Product Review: The LoveDrop Subscription Box

I’ve kind of become a sucker for a good subscription box.

It wasn’t always this way – at first I was jaded and skeptical. I had seen the LootCrate trend explode on YouTube and heard the subsequent horror stories and lackluster responses from friends who had signed up. I had also seen more than enough adult subscription boxes filled with jelly products, toxic lubricants, and sexist or tacky novelty items that left me shaking my head in shame.

Surely we would do better than that?

As it turns out, the answer is now ‘Yes’.

It took a while, probably longer than I would have liked, but a fair few adult boxes are now popping up with better selections from companies that actually seem to care about user experience rather than a quick and reliable cash-in.

I would count LoveDrop among these subscription box services.

About LoveDrop

LoveDrop are one of a few high quality adult subscription box services that daring sexual explorers can take advantage of.

LoveDrop operates on a bi-monthly system. When you sign up you get you first box immediately and then a box every other month on the 10th of that month.

The service costs £45 every two months, and LoveDrop offer a hassle-free cancellation service for anyone who feels like the experience (upon sampling once) is not for them.

What makes LoveDrop interesting is that they are focused quite strongly on creating a holistic and comprehensive experience to sexual exploration and enjoyment. LoveDrop’s mini-domination element is that you must try everything that comes in the box, commiting to whatever is contained within.

Of course you don’t actually have to try everything, and LoveDrop really can’t make you, but this element of play is a nice mindset to approach each LoveDrop with. There’s a wonderful quote about commitment that I absolutely adore, and it applies to this situation as well as life in general:

The irony of commitment is that it’s deeply liberating — in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.

-Anne Morriss

As for the technical details, my LoveDrop box arrived swiftly, was well-packaged, and supported by strong customer care and support, meaning I have no reason to doubt the excellence of this service.

A happy customer.

And, as a cherry on the cake, LoveDrop are currently offering £5 off your first box for Valentine’s Day with the code VDAY18, though you’ll want to act swiftly to get it in time.

The LoveDrop Experience

So, how did my LoveDrop box fair?

It was, if I’m honest, a mixed bag, though most of it was positive and, for £45, a friggin’ bargain.

When my box arrived the first thing I observed was the packaging. Subscription boxes are, in my opinion, obligated to pay attention to packaging. The amount of YouTube unboxing videos that exists makes it semi-mandatory, for sure, but there’s also the user experience to consider. When you create a subscription box you’re essentially offering up an experience and, given that part of that experience is the surprise element and the anticipation of what might be to come, the box itself is a strong part of the interplay between excitement and discovery.

LoveDrop are going for an approach rather than items alone.

The LoveDrop presents its logo proudly on the top and then, as you flip it over to open it, simply has a mantra that the users are expected to say out loud: “We promise to try whatever arrives”

Playing in to the commitment element again. I love it.

By now you’ve probably guessed, but the LoveDrop is intended for use by couples. It’s focus is, perhaps, focused more on the female experience than anything else, but it would suit any relationship dynamic that involves at lead one vulva-owning individual (whether that’s for a ‘couple’ or more).

Replacing pacaging peanuts with shredded black card is a great call.

LoveDrop is clearly packaging more than toys or products – they’re going for an experience, and the box really does make this apparent.

Opening it up I was met with black card as the concealing and protective feature of the box. Good. Very good. This is a much more enviornmentally-sound way to go about protecting objects during shipping. Besides, packaging peanuts hardly scream romance.

The first thing you are greeted with when opening the LoveDrop is an introduction to the service and an empowering quote. Again, an experience is being fostered here, and it’s one that is built on respect, communication, and (above all else) discovery, still prevalent from a feminine (and, dare I say, feminist) perspective.

The contents of my box.

In my instance I got a quote from Marilyn Monroe, which is pretty much enough to get any woman feeling like a curvaceous sexual icon when diving in to the rest of the box’s contents.

When I removed these cards and saw the contents of my box I was stunned.

A Lelo Nea (RRP £69)

A Melt Joy Travel Candle (RRP £8.95)

8 Different experience and suggestion cards (All high quality, all gorgeous in print and font design).

Some Lelo lubricant sample sachets.

Aaaaand a Divine Milk Chocolate Bar (RRP £1.10)…Shit.

Yeeeeah, that last addition was an unpleasant surprise.

Long-time readers will know that I’m a hardcore ethical vegan, and that includes not having had animal-based products in my house now since I parted ways with my ex. That’s something I can no longer boast but, hey, no experience is perfect. I have since been informed (by a very apologetic and wonderfully caring LoveDrop representative) that in future the company is going to offer vegan chocolate, which is actually a huge positive from my perspective. So water under the bridge.

Anyone want a chocolate bar?

Either way, I found myself with a box of amazing, comprehensive items geared towards creating a sexual event, and with its eyes clearly on the prize. A box that would come to at least £79 if I were to try and recreate it myself.

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, candles set the mood, the cards present the challenges (which were nicely accessible to queer individuals), and the vibrator…well, we all know what that can be used for.

The Lelo Nea included in this pack is the Nea and not the Nea 2 but it’s still body-safe, has a decent degree of strength, nice vibrations, and is easy to clean. It’s primarily a clitoral vibrator but can also be used on the perineum, the glans of the penis, or on non-genital areas such as the nipples making it a great option.

When looking at it I was reminded of fellow Vaginismus suffers – some whose hearts would have sunk if presented with an insertible, and some who cannot even allow toys near their genitals for fear of trauma – and thought how fantastic it was that this box was accessible for them, or anyone, with a sexual dysfunction.

Flicking through the cards I found some of the usual fair (69, strip tease, cooking naked, etc.) but there’s nothing wrong with being standard. Besides, sometimes we all know about kinky ideas but we don’t actually try them. The LoveDrop box feels like it could sincerely change that with how it presents itself. There were also some nice and interesting cards that encouraged things like days out or contemplation on where the year might take you. All really good stuff.

The cards were a very nice touch.

The candle…I was on the fence about and it, alongside the chocolate, is probably the biggest let down of the box for me.

Don’t get me wrong – it smells divine and also comes from a UK-founded company that handpours each candle with careful dedication. However, i’m pretty sure this candle is made of paraffin and it comes with a disclaimer warning that it’s likely going to cause long term suffering to marine life if it finds a way to the ocean, which doesn’t fill me with confidence. It would have been nice to have a soy massage candle in with the set, rather than just a scented one to create the mood.

Outside of this, though, I really cannot fault the LoveDrop box and found myself quite endeared to what it had to offer. Is it perfect? No, but no subscription box service is. Compared to many, though, this is a great choice and really does encourage the discovery of new sexual experiences.

Final Thoughts

Despite my LoveDrop’s best efforts, there was no way I was going to try everything in it. I won’t go dairy for a Domme, especially not a cardboard one. Buuut had I got the new vegan box then I would have been totally on board with sampling every last item in the LoveDrop I got.

As it stands, I tried everything else and had a damned good time doing so. Lubricant was caressed between my labia, orgasms were achieved, and my house has never smelt so overwhelmingly like rose, lilies, and irises.

The results of the LoveDrop are quite impressive and I do highly recommend trying it, especially given its value for money. I also see hints of the Sona in the product imagery, which makes me even more encouraging of its purchase.

When I got the LoveDrop I knew I was in for a subscription service. What I didn’t know was that I was subscribing to my own sexual happiness rather than just a box through of products.

Give LoveDrop a try and see if it can offer the same to you. I truly hope it can.

P.S. If you’re vegan do a double-check before ordering, just in case. 

Recommend to:

Couples hoping to explore.

People who want a comprehensive gift box.

People looking for a holistic approach to sex.

Do Not Recommend to:

Very butch individuals.

People who prefer just sex toys.

People who dislike Lelo (there’s a lot of Lelo).

The LoveDrop box was provided to me by LoveDrop in exchange for an honest review.