Toy Review: The Tantus Duchess

Holy guacamole! I have not reviewed a Tantus toy for aaaaages. I am, as you might say, long overdue.

No excuse, either. Tantus make great products and I love their various kinky offerings to bits. If ever I’m struggling to reach orgasm, I grab the Tantus Bound and it’s basically a done deal. If ever I want to give someone a real good spanking, then you know I’m pulling out a silicone Tantus product for added oomph and terror.

But no more neglecting my beloved silicone goodies. It’s time for another Tantus offering and, this time, we’ve got a rather sizeable offering of semi-squishy silicone to consider…

The Tantus Duchess 

The Tantus Duchess is a truly regal offering from the Tantus team and I’ve owned it for a very long time. I’ve used it on myself, I’ve used it on others. I’ve had others use it on others, and I’ve heard enthusiastic feedback from such instances.

I had an ex practically beg me to take this toy with them when the time came to part ways, such is its effectiveness and the covetous experiences that it can provide.

The Duchess is like a light and fluffy dream dildo for many.

You don’t get to say that often for a sex toy (perhaps thankfully, given the unpleasantness of that situation), so you know that the Tantus Duchess offers a rather exceptional and hard-to-replicate experience. And, when it comes to Tantus and their toys, I would expect no less.

The Duchess is a very distinct dildo – in that it has a huge, globular head which is then met by a sudden very linear coronal ridge, which lingers for an unusual amount of time before suddenly cutting off in to a shaft that tapers in girth rather than expanding.

This means that, rather than easing in to the experience of the Duchess, you’re pretty much met with its 1.8 diameter head right off the bat and this makes it feel a heck of a lot bigger than you would ever anticipate.

If you’re used to smaller toys, or toys that taper, then it’s an experience all its own just to have the rounded start of the Duchess stroke up against your opening in near full-force as it declares itself with all the authority and grace that you would expect from a toy called the Duchess, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The Duchess comes in at 6.5 inches of insertable length and the shaft has a maximum diameter of 1.6 inches.

It’s made from “dual density silicone” but I add the air quotes because, compared to other dual-density toys, the squish that it provides is the bare minimum.

The head of this toy is blunter and less tapered than many.

Granted, the head had some much-needed squish for insertion, but it’s more akin to a softer rubber bouncy ball than it is anything else, and you can even find a similar amount of squish from toys that aren’t dual density. Thankfully, it’s not completely firm, because I do then think that its chunky silicone form would be a struggle to take it comfortably, even with the glossy consistency of its head and matte feel of its shaft.

Because this toy is made from silicone (and very high-end silicone, at that) this toy is non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body-safe. It can be boiled, stuck in the dishwasher, or scrubbed and rinsed with antibacterial soap and you won’t have to worry about a single bit of gunk, residue, or any bacteria seeping in to the toy and coming back to haunt you later (because, yes, porous toys are like the spooks of the sex toy world, you never know when they’ll get you shrieking for the wrong reason).

This toy has a flared base, which does make it harness compatible and anal friendly but I will say that due to its larger head and slimmer shaft it feels top-heavy and cumbersome in a harness. I never quite feel confident with my ability and control when using the Tantus Duchess harnessed and so I probably wouldn’t recommend it for that.

As for anal-use, and riding it in general, a suction cup attachment can be purchased for the Duchess to expand its potential due to the bullet hole that it comes equipped with. As for putting a vibrating bullet in there? Don’t bother. There’s really no point. This toy is so chunky that the vibrations just don’t translate well, so if you purchased the Duchess (or any other ‘vibrating’ Tantus toy) hoping for a true vibrating dildo then you’re likely to be left disappointed.

This hole is useful for suction cups, and that’s about it.

The suction cup you can equip the Duchess with works well but, again, because the Duchess is top heavy you’ll want to be a bit more mindful during use.

But, to be honest, this works in the Duchess’ favour, because this is definitely a toy that benefits from tenderly rubbing it up against your opening before then slowly easing it in, relishing the noticeable ‘pop’ or sucking feeling you get as the head fully fits in to place (akin to anal beads, more than your average cornal ridge) and then just allowing yourself to succumb to the way that its head puts pressure on the walls of your chosen orifice.

There is no missing the G or P-Spot with the Tantus Duchess. It is a true ruler during use and it does almost feel like submission is the only (and preferable) option when using this toy.

I find the Duchess to be a very intense product that I have to warm up to but, when I do, nothing quite matches it in terms of its unique sensations. Part of this is to do with its bulbous head, but the rest really does come down to that coronal ridge, which is such an unfamiliar design compared to most other toys that it just strikes the body in a certain way and causes ripples through my body.

Wriggling and wiggling the Duchess is a move I would recommend. Thrusting requires skill. Slow thrusting motions can feel really great and minimal motion can yield fantastic results. Swift thrusts? No. I don’t think this is the toy for that. It would be like trying to rapidly thrust anal beads if they had an additional stopper (that being the coronal ridge) which bumped against the body when used too swiftly. It’s just not something I have found success with. But, for those who like size (or have explored it a bit but want to really test their limits straight from the point of penetration) then this might just be the ideal toy for you.

As for downsides? Well, I’ve already mentioned its piddly vibration potential, top-heavy aspects, and firmer dual-density – these might all be deal-breakers for some. The thrusting limitations, too, will need to be kept in mind.

But, outside of these, there’s really not too much I can say against the Duchess. It’s a dust magnet – not ideal – but is that really uncommon for silicone? No, not really, so it’s hardly something to be held harshly against this royal contribution to my toybox.

Final Thoughts

I am not a size queen, so I don’t often crave the Duchess, nor does it get much in the way of frequent use. But I would never part with it, given how effective it is at its purpose when used for it.

The Duchess is a challenge for beginners to size play, and a unique experience for those who already like things on the other side of 1.75 diameters.

I wish it came in more colors but that, again, is a minor niggle for a toy that otherwise performs its purpose really well.

I can confidently recommend the Duchess and hope that you get captured by its commanding presence too.

Recommend to:

People who like larger toys.

People who want an anal-bead-like experience.

People who like unusual sensations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer smaller toys.

People who prefer softer silicone.

People who like a toy that tapers.

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