Update: The Best of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Does the sacredness of a single event even matter anymore?

I remember when Halloween was Halloween and Christmas was Christmas and so on and so fourth.

Now the Santa  stocking are out in early September, I’m already seeing some chocolate stores getting in their Easter order calendars, and Black Friday is more like ‘Black most of the week…or the entire week…maybe a bit of the next week too…meh, whatever we feel like’.

Where’s the discipline!?

I shouldn’t complain, though, because in this instance it means that I get to give you loads of fun discount codes, exclusive offers, and flash sales. For this task I have compiled a master post of Black Friday deals, but here I’d like to highlight some of my personal favorites and a few deals that are exclusive to yours truly.

So, get that wallet ready for a completely consensual pounding, because we are going to look at the best bargains that Black-Whatever-We-Want has to offer.

will be updated daily so keep on coming back to get the best bargains!

Just remember to shop responsibly and don’t pound that wallet too hard. It needs some TLC in its life too.



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