Product Review: The OrganiWipes

You may remember that very recently I reviewed the OrganiCup: A great menstrual cup option and one that got me through my first marathon without a single leak to speak of. But menstrual cups aren’t all that OrganiCup have to offer.

Scrolling down the OrganiCup Shop page will reveal a rather innocuous section for the OrganiWipes, an accompaniment to your cup.

The OrganiWipes

Now, if you’re looking at this product in befuddlement right now then I don’t blame you.

Say whaaat?!

Menstrual cups are products that, by virtue of their design and ideological aspirations, try to avoid causing excess period waste and/or purchases. They are a 15 year liberation of the monthly cycle of having to shell out for products that damage our bodies and can often leave us dried up and irritated. But, OrganiWipes do have a purpose.

OrganiWipes retail at £4.50 and are, in essence, 10 individually packaged alcohol denat wipes which can be used to clean your cup.

In most normal instances, the OrganiWipes will not be needed in order to use your OrganiCup efficiently. They are, in every sense of the word, an exceptional item: Something you use when you absolutely have to rather than an absolute go-to with every cup emptying (because, holy hell, could you imagine if that were the case) and this kind of shows in the product too.

Let’s face it: In normal situations, this isn’t ideal.

Realistically, spending a long duration opening a sachet, getting out a small wipe, and then wiping your cup clean is a hassle and may not even get in to the little holes that most menstrual cups have. Plus a rinse with water will be needed in any instance, unless your flow isn’t that gunk-heavy (mine tends to be). On a daily basis, these wipes would be a nightmare.

But if you’re camping out, have limited access to sinks (or other reliable water sources) and will be equipped with only bottled water and determination for a few days or more then these wipes are an absolute godsend.

A water rinse will keep most cups useable for a day, but if you’re planning on prolonged cup use while away from other sanitizing methods then having access to some brand-specific sanitary wipes, which you know are 100% made for purpose, can be the difference between a trip full of worry and a stress-free experience.

More to the point, OrganiCup really do care about their impact on the environment and the body. Because of this they have gone to great lengths to make sure that each OrganiWipe is made from organically sourced cotton and is free from perfume and pretty much anything else that could disrupt your internal flora and fauna.

The former point is great if you’re an eco-warrior (or simply just environmentally and ethically conscious).

The latter is incredibly important for anyone cupping on the go who is planning on using cleaning wipes on their cup. Whether or not you get OrganiWipes, please do make sure that the wipe you use for your menstrual cup doesn’t have anything in it that could harm you. Keep it as plain and simple as is possible – travelling with a menstrual cup may be a tad awkward, but dealing with some form of medical situation (especially of a vaginal nature) because of poor wipe choice is even worse.

It’s for this reason that, if I ever travel with a cup, I’ll probably be sticking to the safe bet myself and going for an OrganiWipe purchase. Sure, I dislike being a monetary slave to Mother Nature, but if it’s a case of my safety and peace of mind for £4.50 every once in a blue moon then you can sign me the hell up.

Yeah, in some cases, these are needed.

And, as wipes go, the OrganiWipes do really go the extra mile to make sure that they’re fit for purpose. Unlike many common wipes, each OrganiWipe does come in an individual wrap (as said before) and this means that they’re easy to transport and even hide if need be. It also means you can take the exact amount that you think you’re going to need rather than hauling a chunky packet around with you. This is good to know for camping trips because it means extra backpack space for other essentials.

The OrganiWipes are easy to get in to and really do feel nice when taken out of their packaging. It’s hard to say if you can feel the difference or not (it may be a placebo) but I do personally find these wipes to feel more pleasant than your bog standard restaurant sachet wipe. Plus no added lemon scent/nasty chemicals. Win-win.

It’s easy enough to dispose of the OrganiWipes too: Simply pop a used wipe back in its sachet and either dispose of immediately or store securely to bin when the right time arises (not ideal but what aspect of camping is?)

All-in-all there’s not much to say against these wipes.

OrganiCup recommend that you let your cup dry completely before reinserting it, and this is perhaps the only gripe with the system but, again, a small wait is worth a large investment in body safety from time-to-time. Overall, the rewards of a clean menstrual cup far outweigh any niggles that these wipes may have.

Final Thoughts

For the vast majority of cup users, these wipes will never be needed. But for those who do find themselves somewhere with a cup and no other good cleaning method then these are, without a doubt the go-to.

The OrganiWipes do exactly what they need to do and, for that, I commend them. Hopefully they’ll be able to make you one happy camper, should the need ever arise.

Recommend to:

People with no other sanitizing options.


People who like extra assurance.

Do Not Recommend to:

Regular cup users.

People who have access to soap and water.

People with alcohol allergies.

The OrganiWipes were provided to me by OrganiCup in exchange for an honest review.