#SoSS Roundup: I’m Actually At Home On A Saturday (For Once)!

Emmeline? At home? On a weekend?

Say whaaaaaaaaat?

I kid, of course, but it has been a pretty long time since I found myself in my own house over the weekend.

Don’t worry, though – I’m in London again on Monday, and then Norwich the weekend after that, so it’s hardly like I’ll be staying rooted for long.

Besides, I certainly don’t begrudge travel, especially when I get to spend time with amazing bloggers such as Horny Geek Girl and Girl on the Net (which is exactly what I did last weekend).

Oh and, speaking of Girl on the Net, this wonderful individual donated £30 to my marathon run, so please give her some love on Twitter and go read her site. I love you GotN!

And shout outs are all what Share our Shit Saturday are all about. So, enough of my travel waffling – allow me to highlight some content I’ve enjoyed this week from the awesome writers out there in the adult community right now.

Pocket Pulse Remote by Bondage God

I tried and adored the Pocket Pulse (with Remote) and have been reading every single review I can for this product. This is partly because I can’t believe I’ve finally found a Hot Octopuss toy which gets my genitals as excited about my mind is about the company, and partly because I just love hearing a variety of experiences and viewpoints when it comes to something I’ve tried myself.

I won’t say a word about the conclusions Bondage God comes to, but I will say that they do a great job in explaining the key product elements and conveying their experiences.

One worth looking at.

Dear Readers: Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Bloggers by Dangerous Lilly

Yes. Yes. So much Yes.

This amazing post by Dangerous Lilly underpins so many of the issues that bloggers are currently facing right now (myself included) alongside practical ways to help them out.

If you are an avid follower of sex toy review blogs (or any form of adult content) then I highly urge you to look at this post and see what you can do to help us out.

I love my job but, if I’m honest, it’s mostly a career of love and not one of huge monetary gains. I can only imagine what it must be like for smaller bloggers and writers. Besides, I can attest firsthand to the little skip of the heart that happens whenever someone makes an affiliate sale. Not because ‘Yay money’ but more because it means that people are listening to us: That you, the reader, really do find value in our work and that, hopefully, you’ll be able to have happier, healthier, and safer sexual experiences as a result of our work.

I mean that’s what we’re trying to do, really – educate and empower people. Seeing that have a tangible outcome is amazing, and be able to get an income that allows us to continue doing that is the dream.

(incidentally, if you want to support me please consider Paypal *shameless plug*)

We Vibe Gala Review by Aurora Glory

I have not tried the We Vibe Gala.

I was not even aware that there was a We Vibe Gala.

I am horrifically behind with all things ‘We Vibe’.

Bad Emmeline.

Joking aside, it can be incredibly easy for sex toys to slip through the cracks, and that is just another reason as to why sex toy reviewers are so amazing (and useful) as content creators.

Aurora Glory also does a brilliant job in describing their personal experiences with the We Vibe Gala and why it threw a bit of a curve ball their way in terms of expectation vs reality.

I love it when a review takes an experiential approach but I shall say no more than that. Time to go and read the content itself.

Scandarella’s 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway! by Scanderella

A big happy blogiversary to Scanderella! Your presence in the blogging community something that could never be replaced and I am so overjoyed that you’ve come this far x

Dear readers, this is a swag post.

I’m taking the We Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection.

The Fleshlight Freaks Drac Masturbator.

The Doxy Number Three!


Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this. Y’all deserve it.

And last, though never least…

Godemiche Special Edition Be My Valentine Adam Dildo Review by Candy Snatch Reviews

I am fast becoming a stalker when it comes to Candy Snatch Reviews: Always checking her Instagram and Twitter feeds for the latest piece of content. When I saw the Adam was on her roster I literally gasped with excitement.

Godemiche are one of my favourite UK companies.

Their hand-made, custom-order-upon-request, body-safe, affordable silicone products are pretty much unheard of when it comes to local UK adult businesses. Ever since they first launched they’ve just leapt from one creative endeavor to the next with such gusto that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the enthusiasm that the company expresses.

Still, the Adam is their original dildo and the love heart version is a timeless classic too.

Candy’s description of how this dildo looks is enough to leave you lusting after it for days (even if its girth and firmness may create pause for thought). And, as you’d expect, her description of how this toy feels is also up their with the best of the bloggers.

Another read I thoroughly enjoyed!

And That’s All For Now!

Back to reviews and articles for me for the rest of the week. Oh…and travel, of course.

Bon Voyage everyone!