#SoSS Roundup: Holes Are Filled, Physically & Emotionally

Am I late to the party? I feel a bit late. Ah, whatever, it’s stylish, right?…Fuck.

Anyway, welcome to my very first in an ongoing new series called #SoSS.

What is #SoSS?

#SoSS is an acronym for ‘Share our Shit Saturday’ and it is sorely needed right now.

As it happens, Twitter employs a process known as Shadow Banning, which essentially means that, although a person is still technically on Twitter, they’re not actually on Twitter. They can’t be easily searched for, they don’t readily appear outside of the walls of those who friend them, and they’re going to be missing from hashtagged group discussions.

This basically stops that user from being able to interact with audiences outside of their pre-existing audience, which is a pretty big problem when you’re main way of reaching out and communicating with people is on Twitter.

And this impacts anyone under the ban…including me….bummer.

I can get by, but I do miss seeing new people find me. Ultimately I’m kind of here to share what I think, educate people, and spread sex positivity far and wide, and that’s hard to do when my main platform for reaching out no longer allows me to do that.

But it’s even worst for those with less pre-existing followers: Amazing, fantastic bloggers, reviewers, and sexual activists who are being silenced before they even had a chance to try shine.

Just Grrrrr

Girl on the Net recently voiced her own frustration about the restriction that all main social media seem to be imposing with a powerful title – Share our Shit. And that’s exactly what me, and other bloggers, are here to do.

This won’t lift the shadowban. It won’t mean new people can see our posts. But, what it will do is mean that any of you that read this, or that follow my social media, but may not know about other bloggers, will suddenly have an introduction to them: An introduction made by highlighting exceptional posts this week that caught my own attention.

So that’s just what this post is here to do.

This week we’ve got some really great articles to highlight, from a diverse roster of adult bloggers. I hope you find them as engaging as I did.

Successful monogamy: is that possible? by Isabelle Lauren

I was monogamous for a very long time, and I still lean naturally towards it.

I used to call myself ‘stupidly monogamous’. Primarily because I knew there were other options out there and I, on principle, agreed with them, but I was comfortable with my monogamy and I felt like that comfort needed an explanation or, I guess, an apology.

But just because monogamy isn’t the only option doesn’t mean that it deserves the flak that it sometimes get, nor that I was/am stupid for preferring it.

Isabelle demonstrates that brilliantly in her own article addressing monogamy, her experiences, and why monogamy isn’t a bland, bored, media cliche (as counter-monogamy culture sometimes projects). I highly recommend giving it a read.

Meo Cyborg Exploration Cock by TheBigGayReview

In my own recent Meo Cyborg Exploration Cock review I described my experiences with this wonderfully textured toy. However, I couldn’t offer a P-Spotting perspective.

TheBigGayReview fills that gap in his own review, literally as well as figuratively.

TheBigGayReview apologizes a lot for the reminiscent design of this toy, but he really doesn’t have to. As reviewers it’s our job to appraise products of interest, and this product will interest a lot of people. Pointing out the similarities is certainly within our remit but anyone that gives a blogger flak for giving an extensive and fully informed review of any product is, in my opinion, missing the point a bit.

This is a great review and I am happy to feature it.

Waiting For Cancer Treatment Part 6 by Ducky DooLittle

Ducky DooLittle has been writing about her ongoing fight against uterine cancer and it’s both inspiring and heartbreaking.

In life I always hope that people do not get impacted by cancer, but it is a sad reality, and posts such as Ducky’s raise awareness in an important and tangible way.

The fact that Ducky can’t have tea is trivial in the grand scheme of things but it made me wince in sympathy, and it’s the little things like that – the moment-to-moment struggles that people need to know about when it comes to cancer treatment.

If you read only one post about cancer this week read Ducky’s.