#SoSS Roundup: 2017 Is Almost Gone (But These Bloggers Are Timeless)

This is part of the #SoSS series. If you’re unacquainted with this series then catch up here

Two more days, guys.

We’ve only going two more days before a new year dawns.

Aaaand, it doesn’t really mean anything.

At least not outside of human context.

But, for many of us, a new year is a huge event. Not just an event, a milestone.

We’ve almost survived 2017 people, despite all the shit, and that’s going to be a huge marker for anyone who does put stock in appraising their life annually. And who is anyone to knock that way to distinguish a life?

Besides, the whole ‘New Year, New You’ thing, although toxic in many ways (more on that tomorrow) can be a very positive thing, and can even be used to help people who are in really dark places (again, more on that tomorrow).

And, in the spirit of this, I’ve tried my best this year to feature newer members of the adult blogging community.

Every person in this #SoSS roundup will either be younger than a year old, or will have less than 2000 followers on their main social media channel.

Not all of these posts will be from this week, nor even this month is some instances (December is a busy time for all of us, after all, let alone the new blogger). However, by highlighting these content creators it’s my great hope that you discover someone new who we will both get to see grow and develop over the coming year.

I’ve rambled on enough now. Let’s look at the roundup!

L’Amourose Prism V by Twixt My Nethers

This review comes with a backstory, which I always adore. It’s so great when bloggers incorporate their lives into their appraisals. That is, to some degree, why we read certain blogs, after all.

Twixt My Nethers has composed this review beautifully, with all of the key information you need presented up front and center before diving in to the nitty gritties.

Of further admiration, this review represents something else I adore from content creators – a lack of fear to go against the popular consensus and a sense of integrity when it comes to one’s personal values.

Honestly, this review is basically a 101 of how to review sex toys the right way, and I think it’s well worth a read.

Indigo Does A Year-End Tour by Indigo Wolfe

End of year roundups are always great fun but Indigo Wolfe’s one gave me the warm fuzzies in a unique way.

This is specifically because of the Some Goals I Set (And Met) This Year section, which felt nostalgic beyond belief.

To quote just a slither:

When I started blogging, it was for fun. I knew it would help my career, but I didn’t expect it to give me a sense of who I am.


I hope that every blogger gets this feeling of validation, purpose, and community from their endeavors, and I’m so glad that Indigo Wolfe feels this way.

And, granted, I may not have made their My Favourite Bloggers This Year selection (I kid, I kid) but I can honestly say that every link compiled by Indigo here is an absolute gem, leaving you with more reading material to discover Indigo’s style from.

3 Fucking Awesome Hardcore Fantasy Sex Webcomics by Mx Nillin 

Have I mentioned how much I adore sexy webcomics (Sunstone and Elsewhere being up there as two of my all-time favorites)? Well, I do and, apparently, so does Mx Nillin.

I’m always elated when I stumble upon adult comic recommendations (and a bit nerd-proud when I recognize the comic/s mentioned).

Mx Nillin has brought together some solid comic creators here and, having looked through their recommendations (and being pre-acquainted with some) I can certainly endorse their recommendations.

Go and check out their post to find some amazing illustrated smut to enjoy!

The Sola Cue by Viva La Sexy Blog

I mainly recommend this one out of solidarity. Much like Viva La Sexy Blog, I also found that my Sola Cue was a bit of a distraction from other tester products (but in the best of ways).

Viva La Sexy Blog’s post is another example of a shorter-but-sweeter read and their writing is compelling, informative, and easy-to-digest.

I read this review while sipping tea from a fine china cup in a local coffee house, surrounded by antique memorabilia and similarly vintage ephemera and, I have to say, it was just as relaxing and enjoyable as the fresh chamomile leaves that I sampled.

And last, but certainly not least…

Sinful Sunday – Christmas Eve Promise by Aurora Glory

As you’ve probably figured by now, I friggin adore Christmas, so of course I was going to add one fully festive inclusion here, and what an inclusion it is!

Sinful Sunday is another great initiative out there which exists to showcase the talented results of adult creators, this time in the field of photography, and blogger Aurora Glory’s contribution is Christmassy in all the right ways.

I don’t know which I appreciate more – the leg placement or the present placement – but it’s fair to say that I wholeheartedly approve of the composition.

Call me blasphemous, but I may actually prefer the color that comes with Aurora’s second offering more than the initial image too, but that’s just my own aesthetic preference.

Either way these are some images worth viewing yourself from a great blogger.

Thus ends my final #SoSS for 2017. 

Rest assured I will bring you more in the new year. I know that there will be some great content coming from fellow bloggers, old and new, and I honestly can’t wait.

Here’s to those who choose to create!