Article: Pardon Me? (The Lowdown on Fart Fetishes)

Today a good friend of mine sent me a link to a maid-based hentai game while they were at work.

Of course, this wasn’t unwelcome, but it did leave me with one clear question:

Me: Aren’t you at work right now? XD

Them: Yeah, but I’m on lunch break. Besides, my colleague just shared what he thought was some really disgusting porn with everyone in the office as a laugh, so I think I’ll be okay.

Intrigued, I asked what the porn was. The answer being a woman squirting whipped cream on to another woman’s ass before that girl then farted it off on to the other woman’s face.

A bit of a niche market, to say the least.

Neither my friend nor I are in the habit of yucking someone else’s yum (especially when that yum literally includes a yummy offering, such as whipped cream), and I could personally even see the appeal. The act of a whipped cream fart seemed playful to me, a bit of cheekiness transferred from one pair of cheeks to the other. A delightfully pun-worthy activity and something that came with none of the associate health risks of something such as scat-play (officially coprophilia).

And, of course, this got me thinking about the nature of the act. Partially fitting in the sploshing category, mixing food and sex is a pretty common activity which many people enjoy (albeit, often to a tamer degree). But, of course, there was another element to this pornographic offering: flatulence.

So, spurred on by my desire, I decided to dig a little deeper to find out just why this whipped cream fart porn existed and, thus, here we are.

Fart Fetishes: The 101. Emmeline-style.

Given the professional term of Eproctophilia, a fart fetish is a phenomenon where (perhaps in a self-explanatory manner) people derive sexual pleasure from farts. To be more precise, it is an arousal focused around a partner’s farting, as opposed to being the one who does the farting which is interesting from a fetish perspective. Many fetishes are interchangeable in terms of the action involved but, like being a submissive, a fart fetish is pretty much firm in terms of the power dynamic.

That being said, fart fetishes are far from being a one-trick pony. As my friend’s pornographic encounters demonstrate, fart fetishes can be combined with other kink-based activities to create an additional element. Sploshing is just one example, but there’s no reason that it couldn’t pair well with age-play, humiliation, voyeurism, or even pony-play.

The manner in which the farts are administered can also vary.

Some people like the idea of taking in a passing fart, or encouraging their otherwise timid partner to finally give in to their primal bodily functions and release any flatulence that they may have been holding (for fear of seeming publically rude). This plays in to a more voyeuristic approach, and the level of secrecy involved might also add to the thrill.

Asian Influences

Others may like to have their farts in a more direct manner. In fact, eproctophilia is actually incredibly popular in Japan, where face farts are the approach of choice. In these scenarios the fetishist gains an immense amount of pleasure from having their partner lean over their face (or sit on it) and let absolute rip.

You can actually find who swathes of hentai and manga-style illustrations which offer images of women, booties ripe, releasing their internal gasses on their partner’s face. Usually these images even show the gas, presented as a huge cloud of colourful smoke, and a strong focus is put on the enjoyment or dominance of the woman doing the fart.

In such instances there is a specific social and cultural element to the fetish: Many Japanese people have been raised with the idea that women are timid, delicate, and incredibly feminine individuals who would absolutely never consider breaking wind in front of anyone, not least making a display of it. Because of this, face-sitting fart fetishes present the ultimate power flip for many Japanese men’s expectations – presenting the wilder and more fun-loving aspect of women and breaking all social taboos for everyone involved.

This is an incredibly interesting way to consider fart fetishes, as it essentially acts to potentially glorify and empower women. I say ‘women’ because fart fetishes are prevalently encountered in heterosexual men, which is another interesting aspect to the fetish.

Another Fun Fact!

I mentioned scat at the beginning of this article and with good reason: Most people, when they hear about fart fetishes, will assume that it’s linked to coprophilia or is simply a tamer form of it, but this isn’t the case.

Eproctophilia is actually closer in fetish categorisation to olfactophilia, which is sexual pleasure derived from different smells or odors. It just so happens that, in the case of eproctophilia, the fetishist has a particular attraction to the aroma of farts and the different fragrances they can discern from it. Ever heard the premise that you only ever like the smell of your own farts? It’s kind of like the reverse of that, only to the max.

Submission also has a large role to play (as we’ve hinted at), with the idea of having to ‘take’ the fart (an action usually avoided) coming in to play.

And, of course, Japan doesn’t have the monopoly on the societal element, and the idea of being confronted with a powerful woman who isn’t afraid to own her flatulence or a previously timid woman who can be coaxed in to letting rip under the right conditions.

Overall, the motivations behind eproctophilia have very little to do with scat, making them a fetish that defies expectations in more ways than one!

An Unwanted Condition?

Sadly, due to the social condemnation of both fetishes and flatulence, many people feel ashamed to admit that they experience eproctophilia, and some people even consider it to be an incurable condition, with a negative impact on their life.

This is especially prevalent due to the gender-split of eproctophilia and how it clashes with the idea of masculinity and what it means to be a ‘real man’.

As with all fetishes, the degree to which eproctophilia has a negative effect really does depend on each individual’s personal circumstances and how open they feel they can be about their fetish. I know I’d be feeling a bit bummed out if I were a eproctophilic in my friend’s office today.

But with the right partner, or given the right circumstances, eproctophilia is a perfectly healthy and (it has to be said) incredibly interesting fetish, which causes very little harm. Just make sure that, should cream be involved, it doesn’t make contact with any vaginas or urinary tracts that may be involved. Nobody wants a sugar-spurred infection ruining their flatulent fun.