Article: 10 Great Gift Ideas That Aren’t Sex Toys (But Are For Sex Nerds)

I’m a strong believer that sex toys and other adult products make great gifts.

Just recently I gave my aunt a bundle of toys, for self love as well as partnered use, and the grin on her face was priceless (the many thanks she gave me the next day were pretty feel-good too).

But being an advocate for sex, body politics, and topics of an ‘adult’ nature isn’t just about the sex toys: it’s a lifestyle. And, thankfully, like minded individuals exist that get this and have made products off all sorts to help support us in our sex toy and adult product geekery.

So if you have someone in you life that is a complete freak in and out of the sheets (and proudly so) or of you just want to treat yourself, here are my top 10 picks for some awesome gift ideas for the upcoming season that aren’t sex toys, but which do keep the spirit of sexual and body politics alive and well.

#1 The Floral Penis Rainbow Blanket

From the moment I saw this brilliant creation I knew I had to have it. I lusted over it. Agonized. Shipping and customs held me back for quite some time then my now-ex purchased it for me as a gift (which I was hugely appreciative for, and still am).

This blanket is absolutely amazing. I got the huge version and it easily wraps around me, acting as the perfect cozy little retreat from the cold. The fabric feels wonderfully soft, and it handles washes well (though it does lose some of its initial super smoothness over time).

Most of my reviews are wrote while this blanket is wrapped over my legs to keep me nice and toasty. I couldn’t imagine life without this glorious display of just how florally decorative the human phallus can be.

#2 The Unbound Pinwheel Necklace

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat, because you can actually use this as a practical sex toy, but ssssh!

If someone gifted this to me I think I would melt with sheer joy.

This necklace is so amazingly beautiful and aesthetically on point that it’s hard not to spend paragraphs gushing over the colour choices, the angular design, and its innocuous presentation.

Anyone in to sensation play or BDSM will probably go all Toy-Story-Aliens if gifted this necklace and will, no doubt, use it as part of their eternal gratitude.

#3 The ‘It’s Magic!’ Tote

Who among us cannot testify to the iconic status of the Magic Wand?

Although not loved by everyone, it is a symbol of sexual freedom, shame-free pleasure, and self-loving pride for many of us. It really is magic!

This design of the wand combines the natural badassery of the Magic Wand with a cute AF design and a glorious rainbow (to top things off). The tote looks sturdy and set to last and is a nice way to display your pride while stocking up on your next brick and mortar sex toy trip. Just sayin’

#4 The Sex Toy Pattern Mug

Look at these little sexual objects. Just look at them!

Anyone who owns this mug will no doubt see their hot beverage intake drastically increase, as they try to take any opportunity to use this mug.

Drinking water from a mug? That’s not weird. You’re weird!

Seriously, though, this design is the most kawaii way of promoting sex toys and other safer sex objects that i’ve ever seen, and having such a design on something so mundane as a coffee mug normalizes pleasure objects, which is brilliant. Plus it’s just overwhelmingly cute. There’s no escaping that.

#5 The Bondage Pattern Throw Pillow

I have one word for this design and it is simple ‘Unff’.

The mask, the paddle, the collar…oh god the collar.

Hardcore BDSM enthusiasts will probably find themselves equally gushing over this brilliant design.

A pillow is also the perfect practical gift for anyone in to BDSM because it’s a great accompaniment to aftercare.

Snuggling after an intense scene is pretty much a must for many individuals, and anything that can facilitate that need while also playing in to your proclivities is a very thoughtful offering indeed.

Plus that collar. I just can;t get over it.

#6 The Poly Peas Clothing Selection

Are you poly and proud? Show it off with a T-Shirt, hoodie, or jumper!

This Poly Peas design is and adorable way of conveying the nature of your relationship dynamic (and the enthusiasm that you have for it).

The design is available in multiple clothing types, meaning you should be able to find a fit as perfect for you as your poly partners.

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#7 The ‘Is This A Weapon?’ Sticker

One for the Steven Universe fans out there (of which I consider myself to be a massive, gushing part of the collective), I laughed out loud when I saw this Peri sticker and immediately purchased it.

Wand lovers and the dedicated Doxy crew will have a particular soft spot for this sticky piece of artistic brilliance.

Time to decorate your laptops and notepads to your heart’s desire.

#8 The ‘I Made Him A Sub’ Phone Case

This is one for all the badass bitches and flawless Dommes out there who love their phones and don’t have time for their Sub’s shit.

Much like the BDSM pillow design, this product sports a wonderful gimp mask, accompanies with a ‘take no shits’ attitude, and punchy punk pink backdrop (what is it about black and pink that just works so well together?)

Granted, the viability of this gift will depend on whether or not there’s a case available for your (or your recipient’s) case, and some phones work better for it than others, but for those who can have it, it’s a great declaration of domination.

Alternatively, have a mug. Everyone loves mugs. Plus you can sip your favourite beverage from it while you watch your snivveling sub lick the floor clean for their insubordination…if you’re both in to it, that is.

#9 The Wondrous Vulva Puppet

Accept no imitations when it come to this recreation of one of nature’s most amazing pleasure points in the world (not that I’m tooting my own vulva-touting horn, of course).

The Vulva Puppet comes in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs and each one is handmade to sheer, educational perfection.

You can use your vulva puppet as an actual puppet. Use it as a prop to educate, or use it as the optimal center for a mantelpiece display. I’ve done all of these with my vulva puppet and more and I absolutely love it to bits.

This is one purchase that will never be regretted and will almost always be appreciate by sex nerds.

#10 The Laser Cut Clit Necklace (for FGM Charity)

A classic, but for good reason. This Laser Cut Clit Necklace is a simple, brilliant, and surprisingly discreet way to let your sexual liberation show with pride.

I own my own one of these and most people don’t actually know it’s a clitoris. They do compliment it a heck of a lot though!

This means that, every time I get a remark, I can choose to simply say ‘thank you’ or I can say ‘thank you, it’s a clitoris’ and open up a chance for further discussion.

This option to educate via sheer aesthetic enthrallment is something i’m incredibly grateful for, and I love my clit necklace because of it.

But the icing on the case of this product is that for each purchase a donation is made Forward UK: a charity which helps fight against female genital mutilation.

This means that the Laser Cut Clit Necklace is a gift for more than just yourself/the recipient, and brings all the feel good vibes, no physically buzzing required.

And That’s All Folks!

I hope you like this selection of sex geekry and that it helps you either make someone you love incredibly happy or brings some self-loving glee to your life.

A lot of the items I linked have designs which are interchangeable – capable of being purchased on a variety of products- so, even if you don’t like clothing you may find your favourite design comes in stickers, or stationary, etc. so feel free to browse and maybe even discover some other rad designs.

Tis the season, after all, and you deserve a treat.