Soundtrack Review: SEX TAPE by Caleb Hawley

Music is important. It’s instinctual: We hum intuitively in moments of joy, let our merry beats when we’re feeling accomplished, and seek out the perfect tones to match our sadness when times are hard.

Music also has many amazing practical applications. Trust me – I’m a fitness nut. I have been to Zumba classes, Shakti Dance Yoga, and Pump. I have also run for very long distances and sometimes a really good soundtrack was the only thing that got me to the finish line (or helped me reach a new personal best).

Did you know that the ideal beats per minute in a song for a warm up routine is 115 to 120? As for weight-lifting? 130 to 140 is the preferred bpm of choice. Super pumped cardio is more 145 to 160, and the cool down is 120 again.

Basically, if you want to get maximum buffness when pumping iron then pop on something like ‘Somebody Told Me’ by The Killers and you’re good.

Yes, music and fitness have quite the correlation. But what about music and sex?

That’s what Caleb Hawley wanted to know to.

SEX TAPE by Caleb Hawley

Caleb Hawley was born in Minneapolis and has since found his home in New York. A fan of music from a young age, Caleb did the pretty typical teen thing of playing songs in 6th grade to impress girls, with Nirvana being his band of choice. Later in life Caleb struggled with addiction and poor mental health and has since used his music as an outlet for his emotional turmoil. “We like to pretend we have our shit together,” Caleb has spoken in regards to his first album, Love, Drugs, & Decisions, “but there’s not a person on the planet that doesn’t have inner struggle.” In a way Caleb hopes to find redemption in his music, through helping others make their own connections and introspective revelations.

Sometimes that can be in relation to addiction, sometimes to sex. The latter being of interest to this review and Caleb’s most recent work SEX TAPE.

Curious about how music and sex might intertwine, Caleb took the time to delve in to any research that he could find on the topic to seek some meaningful answers, and he found it.

Caleb first started out by finding the average duration of sex, which was made possible thanks to the immense efforts of the Lovehoney survey and clocks in at about 9 minutes. From there Caleb could already discover quite a bit about sex and music but knowing about sex wasn’t enough for Caleb. As said before, Caleb likes to help people and, as a musician, the best way to do that for him seemed to be through music.

So, working from that info, Caleb decided to add in a ‘foreplay’ period, followed by penetrative sex (the 9 minute duration), then additional time given for ‘reflection’, breaking them down as follows:

10 mins foreplay
9 mins intercourse
3 mins for reflection, with the option to repeat for ‘tantric’ purposes (or, hey, if you like to go a little further or mix up how long you indulge in any given activity).

From these 22 minutes (and the estimated activities) Caleb then looked at the ideal beats per minute to make for that spot-on cadence for sexual satisfaction (what he playfully refers to as the ‘G-spot’ of tempo). This was done with help from an LA producer, Doxa, who studied over 100 different conventional ‘bedroom tracks’ alongside Caleb to identify the tempo that people psychologically gravitate towards for sex.

As it happens that tempo is somewhere between 58 and 74 beats per minute.

Knowing this, Caleb was then able to use an algortythm system to create a tempo map that Caleb could then use in order to make what he believes to be the ideal 22 minute-long track for penetrative sex.

Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, we have the SEX TAPE.

What’s interesting about SEX TAPE to me is that, although the sexual recommendations break up in to certain times, the songs themselves run on a different time frame and are as follows:

U & I 3:45

You Sexy Thing 4:29

Sex Song 4:37

You Can Leave Your Hat On 5:02

You’re Still the One 4:05

You might also note that some of these songs are familiar to you, and I really like this too. Here’s the thing about me and sex – when I’m having sex, I’m not looking to discover or explore a new song, at least not entirely. Sure, some variation is fine, but having a completely different song, as opposed to covers, would probably throw me off to the point of being distracting and disruptive.

SEX TAPE is anything but.

This picture of Caleb captures many of the ‘feelings’ of SEX TAPE for me. The colours and the blur. I felt it all.

Caleb’s music is inspired by soul, pop and R&B, yet I would say that there is also a distinctive trance-esque feel to it as well. Deliberately androgynous in places, and almost consistently incandescent in nature, Caleb’s music has a light sense of it which allows you to drift in to the moment and allow for a true release. Yet, at the same time, there is typically a rhythmic element to his music which is pulsating, gradual, and intuitively guides you through your experiences.

While masturbating to this music I was drifting in a moment of bliss and then suddenly realized that my vaginal clenches had actually synchronized with the cadence of Caleb’s music without me even noticing. It was a baffling moment of realization but, thankfully, didn’t distract from the moment and I was soon swimming in the sea of Caleb’s soft and sultry tunes again.

Come my climax I was actually surprised at just how helpful Caleb’s soundtrack was. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it strengthened things for me but I did notice a big difference. Much like when you’re on the dancefloor and the beat is so good that you just can’t help but sway along, Caleb’s track seemed to urge my vaginal muscles to continue to clench and pulsate long after their usual climactic ebb, leading to a prolonged duration of peak satisfaction.

I have, at times, used music to see how long a climax lasted for but, never before have I felt like a song is encouraging my orgasm to last longer, and the tangible difference was incredibly surreal to experience.

If I were to give any faults for Caleb’s soundtrack it’s that:

A) For some it might seem cliche.


B) For some it might seem exclusionary.

After all this album is almost entirely centered around ‘intercourse’, with a short period at the beginning for ‘foreplay’ and very little regard for those who don’t prescribe to those approaches to sex.

However, I would say that this comes from a sense of naivete, or a desire to appeal to the ‘average’ rather than any malicious intent. Besides, have you seen Caleb? His ocean-blue puppy-dog eyes couldn’t hurt a soul.

Sweet puppy.

I think I feel myself drifting into sexual desire again…

Final Thoughts

Never before have I reviewed an album intended to be an active part of the sexual experience but, now that I have, I think there is a lot of merit in this type of content.

Caleb has delivered a brilliant assortment of songs here, thoroughly researched to create a really fun time and, I have to say, you don’t need to restrict yourself to intercourse in order to reap tremendous benefits from this playlist.

I highly recommend giving SEX TAPE a look and, if you like it, please do consider supporting the artist by buying it. Oh, and it seems that Caleb is hosting a giveaway (which he actually didn’t mention to me, humble lil chap) so check that out too.

Now, go get laid to music. Just remember to put it on loop.

Recommend to:

People who like to mix music and sex.

People who like familiarity in sex tracks.

People who like the selected genres.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike music and sex.

People who like a personalized playlist.

People who dislike the genre.

SEX TAPE was offered up for me to review and I had a great time doing so. I hope you guys will really like it too.