Article: Sexward Bound (Planning The Best ‘Sexy’ Vacation Possible)

Sometimes we just want to get away together.

Sometimes we just want to get away together and do nothing but fuck like wild rabbits.

S’all good.

Sex-based vacations are so greatly enjoyed that they’re pretty much commonplace in modern society. They’re a perfect way to unwind together, to explore new sensations in a new sensation (making it all seem more daring and appropriate), or for rekindling old flames and reconnecting in an intimate manner.

Plus sometimes it’s just nice to have nothing in your schedule for the week except ‘Fuck’ and to figure the rest of your activities out as you go along.

But, let’s be real – even the most well-planned holiday agendas can easily go awry, and it pays to plan ahead of time. This is where this article comes in.

Having gone on a few sex-centric excursions myself, I thought I’d share some top tips for you for how you can get the most out of your sexual vacation. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Chose Your Location Wisely

For any good holiday there are a few core things to keep in mind, and they’re also highly applicable to sex vacations too:




A romantic holiday away might become much less glamorous if you find that you can’t even hold hands out in public, and there’s nothing to kill the mood quite like booking in to a budget hotel smack bang in the middle of school holidays.

Picking where to go, factoring in any local (or general) holidays, and considering seasonal offers are all very important to your overall enjoyment.

Season is also important for another reason too – weather patterns. Want to relax together on a nudist beach? You’ll want to avoid the rainy season then. Alternatively, you might find sexual satisfaction hard to achieve if you’re sweltering during some of the hottest days of the year.

Approach your sex holiday with the same diligence as you would any other and you’ll hopefully avoid these pitfalls…Hopefully.

Check Your Luggage Capacity (And Contents)

When booking a retreat, it’s important to factor in luggage allowances and the likelihood that your luggage might be searched.

A coach trip, for example, might limit just how much sexy gear you can bring, but that gear most likely won’t get scanned or hauled out for all to see either. Alternatively, a journey via plane might offer more capacity, but might result in some awkward public situations if you neglect to store your vibrator in your checked baggage.

For checked baggage you’ll want to consider capacity too. You may want to bring your favourite steel dildo and a healthy array of oral lubricants and massage oils but then suddenly find yourself over capacity.

To avoid this, do all your baggage research ahead of time. Pack wisely and weigh your baggage ahead of time. This is sensible in any situation, but especially crucial when packing for romance.

Prioritize Items

Speaking of baggage capacity, you’ll be limited when travelling (to some degree) so make sure that you whittle down your sex essentials and be sure to bring them with you.

My recommendations? A good clitoral and G-Spot vibrator, a butt plug (or anal beads), safer sex barriers, lubricants (plural: water-based, oral, and sensation/dual purpose), and a trusted cock ring/harness or other gender/relationship variable item.

From there it’s fun to come together and choose any other additions together. You could use it as a chance to make cheeky little promises, or to tease at potential sex outcomes. If you want to be really cheeky it’s also fun to bring one mystery item each, but this is optional.

Whatever you pack just remember to make sure it’s allowed wherever you travel. I have known of people have hundreds of pounds worth of beloved toys confiscated due to country-specific regulations (meep!)

Ask About The Essentials

Once you’re at your sexy location together you’ll want to get a few key pieces of information to optimize your sex away from home.

The cleaning rota of staff is definitely high on the list, as is the hotel’s services.

Do they offer room service, for instance? If you’re not planning on leaving your room for a while then this might be important to know. Can you call down to get additional toiletries? Do they allow fast food deliveries to be made to your room (again, for when hunger strikes)? Do they allow parcel deliveries to be made to your room? You may want to order some additional toys as a present for each other in advance (and to save on luggage on the way there).

Suring down these details will help you figure out any additional info you need too, such as where the nearest restaurants, take outs, and supermarkets may be (for general products, as well as refuelling).

If you can get all this info ahead of time then even better, just make sure that you do get it.

Enjoy Yourselves!

If you’ve done all the above then you’re set to enjoy your ideal sex vacation without weather intrusions, annoying kiddies running up and down the hotel hallways, or the need for emergency food runs, so enjoy yourself!

And, if ever you worry about whether or not you need to keep it down, relax! You’re not going to be there for long so who matters if you’re a little loud. If you ask me Avenue Q had the right idea in this regard.