Toy Review: The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

A bee? But aren’t buzzy vibrations the bane of a sex toy reviewer’s life?

This may be true as a general rule of thumb, but the Queen Bee is no run-of-the-mill worker bee (which, fun fact, are mostly female): This bee is a Queen and it’s not playing by the standard rules.

The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

Right off the bat, the Queen Bee establishes itself as different from most sex toys on the market through the type of stimulation that it uses. Hot Octopuss are famous for bringing out the first ‘guybrator’ but, again, this toy was not your average vibrator either. In reality, neither of these toys use vibrations to get your motor going. Their motor is fuelled by PulsePlate technology.

Behold, the Queen Bee.

PulsePlate technology uses what is best described as a ‘piston’ type of stimulation, involving a large, ovular shape which then creates oscillations to provide a very specific type of rapid droning sensation. A Queen Bee with drones? Sounds bout right.

Oscillations are actually pretty common in the medical world, which is where Hot Octopuss got their inspiration, but Hot Octopuss are the first to have used it in the way they did for the adult market. For the Hot Octopuss Pulse this has lead to a sex toy that has been used to help a variety of individuals achieve new sensations and, for some, even their first reliable orgasms. Knowing that the PulsePlate system works so well it makes sense that Hot Octopuss used the same system for their vulva-focused product.

The two sides of the Bee.

The Queen Bee has two different sides to it: one that has the ovular PulsePlate and one which is plate-free and sports a slight ribbing texture. The ribbed side is provided as kind of a primer for the full PulsePlate experience. Because it doesn’t have the plate thumping down directly it provides what could be considered as the ambient sensations from the main plated side, giving a very gentle sensation. This means that, for those who do like to play around or get initially aroused with a more timid approach, the Queen Bee provides options that will allow for that play preference.

I appreciate the variety given.

I personally think this is a great addition to the Queen Bee. Sure  it’s essentially just a case of taking advantage of the inevitable outcome of the PulsePlate sensations, but why not? If you have a toy where you know one side of the product will feel like a weaker echo of the stronger section then I think it takes a lot of consideration to think ‘How can we use this to our customer’s benefit’ rather than just accepting it as a deadweight aspect of the product design.

What the Queen Bee does.

Speaking of design, the overall look and feel of the Queen Bee can best be described as a hairbrush meets a karaoke microphone. Whenever I pick up my Queen Bee I have to actively fight the urge to either mime brushing my hair full Little Mermaid style or belting out the chorus from a song of my liking. Sometimes I cave, such is the visual link between this toy and other inanimate objects.

The Queen Bee is also one chunky brush. It comes in at 9.5 inches and has a head diameter of about 2.5 inches (circumference 7 inches). This may not seem like much for a sex toy, but keep in mind that most clitoral vibrators and other vulva toys tend to shoot more in the 3-4 inch length / 4-5 inch circumference range.

One could argue that the Queen Bee is trying to be more like a wand than a clit vibrator, but the PulsePlate focus makes this toy feel much more akin to a clitoral piece than a wand. Either way, the broad head of a wand tends to be rounded, which allows you to essentially nuzzle it ergonomically in to plate. Conversely the Queen Bee’s plated shape demands a flat approach, meaning you’re limited in just how much you can draw it close to you, making it feel like a very generalized product in terms of sensation. This will be a good or bad thing depending on what you want for your toy, but I have to confess that the wand / clit vibe limbo that this toy exists in is intriguing at times and befuddling at others. Moving on.

If I could describe my experience with this toy in one word it would be ‘confused’.

The Queen Bee offers a variety of speeds and six different vibration patterns, offering a variety of different sensations to play around with. These patterns are controlled through an easy button system – comprised of an on/off button, a + and – button, and a separate button for the patterns. I really like this system, as it eliminates a lot of confusion that could otherwise occur. The Queen Bee’s control section also has its magnetic charge clip, as this toy is USB rechargeable.

The Queen Bee is also 100% waterproof due to this magnetic design and, as another perk, comes with a storage bag. I’m glad that the Queen Bee is waterproof but, truth be told, I’m not happy with the material used for this toy. The Queen Bee is one of the few luxury toys on the market (coming in at £119) which isn’t made from silicone or another similarly non-porous material.

Instead, the Queen Bee is made from TPE. TPE is basically a mix of plastic and rubber. It’s soft, somewhat rubbery and has some drag to it. The Queen Bee is a firm toy but you can feel the softness of the TPE material that it’s coated in and, although this material is latex and phthalate-free, it’s not entirely porous so may retain odors and will definitely need a very diligent clean before and after each use. Over time the material quality of the Queen Bee may also decline because of this, but with good care this might be considered as a negligible change.

I sympathise with Hot Octopuss, who have reassured those concerned that TPE was used because it was the best material to suit the product needs and because they had found a reliable TPE that they could trust for clitoral use. But toy safety is a very important thing. Most people, when they buy a £100+ toy, will assume that they’re getting silicone and may simply assume that this is the case with the Queen Bee, omitting the care routine needed for TPE. Plus when your toy retails that high surely it’s worth finding the process needed to meet the main demand of most people buying that next luxury investment? I don’t know.

Either way, the TPE of this toy feels fine during use, though if you’re hoping for a smooth, non-grabby experience you may need lubricant.

But, what about the main attraction of the Queen Bee – Its sensations?

They’re powerful, there’s really no doubting that. This toy starts strong and only gets stronger from there. The sensations rumble and they feel undoubtedly deep. So much so that it actually feels as if they’re omitting stimulating the skin and surface level and going, instead a few layers down into the body.

In my mind I kind of see it as if my vulva is an onion and, instead of feeling it on the skin, or the first few layers, I mainly detect the sensations of the Queen Bee at least 2 or 3 layers into myself. It’s surreal.

Alternatively, if my body were the Earth, the Queen Bee feels like it’s hitting the matle without giving any sensation to the crust…but who wnats to compare their vulva to anything involving the word ‘crust’, really?

If that sounds surreal it’s because it is and during use I don’t really know how to reconcile that sensation. There’s no doubt about it: This bee is bringing the power, and not a bit of buzz in sight, but when that power doesn’t feel fully inclusive It just feels strange to me, as if it’s trying to skip a few steps.

I  guess in trying the Queen Bee I’ve learnt that I actually like a bit of buzz. Or, at the very least, I like feeling a toy on the surface level in addition to getting depth from it. Ultimately, toys that provide depth are the best in my opinion, but toys that achieve that depth without also targeting the centre are something I can’t abide, apparently. Although, granted, the Queen Bee is the first toy where I’ve really felt this full force, mainly because this toy is bringing a lot of force.

This will really, really appeal to some people but, for me, I struggled to even reach climax with the Queen Bee time-and-time again because I simply couldn’t get over the segmented feeling of the stimulation, and those areas that I felt were lacking in sensation. When I did have those orgasms they were strong, but they weren’t what I wouldn’t call exceptional or necessarily comparable to the price of the product. It’s a sad thing to say, because the Queen Bee is so innovative and I am hoping it has a market and creates great and wonderful feelings for a lot of people. But, personally, I didn’t find this toy be the case.

In terms of other objective downsides I only have two: The handle feels rather chunky, which may put some people off, and this toys is heckuva loud. Queens don’t need to restrain themselves, after all, and this toy declares itself confidently.

Final Thoughts

The Queen Bee is an admirable attempt from Hot Octopuss to enter into the vulva-focused market, and it has the strength and depth to really strike out. The unique appeal of its sensation, and the way they resonate in the body will greatly appeal to some people, and I’ve no doubt that it will cause the sort of revelation that the Pulse did among some users.

However, the design, material, and overall performance of this toy are so against the norm that for others (such as myself) it might just be one step to far in terms of diverging from the common model.

I think the reason that the Pulse is so exceptional is because, in part, it filled a rather big gap in the market that needed attention. The clitoral market, on the other hand, is practically overflowing with options at all price ranges. To be successful I think it’s important to strike the balance between standing out while still meeting the key criteria that people have been proven to really like and I just don’t know if Hot Octopuss met that balancing point.

I can’t personally recommend this toy, especially at its price point, but I do think that it has a lot going for it and I urge readers to look at the product, read other reviews, and consider their own preferences before making their ultimate decision.

Recommend to:

People who like pure deep sensations.

People who like flatter vulva toys.

People who like broad sensations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like surface-level stimulation.

People who like small / wand designs.

People who dislike TPE.

The Queen Bee was kindly provided to me by Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest review.