Product Review: More Love Layla Wrapping Paper

I have become a giddy gift-giving elf as of late!

It’s hard not to be when the process feels so fancy.

I mean, when being generous involves picking up a cello-bag, sliding out a folded, A1 piece of thick, matte paper, and revealing its full length to begin decorating the item that I wish to conceal.

This is the experience that the Love Layla wrapping papers provide every single time, and it’s something I’ve become a bit addicted to.

The Love Layla Wrapping Paper

Perhaps the best part of the experience for me (aside from giving gifts because, damn, do I love gift-giving) is the aroma that escapes from the wrapping paper when it’s released from its plastic baggie.

It’s not quite as good as ‘old book smell’, but it’s up there with ‘new book smell’ but with its own nuances. It’s distinct, albeit familiar to any lover of high-quality paper products, and inescapable with every reveal of this wrapping paper.

The aroma of this paper alone creates this amazingly surreal experience that you never really get with standard wrapping paper. It’s almost ritualistic in a way, which I suppose all gift-wrapping is, really.

Wrapping paper is more than just something to hide a gift.

I mean, just think about it – wrapping gifts is a time where we take a bunch of items, intended as a token or tribute to someone else, we acquire material to place upon that item, and then set aside a situation in which we focus almost entirely on the folding and presentation of the items selected. Certainly an affair all its own, and quite unlike any other part of our daily activities, but now I’m just rambling like a philosophical drunk.

This important thing is that the quality of this paper exudes from it, literally, from the get-go with an olfactory experience for the buyer to enjoy and associate with their fell-good act of generosity.

From there things only get better, too – as this matter paper feels smooth and sturdy in the hands (as stroke-worthy as some sex toys or, again, the pages of a good book), folds around items securely, and cat be cut precisely without the risk of tearing or breaking along the way.

It is, to summarize, deliberate wrapping paper: The kind you put real effort in to buying and using, making the gift-giving process all the better for it.

Oh, and then there’s the captions:

‘Rip me open’

‘Tear me a new one’

‘Fancy a fuck?’

Yes please!

This is just from a single wrapping paper too.

Others have captions such as ‘Nice package‘,’I fucking love you‘, and (one of the ones I can personally relate to, for health reasons) ‘The bum is still out of bounds‘.

Oh yes.

That last one, in particular, would be a great playful wrapping paper to select for gifting someone a harness set, or a set of dilators with a flared base. Which just goes to show how important, and interesting, adult wrapping paper can be.

Typically, we buy wrapping paper to just sort of cover up our gifts and make them a surprise. We hope they look pretty, but aesthetics are generally the main concern, not context.

But, with the right wrapping paper it’s so easy to make the paper itself part of the gift-giving interplay and to allow for it to work in to the overall experience of presenting someone with an adult item. It can also be a really cheeky way to give subtle clues as to what might be included inside the package.

How awesome would it be to gift someone a packer as an adult gift and do so in this wrapping paper? Colourful, queer AF, and such a nice accompaniment to the present itself, it’s the type of thing that the receiver might actually save, and that’s another thing I really appreciate about the Love Layla wrapping paper.

I’m a scrap-booker of sorts and I really like to collage significant items in my life – the things that represent a moment in my life I wish to remember and cherish. This isn’t always easy with low-quality items, or (at the very least) it just doesn’t look as good.

This paper is kind of the dog-bollocks.

But if someone were to give me a present in this wrapping paper not only would I adore the heck out of them, but I’d also feel like I’ve been given some pretty friggin rad collage material and something I can use to cherish the moment forever (outside of the gift itself).

Naturally, this won’t be applicable to everyone, but I like the fact that this product can provide something to the creatives among us (or might encourage you to give being creative a try).

Thinking more practically, there are a few downsides to this paper – the biggest being that it comes pre-folded. This is a necessity for shipping, but it does somewhat show on wrapped products and that’s a bit of a visual shame.

The only really noticeable downside.

Due to how specialized this paper is, you couldn’t really use it for any occasion, nor would you want to, because £4.25 for wrapping paper can be hard to swallow. That is, of course, if not giving a very specific gift or going for a luxurious experience. This is clearly the type of paper you only buy for those special moments and, in this case, the price is justified but for general use? Not so much.

The last downside is a bit more personal but is something I have to mention too: If you, like I, tend to let your dog ‘help’ unwrap presents, make presents for your dog, or generally allow your pets to chew and claw their way in to a gift then this is not the paper for you.

I tried to present my dog with a treat wrapped in this paper (in good jest, of course) and, come his failed attempts to open it, he looked up at me as if the ‘Twat‘ written on the paper was directed towards me, rather than his own terrier terror self.

Final Thoughts

It’s not often that I find myself getting so reflective and introspective about wrapping paper but, again, this is what Love Layla does to me. Their products are so fun, exceptional, and creative that they just provoke this high-spirited, almost impish form of thought-form that I can’t help but entertain them.

When wrapping paper can do that to a person (especially wrapping paper that simply shows someone flipping the bird) you know it’s worth checking out.

Recommend to:

People who want luxury wrapping paper.

People who want durable wrapping paper.

People who want to be weird wrapping paper philosophers like myself.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who need cheaper, standard paper.

People who are outside of the UK (so sorry guys!)

People gift-giving to a pet.

This wrapping paper was provided to me by Love Layla for review. Please support them by checking out their range. I’m slowly converting all my cards, badges, and wrapping paper to Love Layla myself (and have even made my own purchases through them).