Toy Review: The Bad Dragon Flint Packer

You’ve read my thoughts (fan-girlings?) over the Bad Dragon Flint Steampunk Dildo but, to quote a popular movie franchise ‘There is another’.

Everyone. Meet the Bad Dragon Flint Packer.

Pac-What Now?

If you’re tilting your head in bemusement right now like a lost little puppy dog then, firstly, you’re adorable but, secondly, allow me to explain.

A packer is basically a prosthetic phallus intended to be used to add a bulge to people’s underwear where one might be naturally lacking.

In short it give you some junk in your trunk.

Watch out: I’m packing.

There are many reasons why a person might pack – the most obvious being as part of their gender expression. A trangender or gender fluid person may find a lot of validation from having the sensation or bulge that a packer provides.

Much like make-up, clothing, or any other accessory, it’s an empowering aspect of one’s own gender expression that they can personally select and then use to present their intentions and identity with more clarity and confidence. Not for anyone else’s sake, but for their own.

Others just really like how packers feel.

The additional bulge that a packer presents, and the feeling of that object placing pressure on the genitals, moving as you move and creating different sensations as you go about your day is an enjoyable thing all its own.

Plus sometimes you can do something like wear it under a (steampunk) skirt or a fancy femme dress and create a wonderful mental contrast for yourself (and maybe a partner/s).

Personally I resonate with all of those explanations to some degree and there are few things as sexy to me as when someone comes in close to me and gives my packer a forceful squeeze when I’ve told them that it’s present.

But I’ve also had some really bad packers.

Tacky, too squishy, too firm, made from irritating material, grabby (not great when you have a full bush), or actively degrading as I wear them. I’ve seen it all over the years.

The Flint may have been a great dildo, but, as a packer, where does it lie?

The Bad Dragon Flint Packer

There are a few things that are important to consider about the Bad Dragon Flint Packer.

The first important one is that it’s comes in either mini, small, or medium. This means that, should you wish, you can buy yourself a Flint Packer and then buy a correlating Flint Dildo so that, if any penetration (or oral activity) is on the table you can easily switch from your packer to your dildo and still feel like it is representational.

That is, unless you’re going larger or bigger.

This is the sensible choice because, even with the mini (which I own) the Bad Dragon Flint Packer is quite the chunky addition to anyone’s underwear.

You get all of the benfits of the Bad Dragon Flint Dildo with this packer aesthetically, just with more squish.

I described the Flint Dildo as short, stout, and girthy, and you can really feel those last two points during use. This means that I’m inclined to recommend using underwear that is specifically designed for packing when using this packer (or an appropriate harness) to properly and comfortably contain it.

The chunky nature of the Flint Packer is also something that you’ll want to consider when thinking about your wardrobe. This is a packer that I wear with skirts and dresses and I can still see its outline if my frilly fashion choices have settled down to a flatter form.

As for trousers? I think I need to invest in a pair of male (non skinny) jeans to comfortably wear the Flint Packer, and this pleases me immensely because it feels like I am able to truly fill gender-coded clothing with and ample bulge.

That being said, in my own gear it does afford me an impressive ‘almost bursting out of his gear’ look, which has its own appeal too.

The Flint Dildo and the Flint Packer are completely identical bar one point: The Flint Packer is wonderfully, tomboyishly bouncy and squishy, which makes me absolutely giddy. This not only makes the Flint Packer incredibly comfortable when being worn (no sore, aching, or rubbed vulva here) but is also allows it a bouncy nature which would make Tigger bow down with a mutual sense of respect.

This is one grabby packer though. All that I did here was take it from my side drawer to my downstairs area for some photography.

And, because the Flint Packer is so very similar to its dildo counterpart its natural state is erect, curving up, eager to act.

You can just imagine the potential this has for the Flint Packer when it comes to taking your clothing off and allowing it to go from pressed down flat to springing up to a fully erect, very reasonably and chunky cock. It’s just…wow.

It’s as if this packer wants to allow you to show when you’re turned on with its very design and I am totally on board with this.

The Bad Dragon Flint Packer is made from the same high quality silicone as its dildo counterpart, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. It’s just squishier.

It’s also equally as tacky as its dildo counterpart, if not more, and that is a bit frustrating.

Sure, this packer can be very easily cleaned, but it grabs dust, lint, hairs, and fuzz so quickly you’d think it was trying to curate its own dust bunny exhibition.

This does frustrate me a bit because it means, should anyone unsheath your packer from its trousers/skirt/clothing (as mentioned above) then, yes – it will be perky and ready to go (performatively, at least) – but it will also be a complete mess in 95% of most cases.

To some degree, though, this is expected, and most people that pack, or that have partners who pack, know that this might happen, so I can’t fault it too much, it’s more of an annoyance than anything.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Bad Dragon Flint Packer is a well-priced, sturdy, impressive, and character-infused packer which allows for some fun fantasy packer alongside just feeling great during use.

It’s silicone material means that, if you take care of this packer, it should last you a rather long time, and its accuracy (and interchangeability) with the Flint Dildo design really helps give and additional layer of exploration and potential to this product.

Much like the Flint Dildo, I would highly recommend this product, and feel like the two would work great together…that is, if you’re in to texture during penetration/oral. If not then simply allow yourself to enjoy wearing this squishy bulge of joy.

Recommend to:

People who like fantasy packing.

People with a scale-sona that they want to recreate.

People who want a packer with a dildo counterpart.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike packing.

People who prefer wholly representational packers.

People looking for a smaller packer.

The Bad Dragon Flint Packer was provided to me by Bad Dragon in exchange for and honest review.