Product Review: The Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner

Bad Dragon are a jack of all trades in the best of ways.

Not only do they do amazing fantasy dildos, squishy mythical packers, seductive fairy tale strokers, and an array of draconically inspired T-shirts, backpacks, hoodies, and tankards (oh and a cuddly toys, I really want their cuddly toys), but they also do toy cleaner too.

I mean, sure, why not?

I personally love the brand diversity of Bad Dragon and the way that they play around with different fantasy and sci-fi franchises while maintaining their own brand integrity and playfulness. I personally own the Blast Radius CD from their Fallout inspired run of products, and regularly find myself singing merrily about my need for horse cock (which Bad Dragon is readily able to satisfy for me).

But how does the Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner distinguish itself from the vast array of other cleaners on the market? What are its ingredients like and how well does it perform during use? Read on to find out!

The Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner

The Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner is, as its name rightly conveys, a product made to keep your sex toys nice and clean, as supplied by Bad Dragon.

The custom design alone is worth getting one of these for.

Bad Dragon sells a lot of dongs and many of them have very intricate bumps, ridges, and divots, so it only makes sense that Bad Dragon would produce a product to make sure that their line of sex toys remain squeaky clean in between use. And it’s because of the intricacies of Bad Dragon’s roster that I expected a lot from this toy cleaner.

Logically speaking, it only makes sense that Bad Dragon intended for their cleaner to be the optimal way to clean their silicone products (products that are, by default, non-porous, and can be scrubbed clean with soap, put through the dishwasher, or even boiled for a few minutes to ensure their full sanitation). So, this was a toy cleaner that I expected to be able to disperse easily, be made from effective ingredients, and have the correct properties to allow it to really penetrate all of the nooks and crannies of a Bad Dragon toy. And it’s clear that Bad Dragon were working to the same criteria too, how do I know this? Because this toy cleaner is a foaming cleaner.

Pre-foaming process.

Presented in a generously large bottle (which sports 210ml worth of fluid) a single squirt of the Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner is all that is needed to clean one of their mini or small toys (and perhaps even a medium, depending on which toy you’re looking at). Once that squirt gushes out of the bottle it immediately begins to take on a foamy consistency. This is them amplified as you rub the mixture over the toy, promoting an increase of the foaming effect.

This rub-to-foam approach is pretty clever. Not only is it just inherently great fun to make this cleaner foam up, but the rubbing process needed to foam this product encourages you to naturally and intuitively disperse it over the full length of the toy in a rigorous and thorough manner.

That being said, it does mean that the nozzle for the Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner is a bit of an odd choice – as it’s made for a product that comes pre-foamed, rather than something that comes out as a semi-foam, semi-liquid amalgamation and it did catch me off guard at first. But after the initial shock of this I was left expecting it with all subsequent squirts, so it stopped being a huge issue.

Post-foaming process.

Foaming this product up leaves it feeling sticky, thick, and very soapy, which is to be expected because this is a toy cleaner that you then have to rinse off after the scrubbing process, rather than one that promotes itself as a ‘wipe clean’ product and, again, I feel this was a very intentional choice.

I don’t care how good your toy cleaner is – there is no way you should just spritz a bog standard toy cleaner on a Bad Dragon toy post-use and then just wipe it to cleanliness with no water or other additional elements. It’s just not going to happen. Bad Dragon have clearly recongized this, and so their product (once again) naturally promotes the correct way to clean a Bad Dragon toy.

It’s essentially a product that teaches you proper Bad Dragon care etiquette through sheer virtue of its use, making it a really solid product in terms of intent and execution. Granted, I could be giving Bad Dragon too much credit here b assuming such forethought but, really, this product just seems too fit-for-purpose for me to imagine that the end product is one of sheer happenstance.

The Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner is essentially odorless – having only the very slight tang of its ingredients as the only aroma present (and only when held very close to the nose. There are no added fragrances and, because the cleaner is rinsed off, it shouldn’t pose any huge issues to those with sensitive genitals. The only time I could imagine it being a skin irritant is during the foaming/scrubbing process, but this could be mitigated with washing up gloves if you still wish to use this product but know you have sensitive skin. I personally suffer from very sensitive skin and had no reaction to this product, but for those who know their triggers here is the ingredients list for this cleaner:

Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DIPA, Propylene Glycol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Benzalkonium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

What I will say about this line-up of ingredients is that it’s probably not the most eco-friendly selection you could make. So those who are ethically minded might prefer to stick to using an eco-friendly vegan soap to clean their dragon cocks, but for those who aren’t massively concerned about their toy cleaner’s impact you should be fine.

Does this product do its job well?

Yes. For sure.

The entire process of using this toy cleaner is straightforward, does a great job cleaning highly textured toys by default, and washes off with ease. It leaves toys looking good, minimizes residual odor, and really has no huge and glaring faults.

A personal downside of this lubricant might be the stickiness of it for some. It can feel a bit off-putting and it’s not necessarily the most pleasant (nor foamy) of tactile experiences, but this is a really minor downside that will only apply to a few.

Oh, and this toy cleaner is also $4.00 per bottle, which is an absolute bargain, so I suggest adding at least one on toy every Bad Dragon order you make (because, let’s face it, the shipping prices can be steep, and the custom prices steeper, especially for UK clients).

Final Thoughts

Overall my enthusiasm for this toy cleaner is mirrored by its effectiveness during use.

This toy cleaner is a winner. Granted, it may not be the best ‘express’ toy cleaner – for if you want to grab for a dildo straight away and just need to give it a quick but effective wipe-off – but Bad Dragon toys should never be given this kind of causal cleaning approach anyway.

These are toys that require a certain amount to TLC and upkeep, and the Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner is perfectly designed for this upkeep process. I highly recommend it and think it would be great for cleaning any highly textured products that you own (also my Fitbit. I clean my Fitbit with it from time-to-time. Gotta love a diverse product).

Recommend to:

People who like extensive cleaners.

People who like foaming cleaners.

People who want a cheap, long-lasting cleaner.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike sticky cleaners.

People who want a wipe-off cleaner.

People with specific sensitivities.

The Bad Dragon Toy Cleaner was given to me as a no-commitment freebie from Bad Dragon, but I liked it so I reviewed it anyway, because that’s how I roll.