#SoSS Roundup: Family Connect (But Still Sharing Sex)

Sharing our shit in the adult blogging community is heckuva important right now. If you’re not sure why check out my original #SoSS post.

Oh my gosh guys, can you believe it – I’m in London again!

This is what happens when your family lives all over the place. But, hey, as travel goes there are much worst places than London, plus I can’t wait to see my niece and nephew (and Star Wars…that’s another perk).

Me screaming my excitement.

As a personal update I also graduated yesterday, so I’m sure you’ll see at least one picture on social media of me in a silly floppy hat, just in case that’s your kink.

But this isn’t about me – this is about the amazing sex-centric content that my fellow bloggers have posted this week.

So allow me to bring to you some of the posts that I’ve enjoyed the most this week.

Purple Heart Review by The Oooh! Review

Believe it or not, I had no idea that The Oooh! Review existed until #SoSS, which just goes to show how important the initiative is, even among veterans of the community.

But, now that I have discovered them, I’ve found myself immediately impressed by their honesty, professionalism, and ethos.

Just check this little tidbit out:

Having four children 3 girls and 1 boy i hope to bring them up with as much knowledge on the subject as is appropriate. I don’t want them thinking Sex is a taboo subject. I want my son to know how to treat women right with care and love. I want my daughters to know that Sex is natural and that they should always feel empowered and not shy to speak their minds.

Pure kissing-the-air-Italian-style magic.

And the Purple Heart Review got my attention for two reasons. The fist was that I’ve been trying the Rocks-Off ranges recently, so I was interested in someone else’s opinion. The second was the way that Kinky C (the founder and primary author of The Oooh! Review) honestly disclosed their affiliations and the key facts of their review straight up front.

Both of these things got my strong opinion and make this review (and reviewer) one to watch.

The one big downside? I can’t see a single one of the images! Fix this, Kinky C, and this Peach will be happy.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review by Candy Snatch Reviews

People who frequent adult social media communities probably know why I’ve featured this one.

Although the Hot Octopuss represents a fascinating turn in approaches to female pleasure (and pleasure devices) it’s also been considered more of a miss than a hit. Some reviewers even downright hate this bee, which may not buzz but still stings when it comes to expectation vs. reality.

But Candy Snatch Reviews represents a proudly dissenting voice, letting their appreciation for the Queen Bee be known (alongside exactly why they hold this view).

I personally love a diversity of opinions among the adult community. If I write a review saying that I adore a toy and suddenly someone says that it’s shit in their review then I couldn’t be giddier. It means that people can see a diversity of experiences, opinions, and views.

Candy Snatch is also a top notch reviewer, so it’s always nice to read one of their reviews.

A review to view for sure.

Commotion Samba by I Dream of Gia

I Dream of Gia does short reviews, which isn’t something I typically appreciate.

For relatively new reviewers I always advice trying to expand the comprehensive nature of one’s reviews and that usually involves boosting the word count.

As a bit of free advice, the bare minimum I think someone who wants to review sex toys should cover are:

An introduction.

The specifications of a toy (packaging, key features, material, measurements if important, design, etc.).

The objective positives.

The personal experience.

The objective negatives.

A conclusion.

Not necessarily in that order, though it is how I roll.

However, just as product reviews that dissent from the consensus are valuable, so are those that confirm the feelings and experiences that someone else has had. I recently reviewed the Commotion Rhumba, and found it to be dreadful. I wondered if the Sumba was the same but couldn’t personally comment. Thankfully I Dream of Gia confirms my suspicions with their review.

But, more than just a feature, I would love to present this as a moment of ‘one blogger talking to another’ in terms of how to move forward with reviewing.

Many people are going to love the very brief style of I Dream of Gia, but I think that IDoG could also benefit from playing with other approaches.

Either way it was nice to have a direct and affirming article to read this week, and so is worth advocating.

Review: Sliquid Swirl Tangerine Peach & Blackberry Fig by Princess Previews

This review is a celebration as well as one worth featuring due to content because, huzzah and hooray, Princess Previews is back with their first review since October.

I personally love Princess Previews. Their style is Sailor Moon levels of amazing, their writing is clear and concise, and their insights leave me feeling confident of their experience in giving accurate representations of the adult products they sample.

This review is no exception and addresses one product I have reviewed and one that I’m dying to try.

As you can probably guess, I’m not a fan of saying too much about the content for any of the posts I recommend, and that’s because I want you to go and read the post.

So please do just that and help everyone in this post thrive. I know they’ll greatly appreciate it.

And that’s where I’ll leave things for now.

As you can see, I went review-reading crazy this week. It’s lovely to highlight other reviewers so I’m so glad to see that we’re a thriving community.

Please help our community grow and flourish with your support!