Erotica: Booking A Booth For Two

Hello my lovely readers! I have some super exciting news today: I get to give you smut.

Yes, smut! A service that I actually do provide, but usually only get approached for by private clients or external publications. Did you know that you could hire me to put smut up? No. Well you do now. 

And this client gave me one awesome challenge. Owner of a photo booth rental service (operating in London, Perth, and Montreal, this client gave me total free reign with one proviso – The smut had to be centered around sex in a photo booth.

Ho boy!

‘Entertain your guests’ indeed…

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had with this one, and I hope you enjoy it to.

So, without further ado, let’s find out together exactly why a photo booth is well worth renting (and then fucking in).

Walking in to the room, Tegan scanned her surroundings with an impressed expression. She knew that Louise liked to go all out with her parties but, this time, she had really outdone herself.

As she shifted her weight from one leg to another Tegan felt the smooth stroke of her tights stroke her inner thighs. Getting in to a good pair of tights may always be a struggle but, she had to admit, the self-indulgent feeling once in them was often worth it. Feeling confident in herself, Tegan strode past the entrance to locate her friend.

‘Tegan, darling!’ Louise said, spotting her first. She came in for the usual enthusiastic hug that Tegan had come to expect from her. Louise was a bubbly and free-spirited individual. She made it big in the stock market at a young age and wasn’t afraid to take risks and live her life to the fullest. Tegan guessed gambling with millions every day would do that to a person.

‘How are you my lovely?’ Louise asked sincerely.

‘I’m good Lou. You’ve done an amazing job with this set up, I’m impressed’.

‘Only the best for my friends’ Louise said with a playful wink. ‘Not that you’ve noticed the best part yet’ she added, coyly sipping on a cocktail.

Tegan’s curiosity piqued ‘Oh?’

What could her friend be talking about? Everything in eye shot seemed to her both noticeable and exceptional. The bar where she had found Louise had cocktails flowing non-stop, the music was perfect for the mood, and the lighting on the dance floor was just the right side of enchanting. What else could there be?

Before Tegan could hazard a guess Louise leaned in and whispered her reveal ‘I booked it.’

‘Booked what?’ Tegan replied.

‘The photo booth, silly! Y’know after our…discussion yesterday’ she said, winking slyly.

Tegan felt her face explode with heat and was sure she had just gone as red as a Bloody Mary.

It was a week or so ago when a few too many of that exact drink had led Tegan to confess just how much she’d love to fuck a mutual friend of theirs, Cliff, in a photo booth.

Where others might have seen a fun photo service, Tegan saw potential to fuck publicly in a whole new way.

She didn’t know how, but she had stumbled upon a rental service and the thought had just instantly come to mind. There was something about it that was just so thrilling to her – so safely risque. Plus she’d hear they came with ‘props’ and her and Louise spend a fair while having a good laugh at all the different things you could do with a cheap plastic fairy wand and a pair of glasses with a mustache attached.

At the time she’d just considered it a casual conversation – a confession done in jest when the alcohol was flowing – she should have known better when it came to Louise.

Visibly gulping down her nerves, she came back to reality enough to speak again.

‘Is he here then?’ she said, half in disbelief that those were the first words to escape her mouth.

‘Oh yes’ Louise said.

‘Go get him Tiger.’

Yes, she would. But not without some liquid courage. Tegan didn’t drink often, or much, but when she did it was like an instant libido booster, as her photo booth sex convo could attest to. Swiftly, she ordered a Purple Rain and allowed the entire drink to slide down her throat. The tingle was near-instant, and not just in her head. Her tights went from feeling pleasantly smooth, to achingly tempting, as if they were trying to prime her slightly throbbing vagina for what might lie ahead.

With one last deep breath of courage, she sauntered off to find Cliff.

The moment he saw her she could tell she would see this fantasy through.

It was the look on his face: The smile that immediately spread across it when he saw her, followed by the involuntary full body glance from her heels all the way up to her eyes.

‘Wow,’ he greeted with a hug and kiss on the cheek, ‘you look amazing tonight Tegan.’

‘Thanks,’ she said coyly, before grasping his hand with a firm sense of adventure, ‘But no need for small talk tonight.’

Uncertainty crossed Cliff’s face for the briefest moment before he grinned and nodded his consent. Reciprocating his playful expression she tugged him along and off to locate the space she had fantasized so strongly about.

The set up was even more impressive than she imagined. A golden backdrop offered itself up while a table lay filled with a variety of different props. Even better, the booth itself was completely private and Louise had been sure to put it well out of the way of the main party area. ‘Oh Louise,’ Tegan thought, ‘You really are a good friend’.

Swiftly, and without fanfare, Tegan grabbed the ‘Booth in use’ sign and made sure it was clearly displayed, before returning to the booth, and to an eager Cliff. Fully confident in their public privacy, she glanced down at his crotch. He was already swelling near out of them. This was going to be good.

‘A photo booth?’ he asked, removing his tie, ‘Isn’t that a bit risky?’

‘Tegan grinned deviously and grabbed the ‘Caution’ tape prop on the table. ‘What can I say?’ she said, pulling him in for a passionate kiss, ‘I like risk’.

With that she grabbed his pouch firmly and squeezed, she heard him inhale with pleasure as he succumb to the moment, moving in to kiss her forcefully and grabbing her thighs.

Before she knew it, half the props were on the floor, as he had slid her on to the table in a passionate exchange. Heated by the primal force Cliff exuded, she pulled her dress off and helped him remove his shirt, while his trousers naturally slid down.

Looking down briefly, Cliff seemed to notice her tights. Grasping at them firmly for a moment, Cliff took one swift motion to tear them longingly, the sensation of it sending ripples through Tegan’s thighs and crotch. With a giggle Tegan grabbed one of the prop frames by her side and used it to frame her wet and welcoming panties.

‘What do you think?’ she asked ‘Is this a shot worth admiring?’

‘A fucking masterpiece’ he said without a single blink of hesitation and Tegan let out a spirited laugh as he flipped her over and pulled her panties to one side.

With a deftness that was unrivaled by any of her other hook-ups, Cliff took two of his fingers and slid them in to her wet and willing vagina, while two others slide between her labia and located her clit. Cliff was dexterous in his delivery of firm yet subtle maneuvers which send her mind spiraling and her entire vulva throbbing with the force of it all.

‘Just tell me when,’ Cliff said in a dominant tone, hinting to the primary focus of a photo booth. Tegan understood this but she didn’t immediately respond. She was too busy giving herself to the curving pressure of Cliff’s hands inside of her – the intensity of her seizing breath and the sweat developing on her arching back as his swirling fingers transitioned to press firmly on her clit, varying the pressure to match the cadence of her increasingly eager hip thrusts.

She let him know she was still vaguely lucid with a gentle nod and moan but, beyond that, her mind had surrendered to the authority of Cliff’s hands , one exploring her body as if he owned her and the other grasping her hip with equally doting sexual aggression. It was fucking as she wanted it. Rough, skilled, and entirely focused on making her a shaking mess of fluids and throbbing.

Noting her rising spiral in to sub space, Cliff suddenly moved his free hand further up her torso and pulled her in close, moving to wrap his entire arm around her chest and pressing her in close as he forced her her body back and down, entering her with his entire first and expanding her now achingly expanded vagina.

‘Say when,’ he commanded firmly.

Tegan knew their game, and held her response as she instead began to rapidly ride Cliff’s fist, seeing just how far she could get while still having his knuckles grind perfectly against her G-Spot. She now helmed her own clit, slapping and pressing against it with unbridled sexual liberation. As he spread his fingers inside her she felt herself tipped over the edge.

‘Now! Now!‘ she heard herself blurt out, almost as a scream. For the briefest moment she wondered if anyone had heard her but she quickly realized that she didn’t care. This was her booth, Louise has rented it for her and she was going to enjoy every fucking moment of it.

She heard the snaps go off as she rode her climax. Feeling the clenches, Cliff pulled out and Tegan felt herself gush all over her thighs. The sound of her revelry splashed on to the props table as she slumped down into her own puddle in a sweaty heap, her knees weak.

Panting, she let her head stop swirling for a moment before turning back to Cliff with a messily thankful expression.

‘Was it everything you hoped for?’ Cliff asked with a smile.

Tegan nodded, still panting, as she gasped for the breath to speak ‘Oh yes,’ she huffed seductively. ‘But we’re not done yet. Don’t think I didn’t notice that bulge of yours,’ Tegan said, glancing down at him as she regained her composure. ‘Besides, it’s my turn to take a few shots’.