Toy Review: The nJoy Fun Wand

I, like most adult reviewers out there, recognize the greatness of nJoy by sheer default in most instances. Their line of booty plugs are pretty much the greatest out there – even I’ve been able to comfortably use them and I don’t generally do butt stuff – and their nJoy Pure Wand is known as a pure squirt-inducing, G-Spot hitting bliss.

Owning the Pure Wand, I can vouch for its greatness but, if I’m being honest, years of sex toy reviewing has left me with one sure conclusion: I rarely use my Pure Wand.

And it’s not the usual issue of ‘I want to use this toy but I’ve got a bajillion others that actually need to go in my vajay-jay first’. Nope; I just don’t find myself craving the Pure Wand that much and I think the biggest two reasons for this are shape and weight.

The Pure Wand’s bendy proportions are fantastic for adding a firm and inescapable pressure on the G-Spot but sometimes it clashes when I’m angling it with other toys and I just don’t want so much pressure. The weight is self-explanatory: At 1.5lb the Pure Wand is a legitimate beginner’s workout tool if you want it to be, and I don’t always want that kind of hefty commitment when easing into a relaxing moment of release.

But why am I mentioning this?

Mainly because (as you’ve probably guessed) I have a confession to make: I prefer the nJoy Fun Wand over the Pure Wand by far and think this would be the toy that I’d recommend for pretty much anyone wanting to try an nJoy product.


But, before I get in to the brass tacks of reviewing this steel beauty, I thought I’d give a shout out to the company that provided me with this item for review.

ManShop are a reliable, internationally-driven company with one clear goal in mind: Making online shopping experience that reassures and educates individuals of all genders and relationship statuses but with a focus on the male perspective.

‘But wait just a damned minute,’ you might say, ‘Guys pretty much get all of the sex stuff directed at the already’.

This might be true when it comes to general media and its ‘sex sells’ approach but professionally-designed, approachably considered, male-focused adult stores are actually pretty damned hard to come by. Most focus on the female or couples’ perspective, with specific focus on the female perspective.

Although it’s awesome to have such resources, it’s not a crime to provide a similarly welcoming and educational environment for men, and I am so grateful to ManShop for taking this approach.

The site is nicely designed, easy to navigate, and has a very extensive selection of products. Pretty much anyone could go to ManShop and find something to suit their needs, and I found a plethora of items that I would consider ‘wishlist worthy’.

ManShop has its own blog and ships to over 250 countries worldwide. Orders are fulfilled promptly and I personally had no issue getting my product. The Fun Wand was discreetly packaged and I felt well supported in the entire customer experience. For these reasons I really do encourage you to check ManShop out, if only to support such a much-needed adult space.

The nJoy Fun Wand

The nJoy Fun Wand is described by nJoy as their most ‘versatile design’ and I really can’t fault this appraisal at all. It’s actually why I love this dildo so much.

The shape of the nJoy Fun Wand can be considered as an elongated S-shape with two different options to pick from in terms of stimulation.

This dildo is luxurious to the extreme.

One side has a single bulb which ends at a tapered-but-slightly-rounded end. It reminds me very strongly of the design you’d find on the Pure Plugs, which is a good thing, trust me.

The other side of the Fun Wand, on the other hand, presents three progressively larger bulbs – with the first in the sequence providing a more precise ‘tip’ and the rest following through in terms of their overall shape.

From such a design you can literally do so much. G-Spot stimulation is a given in both instances, but the Fun Wand is equally nice when rubbed against the clitoris – the larger side providing smooth pressure while the beaded side provides more rippling potential. However, there are also multiple ways that someone with male anatomy can also benefit from this product (and, what the hay, as this is a ManShop review why not explore these methods).

The most obvious use for the Fun Wand for a P-Spot owner is as an anal product. The Fun Wand doesn’t have a flared base, which does mean that you have to maintain a firm grip and have extreme care when using it for anal play but, if you can handle this, the benefits are many.

One side is essentially designed as anal beads.

The bigger, bulbous side of the nJoy Fun Wand acts to essentially replicate the effect of the Pure Plugs while also providing enough of a sturdy handle to enable users to add a wiggling effect, provide more pressure, or allow their partner to take control.

Meanwhile the other end works perfectly as anal beads, and you can see it was designed specifically for this purpose.

As you might imagine, the high quality stainless steel that the Fun Wand is comprised of means that it’s non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. It can be used with any lubricant that you desire (with lubricant being a must for anal use) and its incredibly smooth surface allows you to slide it in the body with brilliant ease.

Even I, an anal rookie, can take both ends of the Fun Wand, though I prefer the smaller beads (because, as said before, I’m a wuss). The nJoy’s metal is wonderfully weighty but, at 340g in weight (when compared to the 680g of the Pure Wand) this toy is manageable for most people. I’m actually pretty sure I’ve taken silicone toys that were harder to handle in terms of weight.

The other side is a very effective bulb.

And, even better, the metal of the Fun Wand can be heated, cooled, or kept at its default chilly state during use to allow for temperature play (a brand new anal experience all its own). This is also another area where I think the diverse element of the Fun Wand shines through.

For instance, I highly recommend warming this toy and then applying it externally to your prostate for a new type of sensation. Or, why not chill and then lubricate the beads before sliding them over the sensitive parts of your glans? Better yet, get a willing partner to do it and enjoy this toy’s versatility without having to worry about manoeuvring it yourself. This can create some truly amazing experiences, but I digress.

The Fun Wand comes in at 8 inches total with a maximum girth of 2.5cm diameter on the largest bulb of the beaded end and the bulb of the single end, while the smallest bead on the beaded end is a very kind 1.9cm in diameter. This might sound big when seen as text but trust me when I say that this product is adorably diddy (and thus easy to stash too…that is if you want to ditch its included storage box/display case, which is stunning)

This means that most users can experience the pleasure of the Fun Wand without fear, shame, or any other negative emotion. It’s also why I think that the Fun Wand is great for those with Vaginismus and any men who might feel particularly apprehensive about anal products.

If you’re in a heteronormative relationship then the G-Spot proficiency of this product means that you can also feel assured that, even if this toy isn’t your cup of tea, there’s a high likelihood that your partner will enjoy it, which helps justify the price.

And that price really is the only sticking point for many people.

But, my gosh, is this a sex toy worth investing in. If you buy this dildo you are literally buying a dildo that will last a lifetime if treated well. I’d hazard a guess that my Fun Wand will outlive me and it’s sometimes fun to imagine what future scientists and historians might have to say about it.

In terms of other downsides…what downsides?

Granted, the weight still might hinder people with specific weight requirements for toys, and this product is a bitch to keep in the hands when fully lubricated (and you do not want to drop it on your feet) but these are such minor niggles when compared to the positives that this toy provides in terms of both versatility and performance.

And, speaking of performance, yes – I did orgasm with this toy a lot – yes – it was deep, very targeted (succinct enough that, if it were an author, it would win a writing prize…probably for a haiku) – and, yes – I do feel like I’ll be craving this toy more and more as time goes on.

All-in-all, a winner.

Final Thoughts

Is there any instance in which I can see the nJoy Fun Wand at the very least coming in handy? Well, yeah…I suppose if I were on a desert island it wouldn’t make the best of shovels, but I could always use my dreadful humor to dig myself holes and keep the Fun Wand for those long nights (and maybe for cracking open coconuts).

Overall, I think very highly of the Fun Wand and consider it to be an amalgamation, no – a refinement of all of nJoy’s other designs in to one compacted and multivalent product. I cannot recommend it enough and consider this to be a toy worth saving for.

Recommend to:

nJoy first-timers.

People who like anal play.

People wanting a range of experiences.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who have a specific toy purpose in mind.

People who dislike heavy toys.

People worries about it being slippery.

The nJoy Fun Wand was provided to me by ManShop in exchange for an honest review.