Toy Review: The Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet With Ergonomic Finger Sleeve

I struggle with Je Joue. I had my first ever G-Spot orgasm with one of their toys, but thereafter found that Je Joue vibrations just don’t do it for me clitorally and, like up to 80% of those with a clit, I kind of need effective clitoral stimulation in order to get optimal results. And it’s not that the Je Joue toys are bad – they’re not –they’ve just not typically been for me.

However, I’m nothing if not reasonable and I know that adult companies change and progress over time. It was my deepest hope that the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet With Ergonomic Finger Sleeve was part of a new change for the company, or at least a new angle to what already made them objectively effective. Something for me.

And this toy does fit that criteria…sort of.

The Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet With Ergonomic Finger Sleeve

The Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet With Ergonomic Finger Sleeve is a luxury bullet vibrator which retails at about $59 – a price in line with similar luxury products on the market. This fits in to that bullet category that you’re hoping will last for years, serving you well the entire time with its vibrations and compact design. Plus, as a bonus, it has a finger sleeve. Nice.

And, for the most part, the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet is exactly what you’d expect.

Sometimes a nice box is appreciated.

First off, the presentation of this bullet is gorgeous. This product comes in a sturdy box adorned with luscious feathers, which make you imagine that the bullet’s surface is just as delicate and appealing. Aesthetically it’s perfect for gift giving and will make anyone who receives it smile at the mere sight of the box.

Packaging doesn’t always matter, but it is nice when luxury brands give a little more consideration to this aspect of the product, and why it might have an appeal. No storage bag, though, which is a crying shame because bullets with USB rechargeable cables (as included with the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet) can easily get separated from each other if not given a more convenient space to mingle. Trust me – I own enough toys with renegade chargers.

In terms of luxury perks, the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet is waterproof, rechargeable, and has an easy-to-control 3-button design to it which allows you to alternate between its 5 different speeds and 7 different patterns. 7 different patterns will appeal to those who like to play around with variation (especially those who like full-body play, what with the added finger sleeve) but, for me, I’m not a pattern lover, so I cannot impartially endorse these variations. I do, however, appreciate their inclusion and think that Je Joue have gone for a nice mixture in terms of what the patterns offer.

This bullet adds a few options.

The bullet itself is firm and is coated in a matte silicone which, yes, does feel as soft as a feather lightly brushed against the skin. Being silicone, this toy is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. The same can be said for the singer sleeve, which (unlike the bullet itself) is flexible and stretchy to allow users to easily slide and adjust the bullet in. It also means that those with thicker fingers can still gain enjoyment from the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet without feeling excluded or restricted.

The Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet is about 12cm in length, meaning it does fit quite comfortably in the hand, lays on the labia well, and is functional once placed in to its sleeve.

When using the sleeve I encountered an unexpected issue in that none of my fingers would accommodate the sleeve – they were all too small. Even my thumb left the sleeve dangling sadly and gave me a slight pause of ‘well fuck’, although I soon devised a solution.

Thankfully, because the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet sleeve is so stretchy if you find a single finger too small then it will stretch to accommodate two fingers and a nicely secure fit. I used my Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet this way and was happy throughout.

As for the vibrations, these are the main event of the show and they are classically, undeniably Je Joue. What do I mean by this?

I got what I expected from this bullet, yet somehow liked it.

Well, Je Joue have an incredibly distinctive vibration type which feels like it’s juddering or sputtering, even on continual vibration mode, right until it gets to the higher intensities at which point it becomes continual. In theory I really like this too. There’s something so fun about feeling like your vibrator is chuddering or shuddering along with you as it ventures to a point of sexual gratification alongside you. It’s almost like having a vibrator with its own breath to some degree, but not in a creepy way.

To some extent I miss this chudder when it goes away on the higher settings but, on the other hand, I enjoy it too, because it feels like it gives me options. Either way the vibrations are resonant, though not necessarily rumbly in the conventional sense. They are their own beast and never venture in to rumbly, but always manage to be strong and, in this instance, very gratifying.

I have a good time when using this bullet. It gets me to climax without issue and I get to explore a different type of sensation as I do so (given Je Joue’s signature style). The shape of the vibrator, with its tapered tip and slender, consistent shaft, is easy to manoeuvre and the result was orgasms where I expressed my approval with eyes clenches shut while gasping deeply.

The charge port is based around a silicone cap that conceals the port itself and protects it from water damage, but this is a bit outdated and fiddly, detracting from this toy a bit, which is probably this toy’s clearest objective downside.

And, as I have experienced with previous Je Joue toys, the incredibly different nature of Je Joue’s sensations may mean that some people struggle to really reach climax with the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet. Others may find that it’s not quite strong enough for them – I’d say it’s ‘worth the money’ strong but not ‘the best of the best’ strong, and not necessarily the clear and consistent choice for recommendation.

Still, I find myself impressed by the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet, which bodes well and comes with its own perk in the term of a sleeve – an addition which actually felt of use. Although, again, this does mean that you really do miss the absence of a storage pouch.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I find that I really do like the Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet With Ergonomic Finger Sleeve, but I wouldn’t say that it’s ‘classic’ in terms of being the epitome of a standard bullet vibe.

I think the ideal would be to try a Je Joue toy out in a brick and mortar store and deciding if how they feel is right for you before making any further decisions. Though if, like me, you’re a dedicated (and impulsive) online shopper, I think there’s more chance you’ll like this product than not.

The Je Joue Silicone Classic Bullet is an exemplary representation of Je Joue and what that means to you depends on your previous experiences with the brand.

Recommend to:

Je Joue fans.

Fans of the bullet shape.

People who want a luxury bullet with a sleeve.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a seamlessly waterproof toy.

People who dislike Je Joue’s vibrations.

People who dislike semi-erratic vibrations.

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