#SoSS Roundup: The Season Of Giving (And Sharing)

Time to bring out The Muppet’s Christmas Carol because there’s only one more sleep to Christmas and I am jumping for joy (or passed out on the sofa, both options are equally likely. I have just done a Parkrun).

But what is Christmas really about?

Some would say it revolves around the birth of a prophet but, if we’re all being honest, that’s just one of many thematic elements that come together to create the Christmas experience. And Christmas is made of a loooot of themes.

For some, it’s all about this (and that’s just as valid as any other reason).

Charity, consideration, goodwill to all, the revitalization of our inner faith/spirit for the year ahead, chocolate, family appreciation, personal reflection, more chocolate. All the good stuff.

The Victorians did a lot to create the Christmas that we know and love to day and one of their big shout outs was philanthropy – ie. Charity. Giving to others, helping to others, championing activist projects, and having a time to focus ones resolve for the year ahead, all while supporting fellow influencers, was critical in the Victorian festive season (at least among those in positions of privilege).

Every year I try to make it a mission to regain some of that activism and charity gusto that my Victorian peeps had and bring it to my own Christmas. So, this year, I’m overjoyed to be part of this weekly phenomenon where sex positive influencers take the time to shout-out and appreciate each other.

So, please sit back, enjoy, and put on some festive music (whatever that may be for you) as we spread the Christmas spirit by supporting each other’s work.

Happy Holidays all.

LHM Zip Front Microfibre Boxer Shorts by Bondage God

I review a lot of items on my site, but I tend to neglect sexy clothing, male-targeted sexual clothing especially.

But, that’s the great thing about having a review community rather than just a few select figures of authority. Even if I’m not doing something then there’s a high chance that someone else is, and chances are they’re doing an awesome job.

Bondage God is one such example.

This review of the LHM Zip Front Microfibre Boxer Shorts totally sold me on these boxer shorts.

When I was reading it I could easily imagine what it would be like to wear these boxers, or to pull down a partner’s trousers only to discover them and begin to explore them with my sexual associate.

I consider this to be the mark of a good review, and commend Bondage God for bringing this out in me this week. But I must also waggle my fist at him cartoon-villain style because I really want these boxers now, but Christmas thriftiness is important.

Sexy Festive Travel Essentials by CoffeeAndKink

When travelling it’s important to pack all the essentials. This includes sexual essentials too. But we all know that packing can be a bit of a minefield, and there’s always something that inevitably gets overlooked or lefts behind.

But not this year, because Amy’s got your back.

I’m talking, of course, of the charming and talented owner of Coffee And Kink, who has compiled a very extensive list of festive travel essentials.

Firstly, it’s nice to see that Amy has been following my approach to December, which is to acknowledge Christmas as most people’s focal holiday, but also to try and keep in mind that there are other holidays that occur in December and count as ‘festive’.

Amy also takes the time to share a bit of what she’s up to, which I think y’all know I value by now. It’s nice to know what we’re all looking forward to.

As for her list? It’s comprehensive, well-considered, and gives an explanation for each item she is taking which acts as prompts for the reader to consider their own collection, in addition to allowing for travel recommendations. Amy really has considered everything and, after reading this post, so will you.

That being said Christmas Eve might mean this recommendation is just a tad late to be useful, but psh! I can’t overlook how useful this post was, not just for Christmas but for any travel.

Our Review: Tantus Echo Soft by A Husband’s Passion

Echo, echo, echo….

My, those echos really do travel far, don’t they? Anyways, on to the feature.

I like Tantus toys. I like them a lot. But I’m also aware that Tantus toys can sometimes be polarizing among reviewers and buyers. Many people adore the Tantus ethos (and BDSM range) but others struggle to find a Tantus dildo that they truly love outside of a select few. Because of this it’s always interesting to see what reviewers think of a Tantus toy, and A Husband’s Passion’s review is no exception, especially considering this is a toy I haven’t personally reviewed myself.

A Husband’s Passion gives a good explanation of the Tantus Soft range before getting in to their review of the Echo Soft. I like this sort of detailing because it gives people a sense of the adult industry. Toys don’t exist in a continuum: They’re made by companies with a long-standing history, which have usually been appraised and experienced by multiple people, who then share their experiences and things continue from there.

It helps to give this sense of a connection (or the potential for a connection) for anyone buying sex toys, in addition to the importance of looking in to toys before a purchase, because, as A Husband’s Passion makes clear, there’s just so much more behind every creation.

Perhaps that was a bit of a tangent revelation but it’s what really made this review stand out for me this week, so here we are. Enjoy!

The DoDil – Design Your Own Dildo by Little Switch Bitch

The photos in this review alone are more than enough to give this amazing review a place on my list.

Just stop reading this and click the review link now – click it and then come back. I’ll wait.


Images asides, Little Switch Bitch has given a very extensive, beautifully structured, and intriguing documentation of her time with the DoDil and the many creations her brilliant mind conceived.

The DoDil is basically a ‘design your own dildo’ premise and mine arrived a few days ago, so expect my opinions soon.

This was part of the reason that I was interested in this review and, seeing Little Switch Bitch give this product her sex toy of the year award has left me incredibly intrigued.

Time to get testing…after one last look at those photos.

12 Days of Girly Juice 2017: 4 Fun Events by Girly Juice

I’ll admit that this feature has a bit of self-interest to it, mainly because it mentions Woodhull.

You may or may not know this but I was Girly Juice’s roomie during Woodhull…As much as could be.

We were running on completely different time-zones/sleep patters so most of the time I would wake and sneak out before the gorgeous Girly Juice has arisen and she would equally tip-toe in (or saunter with ultimate femme swagger, I can only guess) after I was dead to the world.

But the time that we did spend together was good and, reading yet another example of Girly Juice’s so-very-her writing, I was instantly brought back to those moments.

A highlight for me had to be offering tea while Kate was exploring some anal adventures, because no impromptu anal/spanking parties is complete without a little with or Earl (or Lady) Grey. But I digress.

You always know you’re in for something great when you venture on to the Girly Juice blog, so click that link alongside all the others.

You never know: I might just send a celebratory tea (or an astral spanking) your way as a symbol of my gratitude.

Aaaand that’s all for now!

Please do enjoy Christmas tomorrow (if you celebrate) and find the time to rest, recover, and recharge those creative batteries.

This time of year is so great for a personal reboot, and I know we’ll see so many awesome things as winter moves to spring. And, as usual, you can expect me to share any greatness I encounter, because (despite what Twitter may think) sex writers deserve to have their shit shared.