Article: ‘Money Talks’ (An Introduction to Financial Domination)

‘Money talks’. That’s the saying. But what if it’s not the money that does the talking? What if it’s an authoritative Domme, with the alluring mannerisms of a goddess, and the stern demands of a drill sergeant royally pissed at the mishaps of a new and pitiful recruit?

Then you might have found yourself dabbling with financial domination.

What Is Financial Domination?

Financial domination (also known as FinDom) is a form of BDSM with a power dynamic that focuses on money. In this dynamic the submissive – known commonly as a money pig, a pay pig, a human ATM, or similar) – gives either some of most of their money to a dominant – known mostly as a Fin-Dom/Domme, cash master, money mistress (my personal favourite), or simply a money Dom/Domme.

Your earnings are my tribute.

Depending on how intense the relationship is, this can range from giving $15-20 odd dollars a week (the equivalent of those morning coffee purchases), to the Financial Dominant having full access to the individuals financial accounts and essentially creating a financial plan of how much will go to them and how much the Money Submissive gets to keep.

In such extreme cases, and Financial Dominant might even demand (with consent, of course) that the Money Submissive purchase cheaper food or less luxury items in order to be able to afford and appropriately worship them. Humiliation or ridicule can often be involved in financial domination, which ties in to broader themes of BDSM, but isn’t always a prerequisite of financial domination. It all depends on the dynamic between Dominant and Submissive.

Do Financial Dominants Get ‘Full Access’?

No. Not in most instances.

Such a high degree of control is technically falls under a different form of BDSM, known as a Total Power Exchange (TPE for short). In a TPE Dominants have full (consensual) control over every aspect of their Submissive’s lives, including their bank accounts, what money is spent, and on what.

This is a very intense form of BDSM relationship, as it also involves things such as one’s living situation, diet, clothing, communications, etc., basically going in to as much detail and control as both parties are comfortable with. It’s an incredibly draining relationship for both the Dominant and the Submissive and, although it can be incredibly rewarding, is not a relationship to be taken on lightly.

Is There Sex Involved In Financial Domination?

What makes you think that a Money Pig deserves to have sex with the divine entity that is their Dominant?

Okay, that might have been a bit ‘In character’ for an official answer, but the truth is that most Financial Dominants do not engage in physical sexual interactions with their Submissive.

Again, though, this depends on the power dynamic and the relationship that the Dominant and Submissive have established.

Some people will engage in sexual conversation, give images to slaves who have proven themselves deserving, or perhaps even grace them with access to their body (either visually or physically), with the money domination being performed alongside this.

But, in such relationships, the Dominant runs the risk of the Submissive feeling like they’re essentially paying for someone to do sexual favors for them which, aside from potentially sitting the wrong way with them, might also flip the power dynamic too much.

Because of this most financial domination is kept on much stricter terms, and has more of a professional, performative, and verbal feel to it. An effective Financial Dominant can get their submissive wriggling in their seat just by going through their accounts, no typically ‘sexual’ acts necessary.

How Is Financial Domination Done?

You’re probably sick of hearing it by now but it depends.

In our tech-savvy times, a lot of financial domination is done via webcam, email exchanges, private messaging systems and similar.

This is a very popular way of engaging in financial domination because it allows Submissives to essentially widen their potential for reaching out to Dominants and finding the right one to suit their own needs and personality.

After all, a Dom/Sub relationship is firmly routed in trust and had to work for both individuals, if a Submissive isn’t happy with the people they’re approaching then they have the ultimate power to call things off at any time. Same goes for Dominants, who have a right to vet their clients in a safe and secure manner. The internet provides this safe and extensive space for fetish and BDSM exploration for all involved.

However, some people gain their main satisfaction from forcing their Submissive to buy their shopping, or from being a Submissive on a shopping trip with their Dominant. The sensation of sweating over the increasing bill that a Dominant is piling up as they add one expensive and opulent item after another in to their shopping basket is something that can’t easily be recreated online. There’s no denying that the Dominant/Submissive dynamic is a powerful one when played out in person.

The downside to in-person domination being finding a Dominant that suits you and is close enough to gain these interactions. Then again, one could always intermingle the two, and have travel fees Incorporated in to the financial domination when desired.

This Sounds Great! What’s The Catch?

If you’re a dominant then financial domination might sound like the most amazing thing ever! Aaaand, that’s part of the catch.

So many people find an inherent appeal in financial domination that the market is essentially oversaturated with Financial Dominants trying to advertise themselves to Submissives and finding that they don’t stand out at all.

Because of how great the premise sounds, there is also a large amount of bad, amateur, or simply misdirected individuals in the industry who perform a poor service. This hurts all Financial Dominants, as potential Submissives might give up entirely after one too many bad profiles or experiences.

It may also be a bit of a side-note but it has to be said: If you’re only getting in to financial domination for the money rather than putting a focus on your potential Submissives and their wellbeing then you are pretty much a crappy person and need to take a step back and reconsider your priorities. Digression over.

Remember that part where I said that intense financial domination might involve managing someone’s accounts? That’s another factor to consider.

Financial domination, at its finest, is like the hybridization between being a Dominant and being an Accountant. Those who hate accounts or money management will also find financial domination tedious at best or anxiety-inducing at worst. There’s also the pressure of managing someone’s accounts and the issue/consideration of how you’re going to then factor that in to your own accounts too. Hardly the whips & chains game of most old school domination.

Put simply, financial domination may sound like a lot of fun and free cash but, at the end of the day, it’s basically a job like any other and should be treated with the same amount of diligence, integrity, and respect.

So what do you think? Is financial domination for you? Could you be someone’s kinky accountant? Are you craving your wallet getting a good pounding? Let me know in the comments, or on social media. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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