actual noise being made, but then there is also the echo, which reaches deep back in to the cave, exploring the unknown before relaying back to you with a perceptible sense of awe. It might make you feel greater than yourself – out of body and yet also wholly present in the moment.

Those are the sensations of the Prism V for me.

Stellar controls too.

Needless to say I have fantastic orgasms with this toy. I don’t even need the vibrations on because the G-spotting angle is so good that if functioned perfectly as a dildo. The fact I can then turn it on and be met with vibrations, or pull it out while still vibrating and use it as a vulva-hugging clit vibe is pretty much the most rad thing ever. I don’t even know how to encapsulate the amount of appreciation I have for the versatility of this toy.

Its one glaring downside? It doesn’t play nice with the booty.

Okay, correction – It does play nice with the booty. The Big Gay Review can attest to this. However, because it lacks a flared base it shouldn’t really be used for anal play and that royally sucks. Especially because we know that this toy can feel good in the booty, but it just falls short of a recommendation for precaution’s sake. Hopefully one day we’ll get a version similar to the Lelo Loki (which is like a Mona with a flying saucer attached to its neck) but, until that day I’m afraid this is a booty no-go.

Oh, and the magnetic clip is weak and annoying.

Just sayin’

Final Thoughts

Overall I am elated with the L’Amourose Prism V and think that is should be a G-spotting must-have for anyone who keeps a bucket list of products for their would-have-been Whipple Tickle if the naming game went a different way.

This toy provides not just an awesome G-spotting vibrator, but also a great dildo, and an awesome clit vibe. It can be used solo, with a partner (great angle for reaching around or under during doggy), and is just generally stunning to look at.

Now we just need there to be a heated version and we will have got very close to sex toy perfection.

Recommend to:

People who like firm toys.

People who like rumbly vibrations.

People who like angular designs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer squishy toys.

People who prefer buzzy vibrations.

Anal enthusiasts.

I purchased the Prism V myself, because who the hell wouldn’t? If you want to support me then please support it through the PeepShowToys links included in this post.