Product Review: The Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant

It’s been a while since I reviewed the original Butters Lubricant but I can still attest to just how fantastic it is, and not just as a lubricant. On many occasions I’ve used the Butters Lubricant as a post-spanking aftercare cream (much to the appreciation of those I’ve spanked) and, on one occasion it even helped me heal from an injury.

Y’all know I adore tea. But there’s ‘adoring tea’ and then there’s ‘being so enthusiastic to drink said adored-tea that you miss your mouth entirely and instead pour scalding hot water all over your lap and stomach.

Yeah…that wasn’t a fun day.

Thankfully I had the Butters Lubricant to hand in my fridge and, pretty much immediately, I was able to grab it and apply a very helpful slathering on to the affecting area. Reapplying it over the next few hours and days meant that I had minimal blistering from the scalding and that the injury cleared up at an impressive rate.

Thank you Butters, you’re a lap-saver.

The Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant

But what sets the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant apart from the previous lubricant I reviewed? It all has to do with composition.

This product is long-lasting luxury.

In addition to the raw shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, and grapeseed oil present in the Butters Lubricant, this mix is a blend of shea butter, olive oil, coconut, oil, and grapeseed oil, with pure aloe. Its ingredients list is much more minimal, and contains apple cider vinegar as the main component for presumably preserving the mix.

Let me take a moment to talk about apple cider vinegar, because it’s pretty much the shit and a health lover’s BFF.

Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar made from apples. Apple juice is taken and yeast added to it to turn the fruit sugar in to a form of alcohol which then gets turned in to acetic acid due to the bacteria which is then added in the mix. This is why all vinegars have a strong and sharp smell – they’re the result of fermentation, which is known for such an aroma.

You can use apple cider for pretty much anything you want. Cooking, baking, salad dressings, cleaning products. Got a stubborn stain on your tins that won’t budge? Apple cider vinegar + baking soda = win.

But here’s the best bit – apple cider vinegar has a slew of known health benefits. For lubricant the handiest is that apple cider vinegar will kill pathogens and unwanted bacteria, keeping your body nice and safe when you use it. When consumed it helps lower blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease, and has been anecdotally linked with weight management. But we’re not going to be swigging back our Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant in large enough quantities in enough quantities to get these perks. The skin clearing perks some have reported, on the other hand, will totally apply.

And this is just when you look at a single ingredient in the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant, and perhaps the smallest of the components.

The rest of the ingredients in the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant sport similarly impressive health reports (for the most part).

Now, if I were to give them all as much attention as I did my beloved apple cider vinegar we’d be here for an awfully long time, so let me just go through each with a summary of the attested benefits they provide.

Shea Butter: Full of Vitamin A and E in addition to healthful fatty acids for the skin. Helps repair blemishes, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Can help with muscle fatigue, dermatitis, and to moisturize and nourish the skin leaving it soft, smooth, and supple.

Grapeseed Oil: High in PUFA Omega-6 and Vitamin E.  Very light, never leaving heavy residue on the skin. An effective moisturizer.

Olive Oil: Full of antioxidants (Vitamin A and E again) and squalene, which hydrates and nurtures the hair, skin, and nails, leaving them softer and with a protective layer after application.

Coconut Oil: Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, protecting and healing the skin. A better moisturizer than some other oils for penetrating the skin to allow for deep hydration and moisturizing properties. Not great for those prone to acne or other skin complaints (too heavy).

Soy Oil: Rich in Vitamin E for all those good skin moisturizing properties. Reduces redness, boosts collagen production, improves skin tone.

Palm Oil: High in Vitamin A and E. Protects skin cells, is a natural antibacterial, and has been known to prevent scalp acne. Not necessarily vegan, and a hot topic among dietary vs. ethical vegans.

Aloe: Contains Auxin and Gibberellins, which are hormones that promote wound healing and act as anti-inflammatories. Effective against acne, eczema, and scalp soreness. Contains proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells, especially on the scalp. Good against sunburn, and lightens blemishes.

Guar Gum: A cationic, which thickens the mix and conditions the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Y’all know by now.

All of these ingredients and benefits combine to create an oil based lubricant which feels fantastic.

I fully expected that I would be ‘slathering’ this lubricant on my skin but, in all honesty, it’s so light that it really doesn’t feel chunky enough to justify this descriptor. It’s more of a gentle, glossy experience which, when you place it on the skin, feels richly luxurious without bogging the skin down with an unnecessary amount of thickness.

The slide that it provides isn’t quite as slick as water based, nor as powdery as silicone lubricant. It’s its own glorious creation of grip with slip which feels natural and deeply satisfying.

This product makes you feel good during and after use.

After use I never bother wiping the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant off of my skin because I know that it won’t linger there. Instead, it lightly blends into my skin and creates a wonderfully soft and conditioned sensation which I truly adore.

This isn’t a lubricant – it’s a comprehensive genital pampering experience.

It also reeks.

Okay, perhaps that’s an overstatement: The smell isn’t damning, nor does it exude from the tub the moment you open it. But when I hold the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant close to my nose there is only one thing I can think of: Funky blue cheese, and I am not a cheese fan.

The Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant is supposed to be mostly unscented, and I guess this is true, but the odor that is present is so objectionable to my nose that I didn’t hazard using this lubricant orally. I just couldn’t stomach the idea. Not that I’d advise it anyway, because ingesting oil isn’t exactly the healthiest thing for you anyway.

I was originally planning on using my Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant as a hand lotion in addition to a lubricant (for science and whatnot) but I found that if I did I would get a whiff of the au du cheese pong whenever I brought my hands to my mouth and found that it was an unsustainable practice. A shame really.

Many people may not be as impacted as I was by this smell, nor even find it to be quite the same, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

Other, more obvious downsides to the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant is that it cannot be used with latex or polyurethane condoms, especially not latex ones. Oil damages latex, causing it to break down and null and voiding any safe sex properties it once had. This isn’t a fault against the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant, but is something to consider.

Ethical vegans may also find the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant objectionable due to its use of palm oil. I’m in this circus. I don’t buy products containing palm and I’m rather upset that this lubricant does when it’s an otherwise fantastic product.

But, as you’ll note, none of these downsides discredit the performance, quality, nor many skin benefits of this lubricant – a product which, in actuality, can provide many wonder skin benefits far beyond just conventional lubrication – and, ultimately, I don’t feel like there’s much I can discredit the product itself for, odor aside.

Final Thoughts

Were it not for my ethics and my personal dislike of how the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant smells, I would be singing about this product from the rooftops.

It has minimal ingredients, avoids parabens, wheat, dyes, preservatives, sugar, glycerine, sweetners, alcohol, added water, fillers, gluten, and pretty much anything else that one could possibly object to. It performs excellently, feels great, and leaves you feeling great long after application.

As lubricants go it’s probably the closest we have to a ‘wonder product’. A lubricant with a long-lasting self-care effect. A dream come true really. What’s more it’s affordable and I am all for accessible, affordable products which give you a lot of bang for your buck (a little of the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant goes a long way).

But, ultimately, I’m left allowing you to weigh up the pros and cons of this product in your mind as you see fit. If you felt like this wasn’t the right Butters product for you due to the palm oil, the you can take solace in the fact that the Butters offer an alternative that is palm-oil free, but if scent, lack of oral, or lack of latex-condom compatibility is your issue then I completely understand giving the Butters Aloe x Shea Lubricant a miss.

Hopefully I’ve broken down the core pros and cons of this product extensively enough that you feel informed with whatever choice you make. Because, let’s face it: Your body deserves the best.

Recommend to:

People who like ‘natural’ products.

People avoiding parabens.

People who like oil-based lubricants.

Do Not Recommend to:

Ethical vegans.

People with a sensitive sense of smell.

People who dislike oil-based lubricants.

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