Article: The Best ‘So Bad It’s Good’ Films To Drown Away The Sadness

Feelings of sorrow, upset, trauma, etc. are 100% valid and don’t need to be dismissed or avoided. It’s actually unhealthy to avoid these feelings all the time, and can encourage greater anxiety or distress in the long run. Equanimity is a muscle that grows with flexing.

That being said, there’s only so much shit news and shitty feelings that someone can go through before exposure and ‘sitting with the feelings’ isn’t necessarily the best or only coping tactic worth using. Sometimes you just want to sit down with friends and enjoy some dumb fun with them. Or, as Ravishly wonderfully puts it:

For me, a big part of communal bonding is watching movies with my friends. Sometimes I do so seriously – sharing something that resonates with me and watching it in utter silence, only to discuss it with them further afterwards (Wolf Children Ame and Yuki, for example, or Okja). Other times I want to stay mostly silent but still have moments where we’re laughing together and making the odd remark (Thor: Ragnarok or any Monty Python movie ever). Aaand then there are the times where if we’re not laughing our ass off and giving a running commentary of how dreadful what’s on screen is then we’re not doing it right.

Those times are reserved for ‘so bad it’s good’ movies, and these are the perfect films to put on to have a really great time with friends.

So Bad It’s What Now?

So bad it’s good movies are just that – a movie that is so fundamentally terrible on so many different levels that they’re just horrendously, outlandishly funny. The acting may be dreadful (‘What? Nooo’), or the director and studio might be in shambles, or both. In some magical cases the director making things a shambles is also the main bad actor, but more on that later.

These movies are funny, for the most part, because the end product is just so very clearly different from what was intended and that mismatch causes moments that are almost as endearing as they are dreadful (or, in some cases, just perplexing). A true so bad it’s good movie cannot be forced (I’m looking at you Birdemic 2) because a state of obliviousness is part of the end product’s appeal.

In my experience reviews of these so bad its good movies can also be a great addition to the movie, or even the main viewing event too. If you’re feeling low and want to laugh at a terrible product but can’t commit to a full film for any reason then such reviews give you an additional layer of commentary and compact the best parts for you.

Either way, these film experiences are almost always better with friends and can be a real mood booster.

Sexual harassment is rife in the news right now. Trump is still President, global warming is a thing, shadowbanning is a thing, and I see a lot of people in my life struggling with personal trauma or with the global state of affairs. So to counterbalance this here are some of my top so bad it’s good movies, with reviews of the movie to accompany them. This is not an extensive list but these are my favourites to put on if I want to have a really good time with people I love – a very valid coping tactic.

The Happening (2008)

Oh Shyamalan, what went wrong? You had so much promise. So much ‘vision’. Then again you did release Split recently, so maybe you’re on the up and up.

Either way this movie is one Shyamalan movie that is just the right side of dreadful to be amusing as all hell. After Earth is okay to watch reviews of, and we all know how bad The Last Airbender was, but both of those movies are intolerable to watch. This is the sweet spot.

Fans of Mark Walberg and Zooey Deschanel will get an especially interesting experience out of this, because their acting is almost unrecognisable for how dreadful, whiny and amateur it is. And then there’s the hot dog guy. Oh, and the main antagonist of the movie.

Count how many times someone says ‘Happening’ for extra points when watching this movie and store up them priceless quotes to bring up again with friends after the movie as an in-joke. It takes real skill to get the terrible tone of the performance on point when trying to recreate them.

The Room (2003)

This one is so iconic among the so bad it’s good genre that it’s actually getting a movie about the making of the movie really soon.

This movie is Tommy Wiseau’s baby through and through. He wrote it, filmed it, directed it, and starred in it…as the main character…oh lordy lord.

This wouldn’t be too bad if Tommy was a pro cinematic autor with a firm grip on his craft. But he’s not. Not at all.

From the sets, to the dialogue, to the acting, to the music. Everything with this movie is wrong and it’s fucking glorious.

Tommy made this movie with complete sincerity and felt that it was someone of a reflection of his life and that makes things even more interesting when he starts randomly dry humping a dress while fully clothed as an expression of anguish and betrayal (yes, that happens).

I know this is a very popular choice of recommendation but don’t let that stop you. You owe it to yourself and your friends to watch this movie together. Especially if you’re in the sex toy review circuit because those sex scenes…yeah, you’ll have some things to say about them.

Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010)

This movie is dreadful but it’s also a complete and utter labor of love and so it’s dreadful nature is kind of balanced with the charm of watching a bunch of friends come together and try to make a movie (technically succeeding at their dream).

It’s a Ugandan movie produced by Nabwana IGG, in Wakaliwood and had a reported budget of $200.


Let that sink in. For comparison Thor: Ragnarok had a budget of $180 million and most low budget movies still work in the millions, and these guys had $200, and they made a movie anyway.

What really makes this movie is that it has a commentator built in to the film who is just shouting nonsense the entire time. I love it. I love it to pieces and hopefully you will too.

Cathy’s Curse (1977)

I stumbled across this one recently (in my October spook-fest) and it is truly exceptional with just how dreadful, nonsensical, and purely random it is.

This film is trying it’s very hardest to be a cliché, possessed child, shock culture movie, but instead it’s just riddles with random curse words, poorly executed demon child teleportation, and a plot that isn’t fully considered (in the best of ways).

It can be tricky to get hold of this movie legitimately, so this might be one you watch reviews of instead, either way you’re going to be getting the best lines in this horror movie failure.

Oh and the Bye Bye Man is pretty dreadful too if you like playing the ‘spot that cliché’ game…actually the horror genre in general is in a pretty sorry state *sighs sorrowfully*

Cool Cat Saves The Kids (2015)

If you want to watch this terrible movie play out in all it’s glory then don’t watch the film.

In fact, I’m actively encouraging you to avoid the full movie for this one and, instead, getting ready for a Youtube review quest – a magical journey with a chronological order to it that goes as follows:

YMS Cool Cat Saves the Kids

IHE Search For The Worst

Thanks Daddy Derek (For Ruining The Search For The Worst)

Daddy Derek Said What??

With Apologies To Derek Savage

Cool Cat Learns Fair Use

I Hate Everything vs Derek Savage It’s Over

It’s quite a saga.

It’s hard to explain Cool Cat in any great depth. I think the best description would be ‘Out of touch’. The creator clearly lives in a world so disconnected from the norm that it’s hard to really puzzle out his thought processes. Either way, there was a straw that broke his back along the bad review line and his response is the perfect example of how not to respond to criticism.

Watch it, bring popcorn, enjoy, but do be warned – YMS and IHE both have a sense of humor that can be triggering for some (especially if you’re trying to avoid links to sexual abuse) so do tread carefully and keep this watch for dark humor days.

And That’s All For Now!

This list isn’t extensive. I didn’t even get to introduce you to Food Fight or Zaat, or Manos: Hands of Fate, but the reviewers I link have covered these movies and, should you chose to watch them, they will fill you in.

For now I just hope that these movies can bring some dumb fun and communal entertainment in to your life. God knows, it’s needed right now.

Much love to all of you and may dreadful movies be forever produced!