#SoSS Roundup: Fun With Friends And Hedgehogs

This is part of the #SoSS series. If you’re unacquainted with this series then catch up here

It’s Saturday, I’ve had a great time this week travelling and then taking it easier after twisting my ankle (during which time my period also decided to join in on the action) and I’ve got to read some really great content.

But, first, in case you managed to miss my hedgehog livetweeting, have some tweets. Hedgehogs need shoutouts too.

And, with that cuteness out of the way, let’s just dive straight in to the content this week.

The Importance of Negative Reviews by Miss Ruby Reviews

The first thing that came to my mind when I read this post was ‘Woooooow’.

The next was ‘I’m not surprised in the slightest’.

This is a company that approached me post my own review and repeatedly demanded that I retake my photos of their toy because it didn’t look clean in them, to which I responded that the toy is a dust-magnet and if the photos reflect that then I won’t edit them. I took and changed the photos once as a courtesy, immediately after scrubbing them clean. They still weren’t presentable enough for the company. I refused to budge further. They haven’t spoken to me since.

I think we all know the value of negative reviews by now. If you as a company feel threatened and as if customers are being shamed by being treated as intelligent individuals who want a balanced and fully-informed opinion then that says more about what you think of your potential clients than it does of bloggers.

Fleshlight Shower Mount by Bondage God

As someone who believes that (despite what Mimic might think) the more reviews, opinions, and experiences out there the better, I’m always looking for articles and reviews that provide perspectives I just can’t give myself.

I don’t often use sex toys in the shower, nor do I have the factory-fitted anatomy to use a Fleshlight to its fullest, as it were. Because of this, I was really interested to see what Bondage God had to say about this product.

The review itself covers everything from the company to the package arriving onward and I felt fully informed throughout. The coherent flow of Bondage God’s review approach is to be praised too. Certainly one to give a look at.

Doxy Number 3 Alluminum Wand Massager by The Big Gay Review

The Big Gay Review is up there as one of the best review sites I know. I love Dave’s authorial flare and every aspect of his character exudes in full, glorious force from the very first line of this review. It’s not often that a reviewer grips me in such a way, but it’s almost always the case with Dave.

I own the Doxy 3 and use it often – so often that it’s actually in my living room, where it gets many an impromptu usage – but, again, I lack the anatomy that Dave has, so his review is a godsend for me.

This review provides everything you would hope to know about Doxy’s latest creation and I strongly recommend that users of all body types give it a read. Then send Dave some cute pug pictures or .Gifs on Twitter, because that should always be done.

My Journey to Nipple Orgasms by The Sex Fairy

I have a pretty tumultuous relationship with my nipples. Inverted when I was younger (with one having to be surgically urged to see the light of day), and then super sensitive as I got older, I don’t generally like my nipples getting too involved in my sex. One thing is for sure, though: My relationship with them has definitely changed a lot over the years, and the same can be said for The Sex Fairy.

In this awesome little article, The Sexy Fairy takes the time to document their relationship with their nipples over the years and how they went from no sensation to full-on nipple orgasms. The Sex Fairy’s description of this orgasms is effective and their writing style keeps you engaged from start to finish. They also offer some useful tips to anyone aspiring to achieve a nipple orgasm which, after reading this, I think most people will want to attempt.

The President’s Club, MeToo and a Difficult Conversation by Girl on the Net

I’ll admit to having been mostly out of the loop with the President’s Club scandal, that is until I read Girl on the Net’s extensive post on the topic, now I feel informed, horrified, and impassioned in equal measure.

I won’t say much about this article because I want you to clear some time, go over to her post and give it your attention and respect.

Then, if you feel it’s appropriate, I want you to leave a comment – preferably one that’s considered, empathetic, and respectful to the victims of this event (and of any form of sexual assault).

Please. Just be kind.

And that’s all for this week.

In light of everything that’s been happening recently (or, to be more accurate, that has come to light) please do stay safe.

I love y’all.