Article: Why Finding Reliable Adult Stores Matters

I’ll always remember my first foray in to an ‘adult store’ because it was shit.

It was a store just down the road from me but it was ‘that side of the road’ which had a bit of a reputation for more…questionable activity. Police raids seemed to happen in the area semi-regularly and it wasn’t a place to venture to alone…buuuut it was also the only adult store in my entire (small) town, and I was a horny and exploratory teen, so I recruited the company of my partner and went there anyway.

Parting the chain-link opening, I walked in with a huge and expectant smile on my face, only to have my heart instantly sink.

All I could see was wall-to-wall porn and jelly. 

Do not want.

The store itself reeked of cigarettes and stale sweat, and the carpet and wooden flooring was stained with dirt and dust in various different areas.

The guy behind the til was looking down despondently at his own adult magazine and didn’t say a single thing to use, outside of a small grunt when I smiled at him and said hello (y’know, to be polite).

Thankfully, even at that young and uninformed age I was savvy enough to instinctively know to GTFO of that toxic toy shit show as swiftly as I could, so I did the obligatory casual browse, said ‘good day’ and then departed.

What. A. Disaster.

Going through that experience made it so that I didn’t dare venture in to another adult store for a very long time, something which I now regret. After all, it wasn’t the notion of going in to an adult store that was a bad call – it was the store I had chosen to go in to that was, and that is no longer as big an issue as it was back then.

At the time the internet wasn’t as big a thing as it is now, so I didn’t have the option of using Google, social media, or a reliable online store checker to figure out where best to go. But, thankfully, that’s not an issue anymore. Now there are Facebook and Google review pages for most socially clued in stores (with a clientele that usually isn’t afraid to hold back), a huge amount of adult writers and reviewers willing to share their knowledge (myself included), and masses of online store checkers, covering Toronto to Melbourne and everything in between.

If these resources are used correctly, then going in to an adult store can be a highly valuable experience.

Allow me to give you a few reasons as to why:

You Can Make A Great Partner Activity Out Of It

My partner and I did things the wrong way and not just because of the location.

Finding a reliable sex store is a practical endeavor but it can also be a form of sexual activity all its own.

If you and/or your partner/s are interested in sex toys, then locating the right place to go and arranging a visit can offer great opportunities to flirt, discuss what you’re hoping to find, and bond as you venture in and look around together.

It’s basically a mini relationship retreat or a fun activity with a strong sexual element to it, which can lead to all sorts of fun after the fact too.

You’ll Leave Feeling Better About Yourself

I felt dreadful about myself while I was in my first adult store, and it was entirely unnecessary. Had I done my research in advance, and found a reliable store, then the experience would have been a full 180, I can assure you of that, because I have since been in many good adult store and they are great!

Take Sh!, for example – an adult store where the first thing that happens when you walk in is that the staff say hello and offer you a cup of tea while you browse. Charity events are sometimes done in store, to raise money for effective, sex-positive endeavors, and you’re made to feel like your sexual desires aren’t just natural but also something to be celebrated.

The atmosphere of a store can be the difference between feeling depressed, shameful, and wrong for your interest in sex and feeling like you’re a badiass, self-confident, superstar, especially in one’s formative years, or first few visits. Do it right, because you owe it to yourself.

The right store will leave you feeling empowered and confident in your sexual desires, not confused, shamed, or seedy.

You’ll Get More From Your Visit

Finding a reliable sex store isn’t always just about the products, either. This site searcher, for, example, highlights Coco de Mer as a store to visit and I couldn’t agree more.

The pricing at Coco de Mer is – full disclosure – over-rated. You might even what to visit this store, find what you want and then go to Lovehoney to make the same selection at a cheaper rate.

But, the aesthetic of the Coco de Mer store itself, the manner in which the staff greet and treat you, and the insights you’ll often get by asking for help (where needed) are typically well-worth paying out a little extra for. In these situations, you’re paying for the experience and the information imparted by the site just as much as you are the actual products themselves.

A trusted and reliable sex store is more than just a place where the dildos reside.

You’ll Get A Feel For The ‘Flavor’ Of The Local Sex Scene

Coco de Mer is also so gorgeous in terms of its decorative and ‘up-market’ approach that it also feels like some kind of sex-shop tourism to visit. It’s less like walking in to a seedy corner shop and more like venturing in to a vintage, adult museum space, beautifully curated to bring the sexual desires of the past to the forefront, while also encouraging one’s own intimate explorations.

It’s a celebration of sex and pleasure objects to the maximum, and you aren’t going to get that from a low-quality or questionable venue.

And reliable sex stores are great for this – providing an idea of what the local adult ‘vibe’ is (pun intended) and what you can expect if you want to get immersed in it.

I’ve had many great social experiences in adult stores, talking to the staff, collecting business cards and leaflets in store, and figuring out if the local adult scene has more to offer. Usually it does, and I wouldn’t have been in the know had I not ventured in to a local venue.

Even reliable stores have their own flavor, and this can tell you a lot about the area they’re located in.

You’re Likely To Be Safer For It

I was 16 when I walked in to that first store.

16 going in to an area where police raids where regular, people would often pass out drunk on the streets, and (just a few months after my visit to the area) a young LGBT teenager was brutally beaten to death just for the way she looked.

In short, I was reckless.

Although my heart goes out to that poor girl, and to the people struggling with drug and alcohol-related addictions in the area, personal safety is also something that someone should always consider.

Had I taken the time to find a reliable sex store, then I would have been safe, and that is enough to speak for why reliable sex stores matter.

I hope you find something of use in this article and that all of your sex toy visits are a pleasant and self-affirming experience.

Reliable adult stores have given me so much,and they are worth locating and supporting.

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