Product Review: The Meo Combination Lock Slave Collar

Like many in the BDSM community, collars mean a lot to me. I would even go so far as to say that over the years some collar experiences have been true milestones for me. So, whenever I try a new collar it’s always a big deal for me.

And, my gosh, was I excited to try this one.

Provided by Meo, the Meo Combination Lock Slave Collar was the first of its kind that I had ever tried: Not only a solid metal loop but also one that came with a built-in combination lock. Could things get better than that?

The Meo Combination Lock Slave Collar

The Meo Combination Lock Slave Collar retails at €89.00, which is a bargain considering it’s handmade by a blacksmith. Granted, the collar is steel-plated rather than pure steel, but I’ve yet to encounter any personal issues with it, despite prolonged use, so I do trust its quality.

How does my collar suit me?

The collar itself is available in three different sizes and it’s wise to measure your neck diameter in to get things right. As it stands, the sizes are as follows:

Size S = 130 mm = 5.2 inch inner diameter

Size M = 150 mm = 5.9 inch inner diameter

Size L = 170 mm = 6.7 inch inner diameter

One thing you may have already guessed is that, because these are general diameters, it’s not always possible to get a perfect fit, meaning this collar will likely have some wiggle room.

I have what can easily be considered a pretty teeny tiny neck, so I had a lot of wiggle room, and my Small collar was nowhere near a close fit. This didn’t necessarily bother me – and felt like a natural quirk of the collar – but I would completely understand if some people found it to be off-putting.

When these collars arrive, they come with their combination attached via a little metal loop. I’ve left this loop on my collar in the photos for reference but the combination I kept for myself. Such is one of the pivotal elements that makes this collar so great: The combination is one that can be shared only with those you desire.

Will you ever know the combination, I wonder?

Equally a dominant could easily purchase this collar and remove the combination before gifting it to their submissive. This allows them to stay the one any only when it comes to unlocking their submissives collar. Of course, such an action requires a tremendous amount of trust, but having this option from a collar is brilliant.

That being said, if a dominant and submissive/s do decide to take this route then it might be useful to have the combination written down and stowed away or digitally stored just in case. None of us want to consider the worst in life but it does pay to be prepared.

As it stands I’m the only one who knows my combination and I like it that way…a lot.

The lock itself latches in to place easily and is just as easy to remove. One of the best things about it is that the numbers themselves have a raised metal section for the 1s. This allows users to easily move each dial around without struggling or worrying about a slip-and-slide situation should lubricant or oil get involved in any activities. It also means that, in a tight situation, this lock could (in theory) be navigated even with decreased or no visibility.

This makes the Meo Combination Lock Slave Collar a viable option for blind or visually impaired kinksters, which makes me positively giddy. Having said that, I’m not too sure how many blind readers I have, given I sadly don’t have time to offer non-typed reviews as of yet…Shout out if you’re out there, my lovelies?

Naturally, a collar that is, essentially, a solid metal ring comes with some heft to it and I am happy to report that from the moment this collar was on til the moment I removed it I was always, in some way, aware of its weight.

There’s no mistaking this collar.

Naturally this is great for those who are hoping for a similarly ever-present sensation, but it might not be ideal if you’re going for something more permanent. In fact, I would say that, overall, this really isn’t the type of collar you could get away with wearing 24/7.

I couldn’t imagine sleeping in this collar, wouldn’t like it on under heavy clothing, and couldn’t even consider wearing it while working out in any manner. It’s just not made for such purposes and functions much better as a play collar than anything else.

The collar starts of chilly, thanks to its metal structure, but does readily warm to body temperature, which makes it feel like it merges with you as time goes on. I can’t express just how great this feels during use but perhaps the closest comparison would be to think of one of those meditation images. You know the kind: Where a body is shown as an outline and colours portrayed inside the silhouette. Each time the figure breathes in the colours move inward and then, as they take a deep exhale, they spread out from a focal point, conveying a sense of serenity.

This collar is the focal point and, as it warms, so does my entire sense of being.

Alas, this isn’t a perfect collar, at least not by my standards, and I do find that its weight and position on my neck means that prolonged use can even cause pain and discomfort at times. Fitting might be the issue here, but it is still an issue and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

The built-in nature of the combination lock also makes it incredibly noticeable as a kink-item. Very few people will mistake this for anything but, while innocent minds may be left wondering why you’ve got a plain, thick chunk of metal so obviously clunking around your neck. This, again, is the downside of not having a collar with precise measurement.

Final Thoughts

Despite its kinks (ha), I do still like my Meo Combination Lock Slave Collar but that’s is – like, not love.

This isn’t a collar that I’d naturally pick for myself if operating on a ‘try before you buy’ scheme. Its ill-fit would leave it passed up as, perhaps, would its ever-so-slightly too chunky width for me.

I think that if you’re close to the given measurements, and have been seeking a good control-centered collar for play sessions then this is a great option. But, my gosh, that’s a specific set of criteria!

Still, with nothing but 5-star ratings to this collar’s name it must be doing something right!

Recommend to:

People wanting a play collar.

People close to the measurements.

People wanting an obvious kink collar.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who don’t fit the measurements.

People who dislike heavy collars.

People who prefer innocuous locks.

The Meo Combination Lock Slave Collar was provided by Meo in exchange for an honest review.