Product Review: The Nubbin Oils

I typically loathe sensation products.

There are only a select few in this rather sizeable world that don’t send me immediately running to the toilet to try and purge the substance from my skin.

Sliquid Sizzle is one of the few sensation products I can tolerate, but it’s a lubricant and not just a straight-up sensation oil or ‘clitoral/orgasm gel/oil’ as they’re often called. This means that, although good, it’s providing a different function to the clitoral oils that most people are at least vaguely curious about.

The problem with many of these oils (and my reason for my personal incompatibility) is that they often use a lot of questionable ingredients that either act as a common irritant or are just downright bad for the body. I mean realistically I can do without the acid that seems to be an ingredient in many of these products – even if it is approved for use on the skin, it’s just not something I really want to be dabbing on to my sensitive bits on a regular basis. Just sayin’

But are there any options out there for ingredient-aware, sensitive-skinned individuals out there such as myself?

Well, if there weren’t then this would be a pretty short review, so I think y’all already know the answer to that one.

Nubbin Oil

When the creator of Nubbin Oil approached me they were very keen to emphasize (without any prompting from myself) that Nubbin Oil is made from 100% natural ingredients.

This natural approach to effective adult stimulation is highly important to Nubbin Oil, as the company are very eco and body conscious and want to cause minimal harm to the environment and their customers. Quite the contrary – they’re aiming to give their clients immense pleasure.


To this end Nubbin Oil have worked very closely on the quality of their ingredients, and the best composition to get the results that they hope for come the end.

Customer feedback even dictated their choice to provide different degrees of heat for different people and, to assure users don’t start too intensely, they even made an extensive guide as to which product to go with in their FAQ.

I cannot highlight just how much of a sense of caring and customer investment I got from Nubbin Oil. Even though my product arrived very swiftly, they double-checked that the time was okay (because typically they like it to arrive a day earlier than I got it).

They also checked and double checked that I would do a 24 hour skin test before applying the Nubbin Oil to any intimate areas – an essential step to make sure your body doesn’t react badly to the oil. I was incredibly touched (and professionally impressed) by the diligence and safety-conscious approach that Nubbin Oil showed through this concern.

So Nubbin Oil, as a company, are pretty damned great, but what about the product? Let’s find out together!

The Nubbin Oils

As mentioned, the Nubbin Oils are entirely natural oils that seek to provide a fiery sensation for the genitals. For me this would be the clitoris and labia (predominantly the clit) but it can easily be applied to other genitals, such as the head of the penis, or the coronal ridge. It can have an effect on the nipples and other areas of the body, but this tends to be very minimal compared to direct genital use.

The oils in question.

Nubbin Oil does suggest that it’s product can be used as a lubricant replacement but, personally, I would consider it best as a stimulation product to be used in conjunction with lubricant (if desired/required).

Why is this?

Well, firstly, there is just no way that Nubbin Oil can replicate the function of lubricants for some acts (such as anal sex, dilation, hard thrusting, buffering a powerful sex toy, or taking a textured toy, among many other things).

Nubbin Oil can also be quite intense (especially the hot one), meaning that you couldn’t use too much and thus might be limited in just how much you can use it as a slippery lubricant.

Oil also damages latex condoms, making them effectively useless as a safer sex barrier. A little oil on the clit probably won’t break latex, a lot used as lubricant? You’ve got a higher chance.

Besides, if I were to use the Nubbin Oil as a lubricant I’d be using large amounts, and I kind of want to save this awesome product for its optimal use – which is definitely as a sensation product.

The Nubbin Oil comes in three different intensities, which are as follows:

Mild: Maintains the nice slippery sensation but has very minimal benefits in terms of sensation.

Medium: Provides what I would consider to be the standard degree of sensation. Nicely warming. Kind of like your sensation equivalent of a slightly hotter Tikka Masala or Chili Sin Carne.

Hot: You know that moment in Nandos where you get all of the (vegan) hot sauces, line them up, try them and then finally hit that one where you can really feel the intensity, and you’re not initially sure if it’s either the most amazing sensation ever or just a call to grab for that glass of water? That’s the hot. Very intense, spreads from the point of contact, similar to how a hot spice feels and spreads in the mouth.

There’s a reason for this to.

The ingredients for the Nubbin Oil are, as Nubbin Oil proudly state, completely natural, with the key ingredient for heat being a good ‘ol fashioned hit of chili.

The total ingredients are as follows:

Essential Oils (Hop, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Chili), Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil.

And that’s pretty much a list of everything I adore in life.

The inclusion of Tea Tree oil, in particular, is something I love. Tea Tree oil has proven scientific benefits when it comes to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, meaning that even if you do find the Nubbin Oil to be too intense for you, it’s essentially proactively caring for your body and skin. Of course, this is no reason to skip the 24 hour skin test (Nubbin Oil are very strict on this) but it is reassuring.

Nubbin Oil are probably also one of the only companies I know to exclude aloe vera (and acknowledge that some people can actually have a lot of issues with it) which I love.

As for the oil itself, it comes in the same bottles that you would expect a standard essential oil to come in, retails at a similar price (£8.99), and provides a heck of a lot of bang for your buck (as those with a clit are recommended only 3 maximum drops per use).

When these droplets come out of the bottle they feel smooth, silky, and just what you might expect from something including olive oils and similar ingredients.

The Sweet Orange in this oil gives it a lovely sweet scent when up close, but you also get the chili and cedarwood kicks, making somewhat of an Aryuvedic, or chai sort of aroma. This is only apparent when very close to the oil, though, so those with a sensitive nose will probably not have to worry about this at all.

Typically I would taste sensation and lubricant products but I had to skip this test with the Nubbin Oils. Why? Well, to be completely frank with y’all, I cannot handle chili on the tongue. I adore spicy food, but spices (chili in particular) cause my tongue to erupt in blood blisters, and I am not about that life. Sorry Nubbin Oil.

There are a few points that could do with improvement.

It should be highlighted that the Nubbin Oil is okay for oral use, though, although even Nubbin Oil themselves admit that it might be too intense an experience for some (because, yeah, it really does feel like taking a hit of chili sauce).

As for usage, this product smooths on to the skin with ease, and feels surprisingly light for an oil.

The mild Nubbin Oil is near-undetectable to my body. Providing perhaps a gentle tickle of additional sensation, and a nice silkiness to my clit for more pin-point, intimate, or swirling sensations, but I’m not too sure that I would invest in it purely as a sensation product.

The medium is where it’s at for new users (at least in my opinion). This product gives the warming hit that you might expect, without trying to enthusiastically spread its influence like a vegan in Veganuary. It feels wonderfully warming, lasts for a nice duration, and did have me throbbing for a bit of fun after application. Orgasms when using this oil were nice. Not noticeably ‘stronger’, per say, but certainly different – with the heat adding a highly enjoyable additional sensation. I really liked this oil and think it will be a great introductory product for most to the Nubbin Oil experience.

As for the hot? Holy guacamole! (Or, should that be, ‘Holy Siracha-Infused Salsa!’)

If I haven’t conveyed the similarity of using this oil to taking in very spicy food yet, and the subsequent intense (but safe and manageable) burn that can come with it then I am not doing my job.

From the moment I applied this oil, it shot through my body, infused my vulva with an intense buzz of heat, and basically made it so that I instantly grabbed my sheets (when going the non-toy route I like to have something plush between my thighs) and basically jack off there and then. The result was an amazing climax, which felt on par with some of my stronger wand experiences, and that was without a single toy and in a speedier time than I think I have achieved without toys in literal years.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the no-toy route, and I’m not claiming that toys desensitize me. More I prefer some form of additional sensation during sex and, usually, that sensation best comes from toys. But the Nubbin Oil acted on par with my favourite accessories as a sex toy supplement capable of bringing me to intense highs with a strong climax to top it all off.

The hot Nubbin Oil persists after use too, gently easing in to a nicely warm sensation (like a comforting hug after a hard fuck), and then dissipating entirely.

Now, I have very sensitive skin and can’t stand chili, but I didn’t have a single negative experience with the Nubbin Oil, which I think is testament to its compatibility with most bodies. Of course, you’re going to get that ‘Hot, hot, HOT!’ sensation, akin to having spicy food, but the Nubbin Oil never goes beyond this point and, like spicy food, can be enjoyed in spite of (or because of) this sensation.

Nubbin Oil’s biggest error is saying, in their instructions, that ‘The first time the oil is used for sex it might feel strange or even painful but persevere!’

A company should never, never tell someone to persist through pain. Pain is very different to a heating sensation, and if you feel true pain when using the Nubbin Oil then discontinue use immediately.

A more accurate description would probably be:

‘New customers should expect to feel an intense heated sensation, akin to having spicy food in the mouth. This may feel strange at first, but the body should adjust accordingly. If pain or stinging is experienced then please discontinue use immediately’.

If this was changed then I would feel a lot better about Nubbin Oil, as this is one of the very few downsides I have with this product, and it’s not even to do with the oil itself.

My only other gripe? The bottles. Getting even the 3 recommended drops out of these bottles is a pain and typically involves a lot of vigorous shaking, hard banging against various surfaces, and swear words. Now, in some contexts those three things would be great, but not when trying to get oil out of a bottle.

I don’t know what could be done about this, outside of a bottle change, and that might not be viable, so this could just be a case of a small irritation for a lot of reward.

Final Thoughts

Do I recommend the Nubbin Oil? Heck yeah!

Not only do I recommend it, but I would consider this to currently be the best heating sensation oil on the market.

It has minimal ingredients (many of which are beneficial for the skin), the company responds to customer feedback, and the product itself is so. Damned. Gooood. I struggle to put it in to words.

I highly, highly recommend this oil and hope that you get to try it for yourself.

That is, if you like heating sensations. If not then my apologies.

But, you never know, perhaps Nubbin Oil will come out with a peppermint-based cooling oil in time?

Anything is possible.

Recommend to:

People who want a warming oil.

People looking for intense sensations.

Chili fans.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike heat.

People who know they have reactions to the above ingredients.

People who dislike oils.

The Nubbin Oils were provided in exchange for an honest review. Please do support this company, as I have not felt this enthusiastic about an orgasm oil in so long, and I’m really feeling the love (and heat) when it comes to this one. It’s pretty damned great.