#SoSS Roundup: Ups and Downs

This is part of the #SoSS series. If you’re unacquainted with this series then catch up here

So, I sprained my ankle last week and pretty much went stir crazy as a result.

Unable to run, go to the gym and socialize, or pretty much do any of the things I enjoy, I felt the cabin fever come in quickly. Except it wasn’t a fun Muppet’s dance and music number, it was a crippling onset of low moods.

February the 1st was #TimeToTalk day, where people tried to bust the stigma surrounding mental health, and I have had my own struggles over the years. These struggles are prevalently managed through self-care techniques right now so to have a key one taken away meant that things were a struggle for quite a few days.

But, hey, I’m pretty good at noticing when I’m slipping nowadays, so I went full proactive mode and took my mental health lapses in to my own hands. I went out when I didn’t want to. I saw friends and family when I’d rather have just been huddled up in a ball. I cancelled events when I realized I wasn’t up to it, and forgave myself for doing so. I started watching movies again. And, most crucially, I purchased an art therapy book that I know helped me massively in the past and so knew could help me again. I’m loving it.

Oh, and I also read a bunch of amazing blog posts to help myself feel more connected to the community.

Here are five from the week that really stood out for me, I hope you can get something from them too!

Zumio Review by Dangerous Lilly 

I really adore my Zumio. It never fails to give me an orgasm and the reviewer consensus is that it’s a pretty rad sex toy purchase.

Lilly does not agree.

Y’all know I love contrarian opinions when it comes to sex toys: They represent the diversity of people’s bodies and give people different approaches and opinions to help inform their own purchases. But Lilly’s post offers more than just a counter-opinion to the norm.

Full of brilliant descriptions, and writing that literally had me chuckling over my tea, Lilly conveys her experiences with the Zumio with all the poise and wit I have come to expect from her.

A truly masterful review from one of the best in the business.

Michael’s David by Horny Geek Girl

Fun fact: David’s anatomy is deliberatly wonky in order to make it seem proportionate when you’re looking at it from a lower angle. The writer Vasari also shared and anecdote in which Michelangelo was working on David and one of the supervisors of the work came up and criticized his work. Disgruntled, Michelangelo pretended to chisel away at the area criticsed and, at the same time, chucked some dust directly in to his critic’s eyes. When the critic regained sight he asked if it was better and the supervisor said it was and left it at that.

Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Michelangelo.

Instead just fuck David.

This is also the moral of Horny Geek Girls most recent erotic piece, which is part of the Masturbation Monday series too.

There is nothing remotely realistic about this piece and I don’t give a damn. A truly effective piece of smut can immerse you no matter what the situation and HGG’s writing is so imaginative and involved that her rendition of David easily replaces the 17ft David as it truly exists.

I love this piece of smut and as someone with backgrounds in museums and Art History I kind of want to go and find my own work of art to discreetly fuck now (don’t tell my future employers).

Indigo Tries Edging by Indigo Wolfe

Indigo’s posts are brilliant. Each one is like a little slice of life – a private glimpse in to someone’s sexual encounters, overall musings, and general stuff ‘n things. I read each one as if I’m sitting down listening to a friend at a tea house, which is the best kind of feeling for an anxious bunny like myself.

What’s great about this post is that it also acts as an introduction to edging and to how to handle sexual experiences when they don’t initially meet your expectations. These are really important and interesting topics and always worth looking in to.

The fact that Indigo is writing about them is the bonus. Great post.

Taking Control – Unleashing My Dominance by Candysnatch Reviews

I have been feeling very dominant right now.

Honestly, I could easily take on a few submissives right now, if the right people came along.

Basically let me fitness Domme you and I’m pretty much down to clown (Disclaimer: Clown Domme is a maybe), so Candysantch Reviews’ post really resonanted with me.

This post feels personal but also very helpful in terms of general tips and approaches to domination.

Knowing the thought process behind domination is a big part of learning how to get in the zone yourself and Candysnatch is extensive in their account.

Plus the images are great. Just sayin’

Also smut.

Tantus Flurry Silicone Dildo From TooTimid by Joanne’s Reviews

My, my. It feels like only yesterday that I was talking about my own lapse in Tantus reviews, and now Joanne treats us all with a fantastically authored appraisal of her own.

The Flurry is one of the Tantus toys that I would describe as solid. But what I think doesn’t matter! This is all about Joanne.

Joanne starts with some information on her relationship with Tantus toys before going in to a very detailed review of the Flurry. The photos, in particular, for this review are great. Joanne uses a pen to show proportions, bends the Flurry, and offers pretty much everything you’d need to know about the specs purely through a visual medium. That is something to admire (esp. considering how difficult photography can be and how dust-prone the Flurry can be).

Please check out this great review, it’s absolutely worth it.

And that’s all for this week!

I will reassure you by saying that I’m doing a lot better now. If you notice your health is lapsing in any way then get on that shit straight away, because these things can seem so hard to fix, but the sooner you leave it the harder it gets. With swift self-care you can manage and mitigate many low times. That has been my experience. And, as I said in the intro, looking at some awesome blog posts definitely doesn’t hurt either.