Article: Why Get A Professional Massage?

I let out a deep exhale ready for what’s to come. 

My knee is still warm from the infrared that has just glossed over it and my muscles are sore. 

Bracing for impact, I close my eyes as the sport therapist I’ve willingly subjected myself to begins their sports massage of my leg. 

This doesn’t create the most glamorous (nor necessarily appealing) picture of a massage experience but I can assure you that it was entirely necessary and worth every penny too.

When you’re training for a marathon there’s only so much a foam-roller can do and sometimes you need to get in the experts. And, should me knee every flare up after one long run too many again, I’d happily be calling my therapist up again for my next treatment session.

The Rise of Massage

This demand for a professional touch is also being felt in other avenues of massage too including sensual and erotic massage. In the UK erotic massage is currently experiencing a huge boom in interest – with many people deciding that the sometimes £150 to upwards of £500 per 2 hour service is what they wish to invest their money in. And, if I’m being honest, I can totally see why.

Professional massage sites such as Xmassage are reporting huge booms in service of late.

I’ve never personally had a professional erotic massage. For me, as it currently stands, I have other hobbies and interests where I am prioritizing the direction of my funds (art loving, vegan, fitness-obsessed, movie-going, tea-fueled, sex fanatic that I am). However, for those who can think of no better way to unwind than with an erotic or intimate massage then I am fully on board with those who opt to invest in a professional service. What’s more, as someone who invests in the time of others myself on a regular basis, I can think of a few very good reasons as to why someone might opt for a professional when seeking an erotic massage.

The World Is a Stressful Place

Have you turned the news on recently? Global warming, political turmoil, systematic oppression, movements on the Doomsday Clock, mediocre Star Wars trailers.

The world is, in some ways, safer than it has been in previous points of history, but it is also walking on a tightrope with no safety net.

That’s not to mention daily stresses too – things like the bills, job demands, emotional and mental wellbeing, etc.

1 in 4 people in the world will suffer from poor mental health. One in four.

Given all of this, is there any question as to why there’s a surge in erotic massage as of late?

Massage, of any kind, has amazing benefits when it comes to stress management. Sure, it’s a supplemental for of therapy, but an effective massage can be shown to improve mood, counteract breathlessness, fatigue, and anxiety, alleviate sleep difficulties, provide mental and physical benefits for those with chronic and terminal conditions, and (of course) relieve pain from muscle or sports induced soreness.

That’s without adding a sensual or erotic element to things (something which, itself, has a slew of benefits for ones physical and emotional wellbeing).

For some,massage is a luxury but, for others, it’s an essential component of maintaining a happy and healthy life. Anything that can provide that is worth investing in.

Professionals Have The Accreditation & Experience 

Anyone can, in theory, begin touching someone’s body, rolling their thumbs and fingers around rhythmically, and hope for the best. In fact, I would encourage people to try massaging those that they care about in their life because A) It will increase intimacy, B) It will make you better at massage (and self massage), and C) Chances are we all need a massage right now.

The same can be said for many other things too.

We don’t need to pay for someone else to tell us how to exercise. We don’t need to seek professionals to give us a better understanding of sex toys. And we don’t need to go out to a restaurant in order to get an awesome meal.

However, the dinner that we cook at home (although likely lovely) is nothing like the dinner that you get when you go to a restaurant.

When eating out we aren’t just paying for food – we’re paying for the services of a professional(s) who have extensive training, know things about the science and anatomy of making an awesome dinner that we don’t possess, and have dedicated their entire profession to doing so, meaning they have a world of experience behind them.

A professional chief being asked to cook a whole-foods plant-based vegan meal with no salt, no oil, and no gluten.

The exact same can be said for a personal trainer, an adult product reviewer, or an erotic masseur.

If I want something in life and I want to make it an extensive experience – one that I can feel fully assured and satisfied with -then you can bet I’m going to the professionals. And, sure – it might not be my daily go-to – but, sometimes, you just want to go to a restaurant as opposed to cooking yourself.

(Besides, foam rollers aren’t nearly as sexy or charming).

Professionals Will Become A Valuable Member Of Your Team

Speaking of experience, I am fully of the mind that I cannot be a professional in everything, nor do I want to try. Doing so would probably give me sort of hair-pulling stress that would create a need for a masseur.

So, where lacking, I turn to my team.

A ‘team’, in the context of life, are a group of individuals that you regularly employ to support, encourage, and empower you and to cover those areas of your life that you can’t personally tackle alone. My sports therapist is part of my team, as is my personal trainer, my ED support group members, and my accountant. I choose to continue interacting with all of them, I trust them completely, and I know that time with them will always be beneficial to me.

A professional masseur can, for some people, be part of that team.

When you get the right professionals for the job.

If you feel like erotic massage is valuable to you then it’s important to find someone who will focus their allotted massage time entirely on you, treat you how you wish physically, and support and engage you how you need emotionally. And, as we discussed above, professionals will be best equipped to tick all of those boxes.

I adore every member of my team and I wouldn’t change them for the world. Having that valuable asset when it comes to something to physically and mentally beneficial as a massage service is, to my mind, a complete and utter given and is, in many ways, priceless.

The Takeaway

Not everyone will want (or need) professional massage services (erotic or otherwise) but if massage is something that a person feels improves their life then taking the professional route is almost a no-brainer.

Plus, when using a professional, you know that both yourself and the masseur are in a safe, secure, environment where consent boundaries have been fully navigated and everyone is getting what they want from the experience. Which is, to my mind, absolutely rad.

What are your thoughts? Would you get a professional massage? Do you get them already? If so then how do you find the experience? Feel free to contact me via email or social media to let me know.

Oh and huge props to, who gave me free reign on what to talk about in this article. I am super passionate about the benefits of massage and systems that allow everyone involved to engage in erotic massage safely and securely, and I’m so happy that agrees with this ethos.