Toy Review: The Tenga SVR

Thinking about getting a vibrating cock ring recently? How about a clit toy? Something to tease the nipples? A solo, compact, travel-friendly vibe?

Have it all!

Just get the Tenga SVR.

That’s the theory, at least.

Known for their exceptional line of masturbation sleeves, and popular (if not problematic) single-use items, Tenga have branched out over recent years in to the world of vibrating adult products, with varying degrees of success.

Their first gen squishy vibes were unbelievably tame in terms of power, although their plush nature was impressive, and I’ve never really stumbled upon any hugely enthusiastic reviews of them. So my approach to the Tenga SVR was one of scepticism, but not dismissal.

The life of a reviewer is incredibly hectic, and my SVR wasn’t given as part of an on-site review exchange, so my SVR has lingered in my life for over a year since I first received it. But that should tell you something – it’s still around (and I had a sex toy purge earlier this year too).

Let’s get in to the review.

The Tenga SVR

The Tenga SVR is a compact little vibrator with a flexible ring and is pitched in a few different ways.

The primary pitch on the Tenga site is as an augmenting product which allows you to add more vibration to your fingers or any hand motions. But, let’s face it – this is just because they didn’t want to show it wrapped around a cock on their site.

The second image of the Tenga SVR presented by Tenga is that of someone stretching it suggestively, and the product is described as ‘trembling thrills for partnered pleasure’. We know exactly where this sex toy was intended to go.

We know what you were going for.

This actually makes the Tenga SVR’s design a bit quirky, when placed in to a cock ring context. Most cock rings provide a rather short and stout, close-to-the-sheath, chunky sort of design when it comes to their vibration section. Conversely, the Tenga SVR has gone for length, and this length will be a blessing in disguise for many.

One of the biggest bug bears that many vulva-owners using a cock ring will have is that, once on their partner’s shaft, the vibrating section is just too compact to make reliable and pleasurable contact with every thrust. By having a lengthier clitoral section (which is more like a pill-shaped bullet vibe than anything else), Tenga essentially provides extra reach and coverage for anyone who struggles with this issue.

This toy is longer than the average cock ring.

Although this doesn’t stop my main gripe with cock rings (the contact is inherently variable, during some fucking motions) it does allow the Tenga SVR to please people much more effectively than most rings on the market, and didn’t actually flail to the sides as much as I expected during use as a cock ring.

The ring itself is stretchy and relatively thin, but it’s easy to slide on, sits in place well, and doesn’t cut off circulation. My now ex didn’t really notice much in the way or variation during use, and I didn’t feel like it enhanced his firmness nor the strength of his orgasm one way or the other, but this sex toy is mainly focused on the sharing of vibrations anyway, and those we did both detect.

This product focuses more on continual speed rather than patterns, which is a winner in my books, because when used as a cock ring you’re setting you’re often setting your own ‘patterns’ as it were. 5 speeds and 2 patterns are presented, and I did like the escalation of strength provided in these vibration intensities. It felt very balances and capable of offering a lot of choice for the users, meaning even if you have different pleasure preferences you may be able to reach a happy compromise.

The vibrations themselves are quivery and resonant when on the lowest setting – having that shivering sensation that I often compare to the flutter of a butterfly’s wings. As you ramp up the power these vibrations do become more ‘buzzy’ but they never become irritatingly so. It’s not so much a house fly’s buzz as it is a bumblebee’s heavy hum.

I wouldn’t say they’re the most exceptional vibrations for a toy of this size or price, but they get the job done and I can easily reach orgasm with this toy. Not while being used as a cock ring, though, I prefer clitoral use.

This is where the Tenga SVR will earn its price tag for many.

This toy has length, it has a nice amount of breadth, it can be broader or provide a more pin-point sensation, it has a ring making holding it easier, and only weighs 25g. It feels feather light and even though I’m expecting it, I’m always taken aback by its airy nature when picking it up. It comes with a travel case, is USB rechargeable and 60 minutes of charging will give you 60 minutes of play at full power.

All of these things makes the Tenga SVR a great travel option, or an easy go-to for when you want a lazy wank. It’s also a better option for those who struggle with the size or shape of most toys, because its minimal weight combined with the included ring makes it easier to use and manoeuvre. Plus it’s about as close to whisper-silent as you’re going to get from a clit vibe.

I am not okay with this exposed section (and probably shouldn’t be sharing this toy because of it…Learn from my bad choices!)

All of these facts makes the Tenga SVR a very strong contender for people’s affections, and I wouldn’t fault anyone for really liking the Tenga SVR. It gets great reviews consistently, and I think it’s the first of the Tenga vibes to really ‘bring it’ in terms of strength and effectiveness. But, personally, I mainly keep it around as a quick casual option rather than a sheer essential.

I personally don’t gel with the smooth hum that this toy’s vibrations provide, and prefer something a bit more juddery, hulking, and uncouth. This is no fault of the toy, and is all on me, but it does mean that my personal enthusiasm for this toy isn’t high.

I have, however, recommended this toy to multiple people as a first-time clit vibe/partner vibe. I have also let others borrow my Tenga SVR, for which they have been grateful, with most choosing to invest in their own options after having tried it.

My biggest objective gripe with the Tenga SVR is that, although this toy is 100% waterproof, its USB port is an open area on the side of the toy. This feels really awkward and I’m always worried about gunk and other fluids getting in there. I can’t really give it a thorough clean so I’m left trying to avoid that one part of the toy, and it’s at the mid-section of the toy, so that’s not easy.

This is my biggest gripe against the Tenga SVR and it’s mild, so make of that what you will.

Final Thoughts

My own tepid approach to the Tenga SVR isn’t reflective of the quality and performance of this product, which is high up the ranks in terms of an objective approach.

If that sounds ridiculously clinical and detached it’s because my relationship with the Tenga SVR is a detached one, and I just can’t help that personal association.

I won’t force myself to love the Tenga SVR, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t acknowledge it for the good investment that it can be, and I do recommend it for interested individuals.

Recommend to:

People who want a diverse partner toy.

People who want a discreet toy.

People who want a travel clit vibe.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like classic ‘rumbles’ from their toy.

People who dislike vibrating cock rings.

People who like heavier toys.

The Tenga SVR was provided to me by Tenga in exchange for post-release appraisal.