Product Review…? (The Licxs Enigma)

A few months ago I received a parcel to my old address. There was no letter included. No email correspondence in advance. Nothing.

Inside the box?

A single tube of Licx Gel Lubricant Smooth and Sensual.

The product looked nice enough: It had gone a re-branding and, by the feel of it, a slight variant in composition since I last tried it.

It certainly was a thing.

However, the product had been sent to me at random, and so it went where all products of that nature go – the very bottom of the tester list (if tested at all).

While I’m always thankful to companies for thinking of me, I am a professional. I do this for a living, and I prioritize and value my clients as much as I do my readers (you are all people that I think of, care about, and feel a personal obligation towards to provide swift and honest appraisals) so bottom of the list it was.

But, the other day I was hankering for a new lube and thought ‘Why not? Let’s give this lube a go’

And I did.

And I liked it.

But there were a few things about it that were just downright…weird.

The Licx Gel Lubricant Smooth and Sensitive

Granted, the ingredients aren’t perfect: being Aqua followed directly by Propylene Glycol (an irritant for some), then hydroxethycellulose, and chlorhexidine digluconate.

In short, this lubricant is no Intimate Earth product.

Heck, it doesn’t even state whether or not it’s vegan, meaning that some ethical, vegan, and cruelty-free users might think twice.

The odd thing, though, wasn’t the ingredients list – it was how it was presented. Namely a sticker on the back of the nicely rebranded tube. Then, when I peeled this sticker away, I saw an entirely difficult ingredients list that included aloe and proudly claimed to be oil and paraben free.



Why hide that? Why do it with a sticker? Had the ingredients really changed, or was this some weird mix up that the company had tried to shoddily correct?

I was left befuddled.

The product didn’t smell like it had aloe in it, nor taste like it, so I guess the aloe really had been removed, but it’s fair to say that the company had taken a bizarre approach to the whole affair.

Regardless, I gave this lubricant a try and it served its purpose well.

No stinging, no irritation. It had a neutral aroma and taste, making it suitable for those who dislike fragrance and want something that’s oral friendly.

It is immensely lubricating, nicely thick and gloopy. It buffers wands brilliantly and can be wiped away (though a shower works better).

Isn’t that a beautiful sight?

Large and textured toys are easy to take with it and I can easily see this lubricant being suitable for anal use.

And if you feel like I’m skimming through this it’s because I kind of am…because I couldn’t recommend this lubricant to you even if I wanted.

After testing I went to check for the product link and…nothing.

All I could find online was the old packaging, the old branding, and the old version of the lube and it was all discontinued.

Okay, that’s to be expected, I thought, after all, they’ve got a new version out now. So, given that, I flipped the packaging and went to the site listed.





No chance.

From what I can tell Licx just sort of randomly sent me a new sample of lube and then, soon after, dropped of the adult product map, leaving me to try out their oddly-stickered product and about to praise a product that no longer exists.

So That’s Where We Are

I’m a principled individual. Someone sent me something, I tried it and liked it and I feel like it’s worth talking about. So, yeah.

I don’t know the circumstances behind Licx disappearance. I don’t know if they’ll ever come back. But I am hopeful that, given time and the right approach, they might and next time (as with this time) their product might have changed and evolved further for the better).

I guess the moral we can take from this is to keep informed when it comes to the companies we’re interested in. It’s not always easy but it might just be worth it.

And, Licx, if ever you want to relaunch again then please do send an email my way. I’m always willing to work with companies, even if things aren’t always ideal along the way, and my inbox is always open.