#SoSS Roundup: I’m In London (But I’m Still Sharing Our Shit)

Why hello there! It’s Saturday again, which means I am Sharing our Shit. Not up do date with what this is all about? Check out my first #SoSS here.

As you read this I am in London, spending time with family (in addition to a ridiculous 12 hours of total coach-based travel), and just generally having a fun time.

London is one of my favorite places to visit. I love its vibrancy and its culture. The vegan food is to die for and there’s something for absolutely everyone. My mother is there for the Christmas lights, my aunt is there for the cheap shopping (gotta love a bargain!), and I’m there for the architecture, food, and company. God knows why my cousin is tagging along, but I love him to bits so you’ll hear no complaints from me.

Especially because this weeks posts have just made me feel so grateful to be alive, and so inspired.

Every single person featured this week is a fighter. They are amazing. Influencers among us. Warriors through-and-through, and I look up to them with every word they offer to the world.

Some of these posts may be long, others short, but all will change the way you view the world in one way or another. Do not neglect this amazing issue of #SoSS.

Moving When Your a Blind Sex Blogger by Sex As I See It

Any disability or impairment is a struggle, and blindness has so many challenges that I cannot even conceive.

Moving is one of them.

Ideas of privacy, sexuality, and the assumptions that people make are discussed in this post, in addition to how these might be overcome.

Sex As I See It does an excellent job as conveying a situation that we all dread – moving with sex toys – but with the additional struggle of being blind, and the assumptions that people make because of this.

There is also a wonderful relatability to Sex As I See It’s post. Who among us hasn’t accidentally left a dildo out of the side when relatives are around, or had a friend go snooping and find something they’re keen to flaunt while you reel over the huge invasion of privacy? To quote Sex As I See It: ‘Not Cool!’

There is a general discussion about mental health and the struggles of moving in this post too, which is equally valuable. Knowing about each other’s lives is what brings us all together, and we all have something in life that we must face and ultimately overcome.

But I ask where is the poetry… by ly

I adore poetry. Who doesn’t?

We are all poets (even if we don’t know it) and there is a great amount of recovery that can be explored through verse.

Ly’s honest and very personal post involves a piece of beautiful poetry that broken my heart and filled it with hope all at once.

None of us want to feel like shit, but it happens. It has to.

It reminds me of yet another poem by Rumi called The Guest House, which advises people to let every emotion is to the guest house of their soul: Greet them as is needed, so that they do not end up banging on the door, accept their visitation, and then let them move on as is right for you both (never letting the unwelcome ones overstay there welcome or take advantage of you either).

Ly articulates their life in but a few words, yet every one is of extreme value. The gratitude for their bravery in sharing this is real.

Can you squirt and female ejaculate at the same time? by Oh Gush

This post on female ejaculation, squirting, and the general definitions that we place on them is not just awesome because it’s jam packed with info, but also because of brilliant lines like this:

[In regards to the notion of squirting providing an inferior sensation] Any woman that has actually experienced squirting will tell you: this  archaic perspective is fucking wrong.

Seriously? How can you not just want to jump out of your seat at that exact moment and just be like ‘Fuck yeah!’ full-on Loki-from-Thor-Ragnarok-Style.

It’s great whenever someone points out the inane nature of trying to rate, rank, and discredit the various forms of pleasure that the female anatomy can experience, and Oh Gush does so while providing their own extensive thoughts on the topic of squirting vs. female ejaculation and their potential as a dynamic duo.

I highly recommend giving it a read.

Trans Desirability and Me by Kelvin Sparks

I relate to so much in this article.

The sense of not being attractive enough. Of not being right. Of never being able to meet a bodily ideal, and of how that can interplay with issues of gender identity, physical dysphoria, and a general sense of attractiveness.

My heart goes out to Kelvin and I’m sure this will be the case for many individuals, of all physical, mental, and gendered associations.

But, of course, Kelvin’s position as a trans individual (and, to be more specific, as themselves with their own unique lived experience) gives them a specific outlook on the topic that is so valuable to read, digest, and consider in relation to one’s own struggles.

I feel like each of us has a story we can tell, and through getting it out there we’re able to absolve a sense of internal isolation and really begin to reach out, help ourselves, and, in turn, help others too.

Good job, Kelvin, you got me saying a bunch of sappy stuff with the honesty of your article. Amazing writing.

Timeline of Hysterectomy Healing Proccess by Ducky DooLittle

This one is the finisher because it’s the one that brought me the most joy for one big reason – Ducky successfully had surgery! Their cancer is gone and they’re on the road to recovery! That is the best news I could ever hope for!

Ducky’s determination in making their struggles throughout this process – documenting it all, the highs and lows – is unfathomable, and I am in awe of Ducky’s bravery and strength in the face of adversity.

This post is a long one but I urge you, please do read it especially if this is a struggle you may face yourself and you find that you’re apprehensive. It’s not all pretty, but it is all significant and, to paraphrase words from Ducky that made my heart glow: Count every little win.

And that’s all for now folks! I’m going to go and get incredibly annoyed at the absurd length of Primark queues, grumbling alongside some of the people I love the most and secretly enjoying every moment.

Until the next review!