#SoSS Roundup: The Space Between The Then, The Now, And The Next

This is part of the #SoSS series. If you’re unacquainted with this series then catch up here

It’s the second week of the new year and things are starting to settle and then rush again, as the flow of one’s life begins to emerge. At least that’s been my experience so far.

Embracing Veganuary in earnest, I’ve been writing daily advice posts on The Kind Peach, while also doing reviews and articles here, and feeling positive about both. I also started a new workout regime this week, starting it on Sunday with my first on-pavement long run in a long time.

I also achieved what, to some, might be a modest accomplishment: My first chin up.

This meant so much to me not because of my growing adoration and admiration of calisthenic fitness, but also of what it represents to me.

No matter what happens, no matter what the future holds, I know that with time, practice, patience, and determination I will be able to lift myself up, mentally and now literally.

Yes, this has been a week where the ‘then’ of 2017 is still a close memory, the ‘now’ is full of potential, and the ‘next’ is something we all feel capable of addressing, tackling, and standing tall to meet.

I say this because I’ve seen it in each and every post selected here. It’s amazing the sense of universal humanity and connection you can get just from reading what others have to say, and this week I discovered a community united in potential (missed, achieved, or demanded).

Allow me to share with you what I mean.

Five Ways Sex Toy Companies Could Be Better In 2018 by Miss Jezebella

Between my own post, Formidable Femme’s post and now this, I’m really starting to feel like there’s a collective rallying cry starting in 2018 for companies to, as gamers might put it ‘Git Gud’.

Miss Jezebella addresses some very good points and offers up some practical suggestions for moving forward. If companies aren’t listening to Miss Jezebella or the rising collective now, then they might just find themselves regretting it later down the line.

Not a threat, or anything – this is all just really good advice, for the most point, and I like to see companies grow and thrive just as much as I like seeing positive change. All the better when these two things can happen in tandem.

Printshop Refuses My Business…Because My Content Makes Them Uncomfortable by Kitten Boheme

Before anything else. Kitten: I recommend Moo.

Here we have a very in-depth (and incredibly frustrating) account of a company that really needs to do more when it comes to being sex positive, provide customer satisfaction, and generally recognize that a woman owning an adult-based profession is absolutely fine.

It’s 2018. Do we really still have to deal with this?

Anyone else who can help in this situation would be greatly appreciated, and I am glad to be able to share this experience, because it truly is shit.

Guide: Top 10 Sex Toys of 2017 by Princess Previews

Where myself and others have taken a more company-driven approach to our 2017 review, Princess Previews has given something equally vital to the adult community – a conventional ‘Top Toys’ list.

Many of the toys on this list are ones that I would highly recommend too (hello Zumio), and Princess Previews has done a wonderful job explaining the role of each product on this list.

Princess Previews also gives some reflections on the previous year, which is something I always love to read. Seeing their accomplishments I am so happy for them, and hope you consume their content with great enthusiasm.

Book of the Month Club by Molly’s Daily Kiss

Firstly, wonderful picture as always, Molly, I adore it!

In this post Molly speaks of her love of reading, the toll blogging takes on this love, and a determination to try and make space to reclaim a space for this love of literature.

I can relate and it is my own great sorrow that I do not get to read nearly as much as I would wish.

As such, Molly’s post resonated with me deeply and left me yearning, like Molly herself for a new way to find space for old loves (and the nostalgic memory inherent in that love).

Speaking of which…

Review of Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy by Formidable Femme

Each year I take part in a sex blogging secret Santa and this year I was utterly spoiled by Formidable Femme who, alongside an amazing gift that I’m using as I write this (and that you’ll have to wait to see), gifted me this very book.

This ties nicely in to my aspirations to read again and my desire has only been amplified by Formidable Femme’s review of this book.

In a complete a compartmentalization of the premise of this #SoSS’s theme, Formidable Femme speaks of her hopes for this book, the reality of what she was met with (both the good and the bad), and, at the end of it all, a feeling of lost potential, not quite harnessed yet.

I won’t say more than that, because you should go and read her post right now.

I look forward to reviewing this book myself.

And that’s all for now!

I’d be lying if I said I knew what’s to come in 2018, but the initial posts being released by my fellow bloggers leaves me excited and enthused for continued great content, new goals all around, and a strong sense of social justice and what can be done to move forward together.

Join us in reaching this goal by reading the shit I’ve shared here and then perhaps share the shit of others too. 

Together we can do great things. 

Oprah said so.