Product Review: The Hand Pilot Recreation Pilot Pack

When it comes to sexual experiences a lot of us are frequent flyers (whether solo or with other ‘passengers’ sharing our experience with us).

That being said, it’s sometimes easy to follow the same flight path over and over, which is fine and certainly has its place – if you veer off path (especially without experience or planning) then the results may be less than ideal. But it’s also nice to try new things and pursue different sexual retreats from time-to-time. So, how does one manage this in a safe, reliable, and regular manner?

There are a few options available to such individuals. One is to go to a sex store and look around, ask the staff, get opinions, and create a selection based on your interaction (or browsing). Another is to go to an online adult store and look at their best sellers and sample packs and create your experience from there. But there are problems with both of these approaches.

If you’re an introvert (or just very busy) you may not want to go to a sex store, even if you try to keep mainly to yourself while there. Staff interactions might leave you feeling pressured in to sales you’re not sure on, or you may feel overwhelmed by the selection.

If shopping makes you feel like this then going to buy a sex toy selection in a store might not be right for you.

Equally, going to a huge online retailer can be like throwing yourself in the ocean when you’re just learning to swim. It’s a huge pool of possibilities which can be daunting, confusing, and sometimes even dangerous (toxic toys can be ‘best sellers’ and often are, due to their low price).

Plus sometimes it’s really nice to add a sense of mystery and excitement to the experience. Trying something new becomes even more thrilling if you’re not entirely sure what’s in store. Adrenaline comes in to play and you get that ‘Christmas gift’ sensation as you discover what you might be in store for. But this just isn’t really possible with a general online store purchase, because (unless you go for a mystery box, which not all companies have) chances are you’ve got a good idea of what you’re getting, even if you’ve never used it before.

This is where subscription serices such as The Hand Pilot come in to play.

About The Hand Pilot

The Hand Pilot approached me for a review of their services for one reason -they wanted an honest and extensive appraisal of what they were offering. They made it very clear from the start that they were focused on getting things right for their customers, so they wanted to know if everything they brought together (the products, the presentation, the pricing) was up to scratch.

This, to me, says everything you need to know about The Hand Pilot.

When a company comes to you raving about their product and just wants to send you something so you can affirm their pre-existing confidence then there’s often a sense of arrogance involved, but when a company is like ‘look, we’ve got a service we want to provide to people and we want to do it right, give us all the feedback you can’ then you know that the company is invested, interested in improvement, and seriously concerned with customer satisfaction.

The service that The Hand Pilot provides, as you’ve probably guessed by now, is subscription boxes.

For a certain amount of money (depending on which package you choose) The Hand Pilot will send you a selection of items, catered to either Solo or Co-Pilot play.

I love the aesthetics of The Hand Pilot.

The items will always be curated to work well either together or independently and will be above the value of the subscription itself if purchased individually at RRP.

Selecting the plan you want is easily done through their site, which has a flight-based theme that I absolutely adore. Aviation, especially the retro kind, has a certain feel to it that I think appeals very well to our inherent nostalgia and The Hand Pilot have grasped that propeller firmly and really claimed their brand.

The Hand Pilot sent me a Recreation Pilot Pack, keeping accessibility and lower price ranges in mind (again, a great example of their customer awareness) and it arrived to me promptly. But just how good was it? Let’s dive in to the details.

The Hand Pilot Recreation Pilot Pack

The Hand Pilot Recreation Pack retails at $19.99 and comes in a lovely storage bag. The bag itself has a natural feel to it, looks pretty eco-friendly (a plus for me) and is also a hedgehog magnet.

That last part probably isn’t a mandatory aspect of storage bags but, rather, something I found out by mistake when I placed the bag on the side and soon heard my then free-roaming hedgehog Sniffles annointing with extreme approval. But I digress.

This bag is something I approve of.

Information provided in my Hand Pilot Recreation Pack informed me that the items included came to $24.99 in total value, which isn’t a massive saving on a single purchase, but sure does add up when you consider that is is a monthly service. A 20% voucher was also provided for in-store purchases, potentially leading to even more savings.

The information given with the Hand Pilot Recreation Pack comes in the form of a lovely little card with The Hand Pilot branding and, again, has a lovely retro feel to it. On this card you get told exactly what’s in your pack and given a little sentence-long appraisal of each item.

I adore this approach from The Hand Pilot, especially given what is typically included in the Recreation Pilot Pack as standard. That being:

A Masturbator Sleeve (valued at $9.99+)

Powererect Cream

TSA-approved Lubricant

A Cock Ring

A Condom

TSA-approved toy cleaner

5-7 pillow packs of lubricant

Notice, here, the inclusion of three near-vital items for anyone’s toy box: Lubricant, a safer sex barrier, and a cleaner to allow you to maintain proper hygiene. The Hand Pilot’s priorities are 100% on point in this regard and the products selected were of a reasonably high quality.

Take, for example, the lubricants, which were mostly silicone-based, allowing people to avoid many of the nasty chemicals that can be in some water-based lubricants. Granted, I couldn’t call this pack entirely compatible with all users – mainly because those with sensitive skin will probably not get along with the Powererect Cream and the few menthol-based lubricant sachets included – but there are enough options to allow beginners to play with their bodies and really get to know what works and what doesn’t.

The card included (That condom info tho).

The condom selected was a Sir Richard’s Ultra Thin and, when I saw this, I literally went Cheshire Cat mode. Sir Richard’s is a very popular brand and are, among other things, 100% vegan. They are also very highly rated, meaning that The Hand Pilot have done their research well in terms of potential user satisfaction. It’s clear from these selections that the Hand Pilot Recreation Pack is all about trying to create an optimal experience for its users, not just getting in those subscription box dollas (we’ve all seen a gimmicky subscription box service that just wasn’t worth the investment).

The masturbation sleeve included was a Screaming O Jackits Sleeve, which has good texture but did make me wince a little. Screaming O’s use of the word SEBS to describe their material has been controversial in the past and, although Screaming O do represent a potentially positive change in the adult industry, a sex toy product not made from non-porous material does mean that, over time, the sleeve and cock ring included in this pack will get some wear and tear. They will also need diligent cleaning before and after use. But, seeing as The Hand Pilot actively advocate for this, and that non-porous masturbator sleeves are rarer and tend to cost more, I’m generally okay with this selection.

The sleeve included has a lovely texture to it and isn’t too tight, cumbersome, or confusing for users (making it great for most potential users). It could also be potentially flipped inside out and used in other creative ways, should users wish.

My favorites from this pack.

The cock ring, sadly, wasn’t as good – as it was too tight for my testing partner and generally provided minimal sensation or impact (outside of pain). Cock rings are a tricky add-on to crack, and I think this is something The Hand Pilot will have to consider when going forward. They clearly tried their hardest – selecting a ring made of a stretchy material – but larger users may still feel left out. This could be said for the condom too, and I wonder if an XL option could be devised in future.

In terms of the potential for a good time, the Hand Pilot Recreation Pack is a pack that has a few one-off items (condom, lube sachets) but also has enough to provide multiple play sessions (cock ring, sleeve, toy cleaner) and the items included naturally come together to easily guide you through how to best use them.

I presented part of the pack to a handy-dandy assistant of mine (because one doesn’t need all that lube in a single session) and he was impressed. Cock ring issues aside, he found the sleeve to be delightful, the lubricant to work well with it, the delay cream easy to apply and effective at its job, and the orgasm at the end very gratifying. Granted, I had given him a fair bit of inspiration prior to sending him off to do his testing duties, but a little supplementary material is never a bad thing.

In terms of downsides, I think they’re what you’d expect from a subscription box (even a good one). Naturally, you won’t necessarily like everything included, meaning that some people might see it as a bit of a poor investment. I think the best way to appraise this is to consider just what portion of the pack you know you’ll benefit form. If you can see yourself using a sleeve, the lubricant, the toy cleaner, and the cream then the fact that the cock ring might not be of interest won’t be too bad. If, however, you dislike lubricant, use your own toy cleaner, and don’t really like delay creams, then you might suddenly find that the perks of the pack are out weighed for you.

Some people might just dislike subscription boxes too, and prefer full control of their items. If that’s the case then no sweat – The Hand Pilot has a store for other items – but it does mean investing in their primary service probably isn’t the right option.

I was also a bit concerned about the fact that the Co-Pilot set seems to be mainly heterosexual – excluding queer individuals – but the proposed roster at all levels seems like it would work with all bodies, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Good job The Hand Pilot!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very pleased with the Hand Pilot Recreation Pack and feel like it packs in a lot of play and exploration potential for the $19.99 price that it retails at.

The Hand Pilot seem very invested in customer satisfaction, meaning that if you try the box and have some pointers I’m sure they’d be happy to listen to them.

As for my experience, I was very pleased when I opened my pack and, although I wouldn’t use or advocate for every item being used in every instance (size and sensitivity being the main factors in this) I would still highly recommend it.

Recommend to:

Beginners to sexual exploration.

Busy people who want to try new things.

People who like a surprise.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like to buy their own products.

People with sensitive skin.

People who dislike subscription boxes.

The Hand Pilot Recreation Pack was provided to me by The Hand Pilot in exchange for an honest review.