Product Review: The AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel

I am no stranger to flavored lubricants.

By this point it’s probably a bit of a running gag among my friends just how much I love blowjobs (deep throating pun intended) and my oral enthusiasm about it (both verbally and…well…’in the field’).

It’s because of this that I consider myself to be somewhat of an oral lubricant connoisseur. I’ve tasted my fair share and my appraisal of them is quite strict.

Why? Because a shitty oral lubricant can and will turn some people off of blowjobs in general. Trust me: I used to be one of the people who hated oral because all I knew was pharmacy shelf oral brands that tasted like either intolerable chemicals, sugary betrayal, or both.

Through my transition I have tasted the best of the best, I’ve come to expect a whole lot more from oral lubes and, as such, I bring a lot to the table when trying a new one.

So, how did Meo’s own offering, the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel, meet with my discerning oral palette?

Read on to find out.

The AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel

Okay, so maybe I went a bit Anton Ego from Ratatouille in that opening there, but the fact still stands that we’re about to get extensive here, starting with the specifications.

The packaging is pretty standard.

The AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel is an oral and tactile offering from Meo, which is more suited to massage than use as something like a lubricant…and by ‘massage’ we’re talking strictly oral activity here.

Meo’s on site .gif for the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel is pretty clear about the localized use that they’re expecting their product will encourage, and I think this is wise.

In terms of ingredients the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel has the following breakdown:

Glycerin, Water, Propyleneglycol, Caramel E150, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Saccarin.

Which would be a terrible breakdown for a practical working massage oil intended for long sweeps and covering a lot of the body.

Glycerin is the main component in this breakdown which hinders it from such use, as it tends to mean that this product can be come sticky and draggy if given too much of a sweeping and sparing spread on the body. It’s much better, when using this gel, to work to its strengths and stick to smaller areas, such as feet, genitals, and other erogenous zones of interest. Full back massages will have to wait (which is probably okay, as I imagine there aren’t many people who were planning to have a full, intense, back licking session).

For smaller spreads, the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel does well. This is labelled as a ‘gel’ but it’s actually rather runny and velvety in consistency, making it much more akin in texture to oil, even though it is water-based.

Quite runny in consistency.

The squirty cap given to the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel means that you can spurt this gel out with all of the enthusiasm of a cock that’s coming and watch it eagerly drizzle down the body and splay off in to various directions as part of the fun. Alternatively you can gently squirt it out into your hand and then work from there, or any other preferred method.

It does, however, pay to keep in mind the natural enthusiasm of the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel if you’re hoping to keep composure when using it. My first try was in the passenger seat of a car and I was foolish enough to hold out a single finger for an initial appraisal. As a result it wasn’t just my fingertip but also my trousers and part of the car seat that got a taste of caramel. Thank god the driver was gracious.

Meo provides a picture of fudge in the background of their product picture and this is very apt. I live in Devon, where handmade fudge is abundant and you can walk past stores and see it being traditionally made in huge pots over a fireplace. The scent of the fudge exudes from these stores and, when taking in the smell of the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel, I was immediately reminded of one of the best fudge shops in the entire South Devon area. That’s always a good sign.

The AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel, spreads well and can last for quite a while once applied, at least in terms of taste. Because the texture is minimal, you may need a few more applications if combining oral action with a handjob or a massage, but this just means more to lap off, which is all part of the fun for oral products.

This cap is as much of a hindrance as it is a help. It’s all about how you use it.

Even with multiple applications, the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel seems to last a long time, and its 125ml offering feels pretty reasonable for the price.

Now. The taste. And a confession.

As of late I’ve pretty much gone full wholefoods plant-based for health reasons. So I guess I’m one of those next-level-happy-with-her-kale-smoothie vegans that everyone thinks of when they think vegan. While this doesn’t mean I’ve lacked in sweet foods, it does mean that my sweet treats have mainly consisted of dates, date/maple syrup, apples, persimmons, banana, etc.

Compared to those, the artificial sweetness of the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel is like a completely different world to me.

For my taste buds this product is sugary sweetness to the max and it’s a bit of an overload. It spreads throughout my entire mouth and have my tastebuds and my olfactory system firing messages to my brain to the rough tune of ‘OMFG what’s happening here, what do we do!?!’

But not in an entirely bad way.

I recognize that my situation means that the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel was always going to taste ridiculously sweet to me. But I can also appreciate it’s rich salty balance, it’s lovely, slightly burnt caramel richness, and the smooth way in which is seems to expertly balance these two tastes to make a salted caramel that I would happily revisit, if my own sugar cravings weren’t so low-key now.

On the other hand, I did present this to someone else – a sugar lover who eats so many chocolate bars that they routinely have to do a house and car clean-out specifically to tidy up the sweet wrappers – and they absolutely loved it. This bodes well for anyone who does like sugary tastes, and appreciates the taste of a well-balanced salted caramel recipe.

The AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel contain E150 and, although this may send alarm bells ringing for vegans, E150 is one to the E numbers that is safe for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who has religious dietary restrictions, so we’re all good.

Of more concern, and a clear downside, is the glycerin and sodium saccharine, which could easily cause a UTI or infection if you’re prone to such conditions.

Because of this I recommend that vulva users practice caution when using the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel on their vulva, and perhaps employ an oral dam (or avoid altogether) if they know it will be a problem.

Final Thoughts

Overall I found the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel to be a very specific, but also very well-executed product.

Its aroma is rivaled only by the real deal, and this does a lot to draw you in and entice you for that first, mouth-watering taste which, if you have a sweet tooth, is unlikely to disappoint.

I can easily recommend the AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel, but do think that those with sensitivities and those who dislike very sweet products should be a bit more cautious with their purchase.

Other than this rest assured: The AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel gets the Emmeline Peaches seal of approval.

Recommend to:

People with a sweet tooth.

People who want an product strictly for oral sex.

People who like runny products.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike sweet tastes.

People who want a general massage gel.

People who like thick gels.

The AmoreMeo Salted Caramel Kissable Massage Gel was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review.