Article: What I Plan To Do This Christmas

Hello my lovely readers!

It’s almost Christmas and I am excited as all hell.

As shocking as is sounds, this is the last article scheduled on Emmeline Peaches Reviews before Christmas Day (my family’s chosen holiday of choice, alongside my own personal observances) and I just can’t believe what a year this has been.

What have we had? The fallout of Brexit, the reality of President Trump, wars against Net Neutrality, a period of time where terrorist attacks seemed like a daily thing, sexual assault allegations en masse, the deaths of some truly great individuals, and so much more.

On a personal level I have overcome two mental illnesses only to succumb to one other this year, I have taken on and ended what was my second relationship ever, and I have broken free from the abusive nature of my 11-year long primary relationship and had to deal with that trauma.

However, I have also successful completed a PhD, found eating disorder recovery, been met with many professional successes, worked with some amazing people, magazines, and companies, spoken at Eroticon, attended the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, run a marathon, raised more money for charity than I could have ever hoped and, last weekend I graduated surrounded by family, love, and a strong sense of self-worth and affirmation.

In short, I feel like a rock star.

That’s not to rub anything in, nor is it to downplay the many pains I (and others) have felt this year. 2017 has been fucking rough and I am very ready to have a week off where I relax with my family and friends.

Don’t worry – you’ll still be getting daily content – but it is my immense hope that I will have powered through this week in order to make sure I have that content scheduled for you in a nice, neat row. But, this might have you thinking, what exactly does a Peach do when she’s not spamming her keyboard with smutty thoughts as swiftly as her fingering fingers will allow?

That’s what I’m planning to share with you today.

I have no idea if this article will be of any interest to you but, full disclosure, writing it out is good motivation to let me know what I’m looking forward to during this turbo-work week, as well as acting as an affirmation for self-care, and a little insight in to my festive season.

So, here are just a few things I am hoping to do over the Christmas week (25-31 to be precise).

Trying This Whole ‘Relaxing’ Thing

I struggle immensely with relaxation.

How do?

In between being a workaholic and a recovering binge eater (nothing to do…how can we fill the time? I know: Food!) I really just don’t get how people can simply sit/lie on their sofa, all huddled up and just go full (or even just partial) passive mode.

I’m still at a point in my life where I almost always have to be doing something, otherwise I just feel antsy, unproductive, and distressed. I even bring a Rubik’s cube in to the cinema with me, because watching a full feature without something to fiddle with is just not an option right now.

And so, over Christmas, I’m going to (hopefully) let the fatigue of 2017 hit me and just listen to my body as I slump down lovingly on my parent’s sofa, laze, relax and act without commitment or an agenda, and even take naps if needed.

I know – naps- unheard of!

My hope is that I will be able to recapture the ability to do this naturally, which I did used to have.

No – I will never reach (nor do I want to reach) Homer Simpson levels of zen, but recently I have been making relaxation a forced priority and, I’ve got to admit, I like what I’ve experienced so far.

Here’s to the blanket fort!

Reading More

My reading list is kind of ridiculous, as well as being ridiculously eclectic.

If you don’t know what this is from: Wishbone. Look it up.

I have priority book stacks, reserve book stacks, post-completing-the-priority-and-reserve-book-stack book stacks. These books span fitness, sex, relationships, veganism, and just compelling fiction (like Lincoln In The Bardo or the pre-Fifteen Dogs from my beloved Andre Alexis).

That’s not to mention audio books.

My aspiration is to at least make a dent in the priority pile. Some of those books are necessary reads for my own personal development, and some are gifts that will benefit my mental well being. I adore reading and I am doing myself a disservice by not curling up with more literature.

Besides, it kind of sits nicely with my above aspiration, don’t you think?

Enjoy Time With My Family

I adore my family, and it’s so rare that I go to the family home and get to spend some quality time with them. As such, I’m looking forward to it immensely.

It’s Ohana time.

I want to have those moments of banter, the little things, such as a small smile, or the offer of a cup of tea. I want to snuggle up with my puppy, and hear my Nan complain about how he’s a nuisance. And, oh my days, I cannot wait until the people I love the most open their presents.

I enjoy giving gifts much more than I do receiving them. I can’t help it. Any excuse to make people happy, and to see that happiness, it just fills me with an insurmountable glee.

Also there are parody presents included, which are always ace.

Oh, and Christmas games.

The cringe will be real people.

And, finally…something you may digitally spank my receptive posterior over…

Write Articles

Don’t judge me until you’ve read this point.

I have reasons to be a type-y pup, I promise.

I adore writing for Emmeline Peaches Reviews. It is my passion project 100% and I love bringing you content so much….but I’m also aware that I have a growing list of other articles that I want to write for other projects and publications that I’m currently letting slip.

I’m planning on 2018 being a year of expansion because, although I’m not a size queen by nature, I believe that going big is possible. And, in order to achieve this, I kind of need a little mini-writing retreat to reboot my creative batteries. So why not Christmas?

And, as I’ve said before, the Christmas week is going to be completely non-commitment, which means that I am not going to write a schedule, nor put pressure on myself, nor sacrifice the above in order to emphasize this point.

I’m simply going to enjoy the week with my family and myself and see where that takes me.

Oh, and eat a ton of veggies…responsibly, of course.

So, those are some of my plans for this festive season. What are yours? Please let me know in the comment section if you wish, or on Twitter (coz we all know Twitter is better. I’m under no pretenses there).

Whatever you’re doing please have a wonderful time and I really hope that 2018 can bring hope, optimism, and growth for you.

Until the next review (so tomorrow),