Product Review: The Love Layla Valentine’s Cards

I think long and hard, stroking my Parker pen between my fingers and playing with it as I carefully contemplate my words.

The luxurious matte card in front of me is completely blank and mine to do with what I wish. I could keep things short and sweet, or I could pour out a full declaration of how I feel, filled with poetic language that would make Oscar Wilde weep with the beauty of it all.

I opt for the latter and begin to let my fountain pen flow with sincerity.

The matte card is of the highest quality and every utterance sinks in to it without blurring or smudging. It dries swiftly and looks beautiful on the surface of the card.

Come the end I finish it simply with my name and a single kissing ‘x’.

Satisfied, I let the last of the ink dry and sit back in my chair. I then close the card and admire the front of it.

‘You make me wetter than a mermaid’s minge’


The Love Layla Valentine’s Card Selection

If you’ve read any of my Love Layla reviews then you probably know by now that Love Layla are a luxury card and gift company with a bit of a satirical slant to them.

What majesty. Such romance. Many minge.

Almost every Love Layla card comes with a joke, a play on words, or some honest admission of just how much you fucking hate, fucking love, or want to fuck the individual that you present one of their cards to.

Their Valentine’s selection is no exception and there is a huge amount of designs to choose from – a whopping 677, to be precise. That’s a whole lot more than you’ll get from even your most extensive card store and, unlike a card store, you have full control of the shopping experience with Love Layla. You don’t have to deal with people lingering over the card/section you’re interested in, or people at all. There’s no need to fret that you’ll accidentally end up with the wrong envelope size, or that the only card that you like has already been tarnished by others looking over it and just isn’t at its best. Oh no.

As my little introductory scenario suggests, each Love Layla Valentine’s card is high quality and protected during delivery with a reinforced envelope. Each card is  made from white, uncoated (matte) 300gsm card, which is A4 folded to A5. They are printed full colour and include a ruby red enveloped that would make Dorothy and her slippers envious.

Each card is wrapped for protection.

For further protection, each card is also contained in a plastic wrapper, though the envelope is not. Even then, I really can’t imagine these cards showing up damaged to anyone’s door.

The cards feel beautiful, aren’t too bulky and oversized to be a nuisance but are large enough to stand out when displayed. And, given how cheeky and stereotypically British these cards are with their humor, display is going to be an absolute must for most.

I got given a selection of Love Layla Valentine’s cards for review and each one was as exceptional as the other. Not a single message on the front disappointed (many being from my top ten selection, if you’re struggling with what to pick), and I know that i’ll be smiling with glee as I send them all out this year.

I cannot wait to get the reaction from people I know, or to hear the cheery confusion (and amorous interest) from those that get them given from a ‘Secret admirer’.

I noted how I used a fountain pen to great success with these cards, but they also work very well with biros, gel pens, markers (without the marker bleeding through either), and coloring pencils. Basically I’ve run the gambit with these cards and not once has what I done seemed out of place.

But perhaps the best thing about these cards is that the inside is completely and utterly blank.

This may seem like a bit of a cop-out at first but it’s actually the best thing that you could hope for, especially with a Valentine’s card.

What Love Layla has done here, in essence, is to present buyers with a A4 space that they can use however they wish. That is an amazing opportunity to really shine through and show your personality or create an additional Valentine’s gift of sorts.

My favourite things to do with blank cards (esp. Valentine’s ones) are as follows:

  • The short and sweet message, but personalized to your partner/s.
  • The long letter, for which you have a lot of space here.
  • Either of the above, but with added stickers for character.
  • Either of the above but with one side of the card used for a drawing.
  • A collage, instead of a written message, focused around Valentine’s goodness.
  • A personalized photo collage of some of your relationship highlights (and maybe a few saved movie receipts or love notes, etc.

Again, these are just some guidelines, but any of these options could take your card from being mediocre to being something that your partner adores and wants to save for years. Plus, due to the quality of this card, it will last if stored in the long run (and won’t warp if using glue or paint on it).

Another nice addition to these cards (that I wasn’t expecting) is that they come with an additional ‘coupon’ with options for what you can offer to your partner on it. This coupon has playful, sexy, and simply romantic options, pleasing pretty much everyone, and is a really nice creative addition to the Valentine’s card. I can imagine it would be well-received by most (especially when it gets cashed in). It also saves having to buy one of those novelty cheque books of similar sexual/romantic favours – because, let’s face it, the novelty of a full cheque book wear off long before the book has been full used.

If there was a single thing I could say against these cards it’s that the ‘Love Layla’ branding is a bit over excessive, but even then that’s really not too obtrusive. The branding doesn’t detract from the product itself, nor the main message on the front of the card, so it’s really the most minor of niggles. Let’s face it: I’m just grabbing for a downside here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am totally on board with the Love Layla Valentine’s selection and feel like it should be every Brit’s go-to option for getting their love one/s a card this year.

I am absolutely giddy with the cards I received and, for once, I’m having fun selecting, writing out, and posting cards. How often can a person truly say that?

Recommend to:

People with a sense of humor.

People who want a ‘lewd’ card.

People who want a customizable card.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like pre-generated messages.

People who like smaller/larger cards.

People who struggle with the price (even though it’s quality comparable).

The Love Layla cards were provided to me by Love Layla for an honest review but, full disclosure: I could legit go on about these cards for longer, such is my enthusiasm for them.

I mean, I’m pretty sure I have a whole post in me surrounding the logistics of a ‘Mermaid’s Minge’, and maybe a dirty story or two. But, for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed what I had to say and that you support this brilliant, UK-based company.