Product Review: Revisiting The Lelo Luna Beads

I am a massive hypocrite.

Just a little while ago I was telling you all to do your kegels on the GymWitsespecially if you’re a runner and/or body-builder.

And yet here I am: An avid runner, sex blogger, and kegel advocate who…hasn’t been doing her kegels regularly.

I know, I know. I’m dreadful.

There’s no defense. It really is just a case of time management. I could easily say ‘I’m too busy’ but I prefer saying the term ‘It’s not a priority,’ seeing where that sits if my mind (if it’s true or not), and then acting accordingly. Saying ‘I’m too busy for kegels’ is one thing, but saying ‘kegels are just not a priority for me’? That’s just not true at all.

The result is that I’ve recently been revisiting the various kegel products I have. The fancy ones, the odd ones, and the downright frustrating ones, and, to this day, there are still no better vaginal kegel exercisers to my mind than the Lelo Luna Beads.

The Lelo Luna Beads

I have reviewed the Lelo Luna Beads before, but that was a long time ago, and it’s fair to say my needs and lifestyle has changed drastically since then. Thus I want to revisit my this product (and my thoughts) and raise awareness regarding these beads to my now much more sizeable (but always awesome) readership.

My old photo of the beads. Ah memories.

If you clicked on to the above linked article of mine, then you already know why kegel exercises are so important but, if you want the cliff notes, here are why kegel exercises are important. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which, when strong, allow for good bladder and bowel control, better control over orgasms, and stronger climaxes when they are met. They are also good for general muscle control, making them useful for things such as Vaginismus, which is characterized by involuntary muscle clenches and spasms.

Strengthening of the kegel muscles is done by essentially clenching and releasing these muscles for a set amount of repetitions and sets. In essence, kegel strength training is like any other strength training and, as such, it can be done with or without equipment, such as weights.

Kegel beads, such as the Lelo Luna Beads, act as these weight systems and, to continue using fitness analogies, if most kegel exercisers are you’re standard dumbbell, the Lelo Luna Beads are those deluxe interchangeable ones that most fitness enthusiasts look at longingly, except these exercisers are much more affordable.

I like the strength focus Lelo have chosen to market their beads.

The Lelo Luna Beads retail at £45 for both the classic and mini versions. The classic size is what I will be reviewing today. Lelo suggests that the classic is ‘preferred’ by women who have given birth but, having been around the adult product block a bit, I can tell you that the classic seems to just be generally preferred by all. I attribute this down to sensation.

Y’see, one of the things that makes the Lelo Luna Beads so effective is that the weights they offer for training is not simply inherent in the weight of the product itself. Instead, the Lelo Luna Beads have a firm plastic external casing and then, inside, a small weighted ball is included and can move freely in the casing. This essentially creates a rolling, shifting, or jiggling sensation during use, depending on how you move. This movement for many (myself included) feels very pleasant and works to increase arousal and as a great pre-sex warm-up as well as an actual workout.

Such a feature is important for two different reasons.

The biggest reason is feedback: It’s one thing to clench your muscles, or to clench them around your standard weighted kegel exerciser, but if you clench strongly around the Lelo Luna Beads you’ll likely feel the movement slightly, and thus know that you’re on the right track. If wearing it casually around and about you’ll also feel it jiggle from time-to-time and this may cause you to clench out of curiosity (or excitement) providing further intermittent training.

The second reason this feature is good is almost equally significant: It feels damned good. Kegel exercises may be important but they can also seem like a chore (or like they’re not doing much in the moment). By adding a playful jiggle, kegel exercises with the Lelo Luna Beads become something that you look forward to, and can actually reap immediate sexual benefits from (in the form of arousal and the fun of having a little secret inserted that no one else knows about).

And this jiggle is most strongly felt in the classic beads.

The marketing and imagery for these beads is just generally on point.

Granted, the mini beads have their place, someone in Vaginismus recovery, for example, or those who like smaller products, might find the 1.4 inch diameter a bit too much, as opposed to the 1.1 inch diameter. But they just don’t cut it in terms of interchangeability and I find this to be and effective (and enjoyable) aspect of using the Lelo Luna Beads.

Speaking of interchangeability, that’s another great aspect of this product. The Lelo Luna Beads come with a silicone sleeve (making the entire system non-porous, phthalate-free, body-safe, and easy to clean) and 2 x 28g beads & 2 x 37g beads which can be used solo or mixed and matched in to the silicone sleeve in order to have a starting base and then create a custom workout program from there. You can, in essence, customize your own experience and go at your own pace to help achieve success.

This degree of control, and sense of responsibility over the direction of your pelvic floor health, is a very strong component of the Lelo Luna Beads, although it must be said that many other exercisers have now followed suit.

Still, they don’t do it anywhere near as effectively and, to this day, I always find myself revisiting these lovely beads. The Lelo Luna Beads feel wonderful to me during use. They jiggle receptively when I’m being active in my exercises, give me little reminders when I’m not, and leave me rushing to find a moment of climactic release if worn for too long. And, on that note, can I also say that these beads work very nicely as an intertible during play too. I cannot count the amount of brilliant orgasms I’ve have with a Lelo Luna Bead and Lelo Smart Wand Large combo session.

In terms of downsides, the Lelo Luna Beads have a minimal amount. These are beads that come with complimentary lube, a storage bag, and a guarantee. The retrieval strap doesn’t stretch, is made from antibacterial materials, and cleans up really well. If I’m being frank, the only issue I ever have with these beads is threading the cord and then effectively inserting my chosen ball in to its silicone sleeve, but practice really does make perfect there.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am still smitten with these beads from Lelo and feel like they are a solid, lifelong investment in kegel training that has yet to be beaten by any other kegel set on the market.

I can, even as the years have gone by, still highly recommend these beads and feel like every vagina owner should have a pair.

Now, to get the regular use of them down…

Recommend to:

People looking for kegel beads.

People who like jiggle balls.

People who like interchangeable weights.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike firm plastic.

People who dislike jiggle balls.

People looking for anal beads (no flared base).

The Lelo Luna Beads were provided to me by Lelo a long time ago. If you want to support my site please do use the affiliate links included.