Product Review: The Love Layla Christmas Wrapping Paper Range

Love Layla have a bunch of different offers on right now and, with Christmas close approaching, there’s no better time to be nabbing up a bargain.

This year I was super-efficient (or perhaps neurotic) and made sure that I had purchased and wrapped all my presents by the 1st December which, on the one hand, was great. But, on the other, it has left me in a bit of a lamented state, because now that I know Love Layla exists there is a strong desire to just rip all the wrapping paper off of all my gifts and rewrap them just for the chance to call all of my relatives ‘Tinsel Tits’.

Yes. That is now something we can do, thanks to the glory that is Love Layla.

The Love Layla Christmas Wrapping Paper Range

The Love Layla Christmas Wrapping Paper Range is not as extensive as their Christmas card selection, but it is still in keeping with Love Layla’s sense of humor and dedication to quality.

Currently there are two Love Layla wrapping papers that can be considered strictly for Christmas. There are the Christmas Wanker wrapping paper and the Tinsel Tits paper, because of course. These wrapping papers retail at £4.25 with free UK first class delivery, which gives you an idea of the sort of wrapping paper you’re dealing with.

This is some fancy paper.

This is not the type of wrapping paper you grab in a hasty last-minute haze from Poundland. It’s not something that you give to just anyone. It takes a special someone to earn the title of ‘Christmas Wanker’ and this paper is reserved for the select few that make the cut.

In other words, it’s a luxury item.

When I think of the Love Layla Christmas Wrapping Paper I think of those little corners in high-priced card and gift stores where the wrapping paper has been lovingly placed in individual sheets on its own rack, or has been allowed to lay flat in a segmented shelving system specifically designed for its existence. Because luxury paper dare not tread among the common wrappery (she says, putting on the most haughty and overexaggerated posh aristocratic accent she can).

But, here’s the thing: Wrapping paper can only be so ‘fancy’ when it’s greeting someone with the phrase ‘tinsel tits’ so the Love Layla wrapping paper is a nice intermediary between ‘I wanted to get you some really special wrapping paper’ and ‘but we both know you’re still a twat’, again, proving just how British Love Layla is as a company.

The wrapping paper itself comes in a little plastic envelope, which keeps it safe during its journey to your house. Mine arrived ridiculously fast (next day) and I feel confident that Love Layla does their best to make sure that everyone gets their delivery in a similarly prompt manner (though the UK postal service has their part to play).

For £4.25 you get 1 sheet of wrapping paper which is A1 – that is to say 841mm x 594mm folded flat to 210 x 148mm.

Up close this paper looks great (photos don’t do it justice).

Up close and personal the Love Layla Christmas Paper is very well printed and designed. There is no pixilation on the paper, as you might expect with other online companies, and the print itself is clean, crisp, and vibrant.

I got given the Tinsel Tits paper and the font chosen for it adds character while also being very easy to read.

Fun fact: When it comes to typography most publications have universally agreed that serif-based typeface (such as Times New Roman, Courier, etc.) are easier for people to read, but studies have suggested that sans-serif fonts (such as Arial and Helvetica) are considered more visually appealing compared to serif fonts (although the overall difference is negligible).

Both Love Layla designs have opted for a sans-serif typeface, opting for visual appeal, but clarity isn’t lacking, as the design is large enough to be easily read by most.

As for the idea that sans-serif is more visually appealing? I typically disagree from a personal preference, but Love Layla is where I make an exception. The fonts used for this wrapping paper are beautifully striking and have been further jazzed up with additional design features, such as certain colours, patters within the words, and (in the case of my Tinsel Tits) come with illustrations that work to compliment the font.

But enough about font design, how does the paper feel and function?

Love Layla is better at wrapping than me (trust me).

This paper has a thick matte surface to it, which I was not expecting at all upon receiving it. Call me a basic ass bitch, but I am the type of personally who usually only uses cheap wrapping paper purchased in bulk. As such I’m used to semi-glossy, flimsy-as-all-hell wrapping paper.

Taking my Tinsel Tits paper out of its plastic sleeve I literally went ‘ooooh’ as I felt and unfolded it. I kept on expecting it to buckle in under my touch, or keep on folding out until it was really, really thing, but that didn’t happen. Instead I was presented with an incredibly durable, lusciously decadent wrapping paper that I was tempted to use as a Christmas poster rather than Christmas wrapping paper.

But, alas, I am a reviewer, and so I had to chop away some of this gorgeous offering to actually wrap something. I weep for my beloved Tinsel Tits.

In this task, the wrapping paper was outstanding too. Folding this paper is so easy, so intuitive, and so naturally supported by the paper’s material choice that you feel like a wrapping pro even if you usually default to gift bags for fear of mucking up anything more advanced.

The only downside I can really give for this paper is the price. I know this item isn’t something I can use for every present but, god damn, it’s so effective that I want to. In short this wrapping paper has ruined me for all other wrapping papers, and no other gift wrapping experience will ever be the same again.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully, if you do want to try this paper out but don’t have much in the way of spare cash (because, let’s face it, the presents that we intent to wrap and wallet-draining enough as it is) then rejoice in the fact that (at the time of review publication) Love Layla has an offer on their paper if you buy some cards from them. And, trust me, their cards are also well worth the investment.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the Love Layla wrapping paper and just wish that they had more designs on offer. I know I’d certainly nab a few wrapping papers if they used a few of the card designs, and the idea of matching paper and card is pretty rad if you ask me, but I digress.

If you know someone who will appreciate the humor of Love Layla and you want to treat them then this wrapping paper will be perfect for you. Just be warned that it is an experience all its own, and will likely leave you looking as basic wrapping paper with even more disdain.

Recommend to:

People looking for luxury paper.

People who want insulting paper.

People who, like me, love the phrase Tinsel Tits.

Do Not Recommend to:

People wanting a bulk wrapping paper.

People who prefer not to wrap their presents at all.

People who haven’t got the right loved ones for this type of humor.

The Love Layla Christmas Wrapping Paper was given to me by Love Layla in exchange for an honest review.