Toy Review: Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments Heads (Hugger and Flicker)

I love it when a great toy comes with great accessory options and, if you’ve read my review, you know that the Noje Mini Wand is a great toy (and, at under $40, I’d almost classify it as a mini wand must-have).

The Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments fall in to the category of effective attachment options: not necessarily essential but definitely a nice add-on, and something that takes advantage of the Noje’s detachable silicone head.

Plus, at under $10 they are a bargain that literally costs less than some lunch-on-the-go options.

But, before I get ahead of myself, let’s start the review in earnest.

The Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments Heads (Hugger and Flicker)

The Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments are two additional head options for the Noje wand.

These two heads make play with the Note Wand even more diverse.

The Noje Wand itself is a solid product: portable, compact, strong, a real winner-winner-tofu-dinner. It removable silicone head is a nice bonus that has facilitated the addition of the Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments.

The Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments are also made of silicone, making them non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. The silicone used is a very smooth matte silicone with almost zero graininess and a very slick surface. I almost hazard to call them ‘matte’ because of this, but they’re not glossy so ‘matte’ is the most apt descriptor (Noje goes with ‘satin’ too).

So for the $7.99 that the Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments retail at you get two different heads: The Hugger and the Flicker.

The Flicker is a ‘fluttering’ head of sorts, but it’s essentially a two-sensations-in-one head, giving you three options of stimulation minimum for your two wands and one purchase (I’m liking this maths). One side has a very thin, protruding sheet of thinner silicone which essentially hums with the peripheral vibrations that the head provides when turned on.

It’s a very gentle form of stimulation, even on the Noje’s highest setting, but is very pleasant when applied to the labia or hovered gently over or around the clitoris.

A gentle/firm divide.

One of my personal favourite ways of using it is oiling it up a bit and using it to tenderly caress the skin, breasts, and nipples like a little stroker. This is very effective, with the softness of the silicone and the gentle humming of the vibrations making for a very arousing time.

Plus, when you want something more intense, you can flip the top around and opt to use its firm, small, raised bump, which provides a more pinpoint sensation. I find this side very intense, especially when applied direct to the clitoris, and it transfers the vibrations of the Noje well.

There is an option to turn the Flicker on the sides where there are no add-on sections and enjoy boarder stimulation, but this is a bit clunky, meaning this is more of a teaser with a strong finish rather than a continual build-up product. The Hugger fills that role instead.

The Hugger is the Noje’s bunny head (because every sex toy needs at least some association to rabbits, apparently). Okay – perhaps giving the rabbit design flack is a bit unfair, because its popularity is entirely earned and the design really is effective.

With these ears you can either place them so that they’re sitting either side of the clitoris (massaging it from two different directions), manoeuvre one ear in for some strong, pin-point sensations, or move easily down to the rest of the head for a broader form of stimulation to mix things up a bit. You can also use the ears to run your wand up and down the labia, caress the nipples, or tickle a person’s glans on the head of their penis (which the Flicker can also do, but not to as strong an effect, I find).

A pin-point/broad divide.

For these reasons, the Hugger was a real winner for me, and I found it to be an incredibly enjoyable head attachment. By far my favourite aspect of the Hugger was the option it gave me to shift from broad to pin-point stimulation with minimal manoeuvring and with no compromise to the quality of vibrations. This head transfers the Noje’s vibrations to incredible effect and I had no problem reaching strong, enjoyable, orgasms with this.

Some wand attachments can leave you thinking about just how to put them in place, and this can mean that you’re not really in your body as much as you could be, but the effortless design of the Noje meant that there were no such issues with it, which I was thrilled about.

Both these heads were also really easy to put on the Noje and to remove, with no real struggles. The only reason I can ever imagine it being fiddle is if mobility (especially hand mobility) isn’t your strong suit, in which case it might be useful to have a partner to hand.

I thought long and hard about if there were any clear, objective downsides to the Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments Heads and, full disclosure, I was left kind of stumped.

I suppose the biggest thing I could really say against them is that they’re not ‘essential’ items. You don’t really need these wand heads. If your preference isn’t rabbit-style shapes or peripheral vibration you may not even want them, really. But that’s pretty much a given.

I did, for a while, contemplate giving them a bit of a slap on the wrist for essentially being the sex toy equivalent of paying for extra DLC which could have been included with the product to start with. Then I realized that, had they been given by default, the price of the Noje line probably would have increased due to the inclusion of two extra heads that not everyone would even want, so I prefer them being a separate option.

A product without clear faults? This feels a bit weird.

Then again Trump is president, and powerful men are actually being held accountable for sexual assault right now, so I suppose anything is possible in 2017 Land.

Final Thoughts

If I were to sum up the Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments in a single .gif, it would probably be this one.

These attachments are decent. They’re affordable, solid, well-designed, and offer a variety of new play methods to use with the Noje Wand (which, itself, is affordable, well-designed, and strong).

I really love that we’re getting more quality, cost-effective toy options that are accessible to those who may not have previously been able to experience them and I look forward to seeing where we got with this next.

For now I can highly recommend the Noje Silicone Pleasure Wand Attachments for interested individuals, and feel like you’ll be easily getting your money’s worth.

Huzzah for options!

Recommend to:

People who like a variety of sensations.

People wanting to enhance their Noje Wand.

People who like peripheral/pin-point feeling especially.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who don’t find the designs appealing.

Solo players with mobility issues.

People who are happy with their Noje as is.

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