Toy Review: The So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit

You think I’d learn when it comes to rabbit vibrators and my anatomy, but no.

How rabbits fit me is only part of the equation, after all, what matters is that many people have very positive results with rabbits, which means that I would be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t appraise these items on their own terms.

Besides, this is yet another heated vibrator, which means i’m pretty much always going to be like ‘Yes please’ when it comes to trying it.

The So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit

Why is heat so important in a sex toy? Well, fundamentally it’s not. I would never call heat essential but, then again, I would rarely call sex toys essential either. However, heat in a sex toy is an entirely new type of play sensation, making it a naturally transformative element in the sex toy experience.

Warming toys are always going to get my attention.

When we insert a sex toy in to our bodies there is typically a temperature difference, and our body notices that difference. How each body reacts to that difference is very dependent on the user but it can make a drastic difference. This is because our body will have a natural preference to certain sensations, including temperature, and when we find that sweet spot then we know it.

Think of it like the difference between having a freshly prepared hot chocolate and one that has been allowed to cool down to room temperature (or, conversely, an ice cold Coke compared to a lukewarm one). Technically the drink itself hasn’t changed – the ingredients are exactly the same, the taste is the same, as is its composition – but with the simple change of temperature the entire experience of whether or not we enjoy these drinks is drastically changed. Very few of us are going to get the same pleasure from a tepid cup of cocoa that we do from one that warms our throat as it slides into our body with its chocolate goodness.

The same applies to sex toys and, once you realize this, then the value of temperature-considerate toys becomes much higher.

In the case of the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit this toy aims to maintain a temperature of 37-38 degrees Celsius. This is the same temperature zone as the average human body temperature, which means that this toy essentially merges with the body during use, and allows for a sense of unity between user and pleasure object. The average human body temperature is 37 and 38 degrees would be considered a temperature in the body, so going a degree above can make a massive difference too, meaning that, rather than just innocuously blending in, the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit blends while also creating enough disparity to make its warmth noticeable and pleasure augmenting.

This increase in temperature also means that the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit might provide a little bit of a soothing sensation for those in the later stages of Vaginismus dilation, and those with Vulvodynia, though this will be unique to the user.

But enough about why heat is so great in a toy, let’s look at the rest of the specifications.

The So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit is a pretty standard rabbit design, looking very similar to the Lelo Ina. However, unlike the Ina, So Divine have opted to make their clitoral arm very flexible and their shaft minimally flexible, which allows people to play around more with angles and creates a higher success rate for comfortable clit contact.

In my review of the SenseVibe Warm I noted how it’s bendable ‘yoga’ design for the internal arm meant that you couldn’t put as much pressure on the G-Spot as you might like, so i’m grateful that So Divine haven’t fallen in to the same trap. Sure, the internal arm has a bit of budge, but it’s nowhere near as drastic, meaning it’s not a hindrance at all during use.

The clit section isn’t bad, even if it’s not for me.

The internal shaft of this toy is about 4.5 intertible inches and has a maximum circumference of 4.5 inches, making it accessible for most users. The clitoral arm is 2 inches in practical length and is nicely broad and somewhat flat, allowing it to rest on the vulva in the most comfortable way possible. The internal arm has a nice tapered tip and then bulges out with a curve, which is a tried-and-tested design for success and the entire product is coated in phthalate-free, body-safe, easy-to-clean matte silicone.

This silicone has a nice velvety drag to it, which enhances its capabilities during use but some other reviewers have found that its a lint magnet. I’ve had no such issue with my toy but this is something worth taking in to consideration. Thankfully this toy is 100% waterproof, making cleaning that mess off a whole lot easier. For those who love a nice warm bath I can only imagine what this warming toy feels like while used in a hot bubble bath. Just remember to bring some durable non-silicone lube, because bath water and draggy sex toys aren’t exactly an ideal match.

There are five buttons on the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit control panel but they are incredibly easy to navigate and help intuitively work through the functions. The central button is an on/off button only and has a press and hold delay for use, meaning you’ll never accidentally turn your toy off mid-use. Then you have a + and – button, one to turn the heat on and off and one to control this toy’s 7 pulsating patterns. In addition to the patterns this toy ha 3 different vibration intensities, which is a bit limiting for a toy of this type but I’ll let it slide because I feel like the intensities provided are adequate.

This toy is very easy to control.

Let’s get this out of the way right now: Clitoral arms on rabbits are never as strong, deep, or effective as the internal shaft, and the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit is no exception. While the clitoral shaft on the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit provides some pretty commendable smooth semi-buzz vibrations (with more strength then I expected) they’re still shallower than the deep, buzz-rumble combination of the internal shaft, which steals the show.

When used clitorally, this internal shaft’s streamlined buzz is more apparent than it is during internal use, but the toy is no less deep nor effective for this. I have climaxed multiple times using the internal shaft on my clit, and have even done so when I had rumbly toys inserted (which would usually steal the show and, consequently, my orgasm) which bodes very well for this toy.

When used internally, however, this toy really does come in to its own and it’s all intense rumble all the time. During this use the buzzy undertones, much like the heat, merge in to a complimentary aspect of toy’s performance and created strong, abiding, effective orgasms which hit and stimulate the G-Spot with the masterful precision of an arrow fired by Robin Hood.

In summary, i’m a fan.

This toy is USB rechargeable and comes with a storage bag for extra perks.

But what about the downsides?

Well, the most obvious ones are personal preference.

If you dislike rabbit vibrators then you probably won’t get all of the benefits from this vibrator, which means that you might be better off investing in a warming vibrator without a clitoral prong. I don’t believe that So Divine provides this option yet, but my advice for them would be to do so, because I know there would be a market for such a product.

That being said, not everyone likes heat. Some people would take a cold Coke over a warm hot chocolate any day of the week and, similarly, some people prefer cooling sensations (or no temperature variation) from their toys. If this is you then you can rejoice in the fact that this toy doesn’t have to be warm – it’s an additional feature – but what’s the point of getting a heating toy if you don’t use the heat? The answer is ‘enjoying every other aspect of the toy’ but that is something you’ll have to weight up if making a purchase of the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit.

Final Thoughts

Objective downsides are minimal for the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit and really only comes down to the fact that it has a magnetic charge point (which can be flimsy).

At the end of the day, rabbits are not my strong suit, but this toy is an effective, interesting, and well-executed rabbit and I did have an orgasm with this toy every time I used it (even if my uses are often unconventional).

This toy has also worked well for reviewers who enjoy rabbits and I urge you to check out their reviews too.

Despite my personal preferences I feel confident in recommending the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit and i’m firmly in the camp that heated toys are an asset in the bedroom.

I mean, who doesn’t have a cocoa craving every once in a while?

Recommend to:

People who like strong rabbits.

People who like warming sensations.

People who like flexible clit shafts.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike heat.

People who dislike rabbits.

People who need the clit shaft stronger than the internal one.

The So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit was provided to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review.