Update: Thank You! (Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superhero List 2017)

OMFG! Guys, we did it: I got on to Kinkly’s 2017 Sex Blogging Superhero list. Not only that but I’m in the top 10! 

No. 6 to be precise.

I’m also the no. 5 Sex Toy Review Blog and I just…wow…I’m stunned.

Kinkly Top 100 Blogger Badge

Extreme Gratitude

Emmeline Peaches Reviews is like my creative baby. It’s a site I’ve built from the ground-up for almost as long as I’ve been doing my PhD (which I also completed this year, hello Dr Peaches) and I love it.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my site, what I’m going to write, and what I can do to help empower you, my amazing readers…as I’m sure my daily post rate probably alludes to.

And it has always been my firm belief that this has all been made possible because of your continued interest in (and support of) my content.

Nothing in life is a solo act, and community is what makes us great. This is something that I feel is incredibly important to keep in mind, especially during these difficult and divisive times. Throughout life there will always be people along the way who help us, who offer their own energy to us, who care.

For me that’s you and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people.

What’s Next?

I’d love to show my thanks in other more tangible ways *cough* products *cough* right here and now but, cards on the table, I’ve got plans coming soon – plans that involve the upcoming festive ‘giving’ spirit and fun activities. That’s all I can say for now.

Outside of that I plan to be continuing to give you the usual (near) daily content while also working to trying to bring you different content, improved content, and reviews on items for all budget levels. You know I’ll be hitting up those Durex and Rocks-Off favorites that I see emerge in my search engine results.

Plus I’ll be expanding where my content appears, including speaking at the upcoming Eroticon 2018 conference and writing for online publications such as Ravishly. In short, I plan to be a very busy Peach indeed.

But, don’t worry – you’ll always be at the front of my mind, because, fuck, you guys are awesome. Like seriously Hopper-from-Stranger-Things levels of ”I Love You’.

And That’s All For Now!

For those who are drained right now (because #FridayFeels + The current state of the world) and need a TL;DR then here’s the main takeaway points from this post that I’d like to highlight:

  • Thank you so much for voting for me.
  • Keep an eye out for fun giveaway stuff soon.
  • In a world where it’s hard to know if kind, supportive people still exist just remember that there are awards out there where people literally spend time building each other up and empowering those who help others, and that, my friends, is just a tiny dose of the amazing community spirit that still exists in the world.

Until the next review!


(P.S. Also I got commissioned to do the art for the superhero announcement. Mind. Blown.)