#SoSS Roundup: Bristol Bound, And Bounding With Shit To Share

It’s Saturday again and you know what that means: Time to Share our Shit! 

Mind you, if you are completely out of the loop about what the heck this is all about then check out this post first and then come back. There are wonderful offerings here for your to enjoy. 

I am a very busy Peach this December, as I’m sure we all are.

Today I’m at a vegan festival in Bristol. Come join me if you can, but if not don’t worry. I’m still here for you.

The end of the year has a certain way of making us all busy as shit while simultaneously telling us that we should be sitting back and relaxing more. Pick one December: You can’t have it both ways!

As a big self-care fan, I like to encourage the latter (even if I’m naturally inclined to follow the former) and so consider this your weekly reminder that, yes, even though you’re busy you can take the time to sit down with a nice warm beverage, perch in your favourite position, and just take a breather for a while. Because I have curated what I believe to be some of the best posts of the week for you to have a relaxed read through, eliminating any need to stress or frantically scroll through your various social media feeds trying to locate something to match your mood.

So sit back and relax while we look at what the many creators in the adult community have provided us with this week and, remember, finding space for your own interests among the chaos of life is always important.

Mantric Rabbit Vibrator Review by Petra Pan

I tried out the Mantric G-Spotting toy and really liked it but, even though rabbits aren’t always my jam, I’ll admit that I’m sad I didn’t also get to try out this bad boy for you guys.

Thankfully Petra Pan is here (via Random Red Rose) to give this mood changing sex toy their official opinion.

Random Red Rose is great too, but this guest review is just a joy to read and it’s nice to get some insights in to a toy I want. After all, isn’t that what reviews are all about?

Supporting Feminist Sex Shops Under the Trump Administration by Formidable Femme

Formidable Femme spent a lot of time and effort on this post, and it really shows.

Like Trump (why?) or hate him, there’s no doubting that his presidency has had a huge impact on the lives of sex-aware, LGBTQ, and liberal or marginalized individuals, and that this means that support networks for such individuals are more important than ever.

Formidable Femme underpins this in her latest essay and presents an inspiring and well-informed call-to-arms for those who believe that action is an important part of resistance.

Please do check out this inspiring post.

4 Reasons Why I Love Sharing Nudes With My Friends by Mx Nillin

While I din’t explicitly send nudes of myself to my friends, I do have a Insta account that many of my friends have access to and which I’m very *ahem* boob-happy on.

Because of this I was personally interested in hearing what Mx Nillin had to say about sharing nudes with your friends in their latest article.

I won’t ruin the entire article (which comes with some very sexy shots, I might have) but, the summary is that having a supportive and receptive group of friends to share nudes with can be an amazing health and educational too and I thoroughly agree. Perhaps It’s time I got a bit more explicit with my shares.

Are Asexual People Queer? by Ace In The Hole

I’m a huge fan of etymology, sematics, and identity politics. I’m also openly queer, and I use the term pretty liberally and proudly.

Thus Ace in the Hole’s latest post really interested me.

I was fascinated to read someone’s thoughts about whether ‘queer’ was an appropriate term for all, especially when it comes to gender vs. sexuality, and found the use of the dictionary and historical definition of ‘queer’ to be of great interest.

Language is constantly in flux, but just because we can change or adapt different words to meet different needs should we?

Read Ace in the Hole’s stance and come up with your own thoughts along the way.

Sex toy review: Rianne S Xena Heating Rabbit Vibrator by Isabelle Lauren

 A rabbit that doesn’t go for ‘one size fits all’ and comes with a bracelet? Sign me up!

In all seriousness, though, this is a great review from Isabelle, who recounts their experiences with their first rabbit with all the professionalism I would expect from a reviewer of their caliber.

It’s not always easy trying something new, by Isabelle does a great job in still maintaining their role as an authority figure among the sex toy community. Plus this toy comes with a bracelet. Just sayin.

And that’s all for this week! Please do check these amazing people out, browse their content, and follow them on Twitter. God knows we’d be nowhere without the support of you lovely people. 

  • Mx Nillin

    Thank you so much for the share and the kind words! Was also great discovering some pieces that I had missed earlier in the month. Definitely appreciate all your effort with these #SoSS roundups!